Chapter 56 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Hurry up, wash and sleep!

After a whole set of packages, Lin Xian felt that his bones became weak.

Especially the young lady who massaged him and had a face value of about 90 points, even if she is put alongside Jincai girls, she can be categorized as a proper goddess.

Her little hands were soft as if boneless, but they were strong. And her voice is very soft, giving the amorous feeling like the Jiangnan Water Town.

If it weren’t for Yan Xiaoman, Lin Xian would have probably asked this young lady to go out with him and play tonight.

As for what to play, of course, he will ask her to play balls!

At this moment, Lin Xian felt very refreshed and light.

After putting on his clothes and coming to the lobby, Wang Zejing winked at him and said, “Brother Lin, aren’t we missing something?”

“What else are you looking for?”

Lin Xian glanced at him and said: “If you want to make an appointment, go ahead and use your skills!”

In this top spa clubhouse, any girl can be a proper goddess when put outside.

For example the two welcoming ladies at the door. Even if they are brought to Jincai, they are of school flower level.

How can you make appointments that easily?

This guy really thinks too much.

Hearing this, Wang Zejing was a little disappointed.

He also knew that by just relying on his own pocket money of 10,000 yuan a month, getting a girl here is simply a fantasy.

Zhang Kai was still in a state of a cloud at the moment as he said: “The young lady who massaged me has a very sweet voice. Unfortunately, I didn’t get her WeChat.”

“Is this the life of the rich?! I finally experience it!” Lei Hongguang said with emotion.

When the six of them returned to the dormitory, it was already past nine o’clock in the evening.

Lin Xian made a phone call to Yan Xiaoman and then he and Wang Zejing lined up for dinner.

Meanwhile in the female dormitory…

Ling Youyu wore an oversized Pikachu pajamas and turned over and over in the bed holding her mobile phone.

On the phone screen was a chat interface between her and Lin Xian. It’s just that the interface is empty and there was only a line belonging to a system prompt.

It said: “You have added Lin Xian, you can now message each other.”

It seemed she had already made a decision to chat first.

Ling Youyu sat up and types a few words very quickly: “Are you there?”

But soon, she deleted the same.

Pursing her mouth while thinking for a moment, she typed once more: “Have you had dinner?”

‘It is too late now. Of course, he had already eaten.’

Thinking of this, Ling Youyu deleted it again.

She put down her phone and scratched her head.

‘So frustrating!’

‘What should I say?’

After thinking for a long time, Ling Youyu suddenly thought of something and opened the search interface.

She then searched: How to chat with a boy you have a crush on, so as to appear to be humorous and wise?

She then clicked the search bar and a number of results suddenly appeared.

It is just that many of the results are nonsense or just advertisements.

After a while, one of the search results attracted her attention.

“You can put excerpts of beautiful and meaningful passages while chatting so that you can appear both humorous and wise.”

Well, this seems would work.

Ling Youyu smiled and then began to search for some meaningful quotations. After a while, she selected one and copied and pasted the same, and sent it to Lin Xian.

After doing this, Ling Youyu stared at the chat interface with expectant eyes and waited for Lin Xian’s reply.


After the end of a game, Lin Xian shouted on the next bedroom door. “What kind of broken equipment is that Lao Wang? It didn’t even hurt at all“

“Didn’t you make me take all the damage?” Wang Zejing’s tone was a little hurt.


Lin Xian froze for a moment and then said earnestly: “Lao Wang, you have to learn to be flexible and not to be too rigid with your builds.”

At this moment, his phone vibrated.

Lin Xian picked up his phone and saw Ling Youyu sent him a message. When he clicked on it, he was stunned.

“If all the scars can be healed. If all the emotions can be reciprocated…If you can still meet again, a simple smile, slight happiness, a willful hug, what a great thing. But it is true, it’s just if…”

‘What’s this all about?’

Lin Xian frowned slightly and directly replied: “Hurry up, wash and sleep. Don’t think about these messy things.”

Putting down his phone, Lin Xian yelled again: “Lao Wang, hurry up and prepare for the next game!”

The next day, was another boring military training.

The only difference from previous days is that today, they are not ordered to stand in military posture but march forward.

Ling Youyu still gave him iced watermelon juice every day, but he seemed less emotional.

Time passed quickly and the half month of military training life was finally over.

The new students who were originally white and tender have also become dark-skinned.

The only exception is Lin Xian.

Not only did he make it a habit to apply sunscreen every day, but he also frequently visited the spa clubhouse for a massage and maintenance from time to time.

The results are very good. Although his skin had become inevitably darker, it is not that obvious.

Today is the 17th and tomorrow happens to be a weekend. Lin Xian is finally going to Shanghai to use his [Beautiful Dining Task Card] by finding an opportunity to eat with Yan Xiaoman and, finally buy a Ferrari.

Thinking about these, the things he has to do seems quite a lot.

Early in the morning, Lin Xian came to Qi Jia’s office.

Seeing Lin Xian walking in, Qi Jia immediately clutched her forehead and said helplessly: “You won’t ask again for a leave, will you?”

During this period of time,  Lin Xian always asked for leave to go to the spa causing Qi Jia to have headaches.

Seeing him now, she could already tell what he was going to say.

Lin Xian smiled and said, “Teacher Qi, this time is really important.”

“You said that also several times!”

Qi Jia put down the pen in her hand, rubbed her face, and asked: “How long will you be gone this time?”

“Three days! I will come back on Monday!”

Qi Jia raised her eyebrows and said: “Three days? Even if you won’t attend tomorrow’s welcome party, it is okay. But you have to be present at the class meeting the day after tomorrow. I am still rooting for you to be the class monitor!”

“Please don’t!”

Lin Xian hurriedly waved his hand and said: “I don’t have the time to be the class monitor. Besides, there are so many girls in our class. It is not okay for me, a boy, to be the monitor. Teacher Qi, please choose a girl to be the monitor!”

“Alright!” Qi Jia gave up completely.

She took out a leave form and quickly signed and asked: “Why are you going to Shanghai?”

“Uh…to buy a car!”

Lin Xian thought for a while and it seemed to be the only slightly appropriate reason. He can’t say he had a system and he will eat with his girlfriend to complete the system’s tasks!

Qi Jia asked casually: “What car are you buying in Shanghai?”

“Ferrari.” Lin Xian responded.

“Well, why did I even ask?!”


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