Chapter 55 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

I am not a casual person

“Can… can I…”

While speaking, Ling Youyu pointed to the WeChat icon on her phone.

Lin Xian asked with some uncertainty: “Have my WeChat?”


Ling Youyu nodded her head in a hurry, looking very cute.

Seeing this, Lin Xian’s heart was moved and so he couldn’t help but ask: “Ling Youyu, can I squeeze your face?”

The baby fat on Ling Youyu’s cheeks looked so cute. Every time Lin Xian sees it, he develops the urge to pinch it a few times.


Ling Youyu’s face was flushed and under the tension blinked her big eyes habitually.


For a while, Lin Xian was a little disappointed.

Then Ling Youyu then said: “No…Don’t… squeeze… hard…!”


Lin Xian couldn’t help but laugh.

“Don’t worry. I’ll just squeeze them lightly.” Lin Xian said as he reached out and squeezed her face slightly.

It felt great!

Originally, just thinking about it, Lin Xian wanted to squeeze her face a few more times.


Upon pinching her face, Ling Youyu let out a soft cry.

After a few more squeezes, Lin Xian reluctantly retracted his hand.

It seems that because of shyness, Ling Youyu stood up and ran away.

Halfway, she suddenly realized she hadn’t secured Lin Xian’s WeChat yet.

So she returned.

Lin Xian wondered why Ling Youyu suddenly ran away. Did he pinch her too hard?

Just when he was wondering, the little girl ran back on her short legs.

She stood right in front of Lin Xian and stared at him with those jewel-like eyes and pointed at the WeChat icon on the phone.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian couldn’t help but smile and then took out his mobile phone to scan the code.

After adding Lin Xian, Ling Youyu left again.

Back in the shade, Lin Youyu felt her heart beating wildly. She took out her mobile phone and sent a message to her mother which read: “Mama, he just pinched my face!”

Soon her mother replied: “Shocked.jpg. Then did he say he likes you?”

Ling Youyu replied: “No!”

Then her mother responded: “He teased you but he didn’t even want to marry you? Wait until this old lady goes to school. I’ll have his legs broken!”

Looking at the chat message, Lin Youyu’s face is full of black lines. She pouted her mouth and typed: “Mama if you do that, I will ignore you!”

Her mother replied: “Ok. Ok. Let’s not talk about it anymore. I will go to your school in a few days and take a good look at this boy by the way.”



After returning to the dormitory, Lin Xian wiped the sweat off of his face and asked: “I want to go to the spa to relax in the evening. Do you guys want to come?”

Five consecutive days of military training made his waist and legs sore. Although he regularly applied sunscreen on his skin every day, it is still inevitably slightly burned.

So he decided to go to the spa to relax and take care of his skin.

‘Spa Clubhouse?’

Wang Zejing’s eyes lit up and he said excitedly: “Brother Lin, you are really my brother. Please take me with you!”

Seeing his appearance, Lin Xian knew that this guy must have something else in his mind.

Zhang Kai and Lei Hongguang couldn’t decide yet.

Especially Zhang Kai, whose mensao personality is very much like Wang Zixuan.

Lin Xian doesn’t know what Zhang Kai was thinking. His face was red at the moment as he said: “No…No… That’s not a good idea.”

“I am not a casual person!” Lei Hongguang raised his eyebrows and said with a righteous expression on his face.

It is just that this guy’s slightly trembling hand has betrayed him.

Glancing at them, Lin Xian said calmly: “I will give you a few minutes to think about whether to come or not. I will just take a bath and change my clothes.”

When Lin Xian walked out of the bathroom, the scene in front of him made him stunned.

These guys had already changed their clothes and were already dressed up.

Lin Xian then said, “Let’s go!”

Seeing that everyone was ready, Lin Xian didn’t talk nonsense and just waved his hand.

Zhang Kai and the others are very excited at the moment.

Before, they were just ordinary high school students and their lives were plain and simple, just school and home. They are already happy to stay at an internet café at most.

Their understanding of clubhouse is just a few words on the internet.

Now Lin Xian wants to take them to experience the fun personally, how can they be not excited?

When they walked out of the school gate, Zhang Kai reminded: “Brother Lin, what about the military training tonight?”

“It’s okay. Just call Teacher Qi and ask for a leave.”

Lin Xian then picked up his phone and called Qi Jia.

Ever since the last incident, the relationship between them and Qi Jia had become deeper. Qi Jia didn’t ask why Lin Xian asked for a leave and just told him to rush back to the dormitory before 10:30 in the evening.

The spa clubhouse Lin Xian chose is called Red Bath. It is located in the Purple Mountain Villa Group area. The average price for one person is 2000. It is considered to be the top spa clubhouse in Jinling.

After a taxi ride, they have arrived at their destination.

The style of Red Bath Spa Clubhouse is the same as its name, with an antique look.

At the entrance of the hall, two ladies in cheongsam welcomed them.

They wore very fashionable cheongsams, and the hem of their dress was almost up to their waists.

To be selected as the person to welcome guests of such a top clubhouse, one naturally can’t say ill comments about the ladies’ figure and appearance.

When Zhang Kai and Lei Hongguang saw them they couldn’t help but swallow secretly.

The welcoming ladies bent down slightly and greeted: “Good evening!”

The interior of the clubhouse looked very luxurious with an ancient feel to it, with carved columns and jades.

The coffee tables in the hall had burning incense which smell is not strong and makes people feel at peace. Several beauties in ancient costumes and long dresses knelt on the wooden couch playing guzheng gracefully. The beautiful melody filled the hall like flowing water.

Zhang Kai looked a little restrained and didn’t know where to put both his hands.

Wang Zejing wasn’t any better, he kept on staring at the back of one of the welcoming ladies in front.

After choosing a set meal, they were led by a young lady to began a barrel bath.

As the name suggests, all the activities here are related to water.

Lin Xian selected five packages in total, including the barrel bath, salt bath, wet steaming, dry steaming, and Chinese massage.

The five packages will take two and a half hours and the cost is 2,888!

The barrel is not big so you can clearly see the various medicinal materials floating in the water.

After the young lady closed the door, Lin Xian took off his clothes and stepped directly into the wooden barrel.

The temperature of the water is just right, slightly higher than body temperature.

Smelling the faint fragrance of medicine in the water, Lin Xian leaned his head on the soft cushion on the side and couldn’t help but let out a comfortable groan.

“This feels very good!”

Seeing this, Wang Zejing and the others also jumped into the wooden barrel.


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