Chapter 51 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

King’s meal?

The main reason why Qi Jia agreed to come and have snacks with them was because she wanted to get acquainted with them.

After all, the main job of a counselor is to be close to the students so she can help them solve their problems in their studies and also with their personal lives. If she gets acquainted with the students then her duties can be carried out better.

When passing by the dormitory station, Qi Jia greeted the dormitory aunt and accompanied them out of the school officially.

“Hey, this hot pot restaurant seems to be newly opened. Do you want to try it there?” Qi Jia asked, pointing to the newly opened restaurant.

Lin Xian smiled and said: “Teacher Qi decides. It is fine. We are not picky eaters.”

Qi Jia decided and said: “Then let’s go for this one!”

After looking into the restaurant and looking for a table, Qi Jia told them, “Order whatever you want!”

It must be only the first time that Zhang Kai and the others were joined by a teacher for a meal so they seem extremely restrained.

Upon hearing this, Lin Xian took the menu and ordered eight dishes in a row.

“Hey, you really don’t plan to leave me with any money.” Qi Jia joked and then asked, “Do you want some drinks also?”

Lin Xian smiled and said, “I have to get up early in the morning for the military training tomorrow. Just a few bottles of beer will do.”

Zhang Kai and the others have no opinion. As long as Lin Xian decides, then so be it.

Qi Jia glanced at Lin Xian and had a very good impression of him. It has only been two days since the opening of the school and they all just met each other, and among the six of them, Lin Xian seems to be their boss who decides from start to finish. And the others didn’t have the slightest opinion.

Actually, she could see that Wang Zejing’s family background is also very good.

But such a rich boy also follows Lin Xian.

Moreover, through the exchanges of words and actions just now, she can see that Lin Xian has a very decent upbringing.

The work of the university counselors is actually very hard. They don’t just deal with one class.

In fact, a counselor deals with all of the students.

Qi Jia deals with all of the students of the finance department.

In other words, she is responsible for over two hundred students both in their studies and personal issues. And from time to time, she had to deal with the conflicts among students and many other issues.

It is conceivable how heavy the workload of the counselor is.

A counselor shall monitor the students and extend help to the students. An excellent class monitor can make the work of a counselor lighter.

Qi Jia felt that Lin Xian might be a good candidate for class monitor.

“Miss Qi, are you considering me to the class monitor position?” Lin xian raised his eyebrows.

Qi Jia was taken aback, “You already saw it?”

“Miss Qi, your intentions are too obvious. I can hardly see it.”

Lin Xian then asked, “Miss Qi, you have just graduated from the school, right?”

“Yes. I just graduated this year and stayed at the school to work here. You are the first class of students that I have handled.”

Qi Jia suddenly became interested and then asked: ”How did you see it?”

Lin Xian explained: “First of all, Teacher Qi looks very young, 23 or 24 at least. In addition, judging from the words and actions of Teacher Qi, it appears she hasn’t been beaten so much by the society.”

“Yes, Lin Xian. It’s no wonder you have been so popular with the girls in just two days.” Qi Jia raised her thumb as she praised Lin Xian.

At this time, the waiter also brought the food to the table.

Originally, Zhang Kai and the others were still a little restrained.

But after a few drinks, they began to loosen up a bit.

Qi Jia herself had just graduated, and there isn’t much generation gap with them freshmen students, so the atmosphere is not dull.

Seeing that they are almost done eating, Lin Xian stood up and was ready to pay.

Qi Jia grabbed him and said, “Lin Xian, I said that I will treat you to snacks. Don’t make me fight with you over this.”

Seeing Qi Jia’s serious look, Lin Xian sat down again. “Okay, this is your treat.”

Anyway, their meal doesn’t cost that much money, only up to three hundred yuan at most.

Although the salary of the counselor is not that high, it is okay to spend on meals to grow closer to the students.

Then they all came to the cashier. Qi Jia then said, “Boss, bill out!”

The boss was a middle-aged man dressed very comfortably. You can faintly see his tattoo under his shirt.

After holding the calculator and pressing a few numbers, he then said. “A total of 1,138 yuan. I’ll give you a discount. It will only be 1,100!”

“This expensive?”

Hearing the price, Qi Jia was taken aback.

Although Lin Xian ordered eight dishes, most of them were appetizers. They only had two main dishes, which in total would only cost three hundred yuan.

Lin Xian frowned and said, “Can I see the bill?”

The boss passed the bill and said, “Here, see for yourself!”

The prices of the first few dishes are okay, but the next three are a bit outrageous: one dish of braised prawns 188, stir-fried cuttlefish 229, and steamed turbot 386!

Not only are the prices outrageous, but the point is that they never ordered those three dishes!

And the waiter never served those three dishes from when they started eating up to the time they finished!

Qi Jia also saw the bill and at this moment immediately explained: “Boss, we never ordered these three dishes.”

The boss sneered and said, “Why? Are you saying I made a mistake when we served and you ate them all? After you had a King’s meal this late at night?!”

Qi Jia was taken aback for a moment and then said angrily: “What King’s meal? We never ordered these dishes and you have never even served the same to us. I wonder if you can ask the chef if he really cooked these three dishes?”

Lin Xian already understood what was going on at this moment.

The owner of this restaurant saw them as students and planned to charge them extra.

Qi Jia wanted to call out the chef to confront.

“You want to ask the chef, right? No problem!”

The boss sneered and shouted at the back kitchen: “Qianzi, come out!”

Soon, a sturdy-looking chef walked out of the back kitchen holding a kitchen knife.

Looking at the circle of people, the chef named Qianzi asked, “What’s the matter?”

The boss handed him the bill and asked: “They said they didn’t order these three dishes. Didn’t you make these just now?”

Qianzi glanced at the bill and nodded: “Yes, I have done all of the dishes on the bill!”

“You are the only table of customers in the restaurant. We cannot make a mistake in serving you with the wrong dishes. Now you better be honest and pay for what you ate!” The boss was looking all angry.

“You are lying! We didn’t order these three dishes at all!” Qi Jia flushed with anger.


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