Chapter 52 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

A wicked person will be dealt with by another of the same kind!

“If we say we didn’t order it, we didn’t order it! You are cheating!”

Zhang Kai and the other boys are young and were a little drunk so their blood surged at the moment.

Even Wang Meng blushed and said loudly: “This is so irritating. You are cheaters!”

Wang Zejing suddenly realized something and then asked, “Boss, since you said we ordered, what about the plates of those dishes?”

The boss seemed to see this coming and seemed like he had prepared an answer a long time ago. And so he said, “Didn’t you let the waiter take the plates?”


Qi Jia finally realized that something was wrong. The boss didn’t serve the wrong food at all but deliberately added the dishes to cheat on them.

Taking a deep breath, she said with a cold face: “Call the police!”

“Call the police?”

The boss sneered: I’m telling you. Today, even if the police come. You have to be honest and settle your bill!”

Why is the boss so confident?

That is because even if the other party calls for the police, the subject amount is only more than a thousand yuan, which means that it is only a normal civil dispute.

And if he did deceive them, as long as they insist on them ordering these three dishes, the police can only mediate.

The boss had the bill in his hand and colluded with the chef and the waiter. They will still be concluded as at fault in the end.

The most important thing is that the boss had already expected that the other party would not dare to call the police.

The boss seems to know how the minds of the students work very well. Once the students call the police, they will be in trouble and the matter will be known by the school.

The students usually lacked social experience so they will be scared and would just pay the money in order not to cause a scene.

Although a meal of 1,100 yuan is a bit expensive for college students, it won’t be too much burden to divide the cost equally amount six or seven people.

As for the reputation of the restaurant, the students won’t come again so it is okay.

When the time comes, they will change into other universities and continue opening restaurants to cheat on students. Anyway, there are so many local universities.

Jincai University is already the third school that the boss had changed to.

Lin Xian stopped Qi Jia, shook his head, and said, “It is useless to report to the police. When the police come, they can only mediate. If there will be a discussion, we will have to spend the night at the police station. How will you explain the matter to the school? Maybe you will even be punished.”

The counselor spends the night at the police station with the students. They will definitely be punished and the whole school will know about it.

Qi Jia is not stupid. It’s just that she was so angry earlier that her thoughts were twisted.

After thinking about it now, she felt helpless.

“If we can’t call the police, then let’s call 315 to complain!” Zhang Kai said angrily.

“Yes. Let’s call 315!” (T/N: a show in China exposing consumer rights violators)

Lei Hongguang and the others also agreed.

Hearing this, the restaurant owner sneered and directly slapped the phone at the cashier and said arrogantly: “Come on. The phone is here. Go ahead and call!”

Seeing this scene, Lin Xian couldn’t help but shake his head secretly at Zhang Kai and the others.

Lin Xian’s family runs a restaurant, so he understands very well that raising a complaint to 315 will be useless.

First of all, they don’t have evidence. Secondly, there is only one bill, and it is in the hands of the boss.

Simply put, they have no other way to prove that they didn’t order these three dishes.

Taking a step forward, Lin Xian opened his mouth and said, “Boss, you are only making it clear that you want to cheat on us, right?”

Before asking, he had already turned on the recording of his mobile phone.

As soon as the boss admits it, Lin Xian will call the police without hesitation.

As a response, the boss was very cautious. They just bite to death because they are desperate for money. “What’s wrong with you? You don’t want to pay the bill and you are accusing me of cheating on you?”

At this time, Qianzi on the side said with a strange aura: “I’d say, how dare you show your face? It’s disgusting to see college students who would do everything just to slip from paying their meals.”

As soon as the mocking started, Wang Zejing rushed forward and cursed: ”Fuck you! Say that again!”

Since he was young, he has never suffered this kind of insult. Now he is being insulted, who can bear it?

Zhang Kai was also furious and his entire face became red from anger.

“What are you doing? Are you looking for trouble?”

Seeing Wang Zejing and the others rushing forward with anger, Qianzi immediately raised the kitchen knife in his hand and said with a grim expression: “Geez, a bunch of little guys wants to shake the sky. Don’t they?”

At this moment, Lin Xian notice that five to six waiters faintly stepped forward as if they would act if there comes a riot.

Lin Xian is not afraid of a fight. The problem is that it can only make the problem worse, and more troublesome.

“Wang Zejing, stop!”

Lin Xian pulled Wang Zejing and he looked at the boss with a cold expression and asked: “How much is it again?”

The boss sneered and thought of Lin Xian as a coward. “I originally wanted to give you a discount but I changed my mind. I won’t miss even a single cent, 1138!”


Lin Xian took out 1,200 yuan from his wallet and while still at the cashier he said: “No need to give me a change. Treat the change as my tip for you!”

“Let’s go!”

After paying, Lin Xian waved at the exit and persuaded the boys and Ms. Qi Jia to walk out.

After leaving the restaurant, they are all still very angry.

The bill was really high and it was obvious that the owner deliberately charged them extra, but in the end, they lost and just swallowed their anger instead.

Wang Zejing gritted his teeth and said, “Brother Lin, why did you just give them the money? I really wanted to fight with them!”

“Yes, Brother Lin Xian. Fuck them!”

Lin Xian glanced at them and said, “Are you stupid? There are so many people there. Let’s say we began a fight and then they call the police. It will only make the situation worse. We will probably be punished or even worse, expelled!”

“They still have the face to call the police?” Wang Zejing said in an angry voice.

“They can even cheat on people. Calling the police to get back on us will be simple.” Lin Xian paused and then continued: “Moreover, Teacher Qi was there and the enemy was holding a kitchen knife. What if she gets in danger? What will we do?”

After listening to Lin Xian’s explanation, Wang Zejing asked immediately, “Brother Lin, shall we just forget about it?”

“Forget this ever happened?”

Lin Xian sneered, “They think they can get my money that easily? I am not afraid of them.”

Hearing this, Qi Jia hurriedly dissuaded him: “Lin Xian, don’t be too impulsive. Out-of-school fight is a serious offense. If the other party calls the police and goes to the school, you will have a record of a serious offense even if you don’t get expelled.”

She was really worried that after she sends them back to the school dormitory, the boys would go back to the restaurant and make trouble.

After all, they are all young and have a lot of energy. Doing things without thinking about the consequences is more likely.

Lin Xian comforted: “Teacher Qi, don’t worry. I won’t be so impulsive. Besides, the other party is so disgusting. They are not worthy of my time and energy!”

A wicked person will be dealt with by another of the same kind, it is too cheap to even stoop down to their level!


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