Chapter 58 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Forcibly stuffing dog food

The girl named Xiaohui smiled and asked, “You always say that. When will you introduce him to us?”

“In a later time!”

Yan Xiaoman replied with a smile but there was a little depressed feeling in her heart. Lin Xian, that bastard said he would come to her after the military training but he hasn’t even come at all.

At this moment, her mobile phone suddenly rang.

Seeing that it was Lin Xian calling, Yan Xiaoman answered immediately: “Why are you calling me at this time?”

Lin Xian smiled and said: “The military training ended yesterday. I have nothing to do today!”

“The military training is over?”

Yan Xiaoman was overjoyed hearing this and hinted: “Tomorrow, and the day after are weekends. I’m so bored. I don’t know what to do.”

“If you really have nothing to do, then just stay in the dormitory and study!”


Dead straight man, bastard! (T/N: ‘Dead straight man’ is a buzz word used by girls who intentionally acts spoiled towards a man who does not have any reaction or does not reciprocate affection and compliments)

Yan Xiaoman snorted with disappointment in her heart.

Lin Xian then asked: “What are you doing now?”

“I’m preparing to go back to the dormitory.”

After Yan Xiaoman replied, she wondered: “Lin Xian, do you have a cold? Why do I hear that your voice sounds kind of weird?”

“A bit! By the way, I ask a friend to bring you a gift and that friend is waiting for you on the lawn in front of the Guanghua Building.

“You can go and pick up the gift now. Don’t let other people wait for too long!”


‘You actually have a heart?’

Yan Xiaoman was in a better mood and nodded and said, “Okay! I will go now!”

After hanging up the phone, Yan Xiaoman said to Xiaohui who was next to her: “Xiaohui go back to the dormitory first.”

“My boyfriend asks a friend to bring me a gift. I’ll just go get it first!”

“Gift? I want to see it too!” Xiaohui smiled and said.

She was very curious as to what the gift was.

They went all the way to the Guanghua Building and when they saw the scene on the lawn, the two of them were stunned.

They saw a huge gift box standing on the lawn, about two meters high, with a pink ribbon tied to the gift box.

A young man in work clothes stood in front of the gift box and seemed to be waiting for someone.

Upon seeing this, Xiaohui asked in surprise: “Xiaoman, is this the gift you mentioned?”

Yan Xiaoman was also a little confused. She looked around and found that the lawn was full of onlookers.

It seemed that this is the gift Lin Xian sent to her.


Yan Xiaoman stepped forward with some uncertainty and asked: “Hello. Is this the gift from Lin Xian?”

The young man was in work clothes, a baseball cap, and a mask that covered most of his face.

Although Yan Xiaoman thought that the young man dressed strangely, she didn’t care too much.

Her attention was mostly on the huge gift box.

She secretly guessed in her heart what kind of gift it was.

The young man glanced at Yan Xiaoman and asked, “Are you Miss Yan Xiaoman?”

“Yes!” Yan Xiaoman nodded and said.

“Please sign here!” The young man said.

After signing quickly, Yan Xiaoman asked: “How do I open this gift box?”

“Pull this ribbon and the gift box will be opened!” The young man said pointing to the ribbon hanging on the gift box.

Yan Xiaoman glances at the young man strangely.

She always felt that the person seemed familiar.

Could it be Lin Xian?

Does this bastard want to surprise her himself?

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it is possible.

So taking advantage of the young man’s carelessness, she took off his hat.

As the hat was taken off, a black long hair winded down.

“Zhang Mengyao?”

For a moment, the two stared at each other with widened eyes.

After a while, Yan Xiaoman asked, “What are you doing here?”

“It’s so hot, this old lady is about to burn!”

Zhang Mengyao pulled off the mask and breathed in some fresh air and said angrily: “Why can’t I be here?”

Yan Xiaoman asked: “Where is Lin Xian?”

“In Jinling. He knew that I was coming to Shanghai, so he asked me to give this gift to you!” Zhang Mengyao lied, not even blinking her eyes.

If it were the past, Yan Xiaoman would have argued with her. But at this moment, her attention was on the gift box.

“Zhang Mengyao, what’s inside?”

Zhang Mengyao rolled her eyes and said: “How do I know? Maybe a big treasure, or maybe a doll or something!”

She is so angry now.

Since getting off the high-speed train, Lin Xian had been feeding her dog food all the way to the FD University.

She is now so full from eating dog food. (T/N: Eat dog food. A slang that refers to the self-pity of single people, humorously dubbed ‘single dogs’, triggered by the public displays of affection by couples.)

“Xiaoman, open it quickly!” Xiaohui stepped forward and urged curiously.

At this moment, the students who were watching had their curiosity at the peak and they also began to urge her to open the gift box.

“Yeah, beautiful lady. Just open it and see for yourself.”

“Hurry up. I haven’t even eaten dinner. I just wanted to know what’s inside.“

“GKD! GKD!“ (T/N: GKD – 搞快点 (Gao kuai dian) – do it faster/hurry up!)

“Beauty, hurry up. I’ve been standing here for half an hour already.”

Yan Xiaoman stepped forward, grabbed the ribbon, and pulled it hard.


With that pull, the gift box suddenly burst open.

Dozens of balloons flew into the air.

And the gift box was full of roses and a few stems.

At the same time the gift box opened, the roses also scattered like a splendid rain.

Lin Xian holding 99 blue enchantresses stood right in the middle of the gift box looking at her with a smile.


Seeing this scene, the bystanders let out an exclamation and applauded.

Having witnessed a romantic scene, most people tend to be overjoyed, especially college students who have very simple minds.


Yan Xiaoman let out a scream and rushed over and plunged into Lin Xian’s arms.

“You bastard! Didn’t you say you were in Jinling? You bullied me again!” Yan Xiaoman hugged Lin Xian tightly and bit his shoulder fiercely. She then couldn’t hold back her tears.

Lin Xian let out a long sigh and whispered in her ear: “My dear if you don’t open the gift box, I will suffocate to death!”

“Humph, who told you to bully me?!” Yan Xiaoman said and snorted proudly.

Seeing this scene, Xiaohui was stunned and said, “Goodbye, who can stand this!”

Xiaohui thought that Senior Zheng is already a good catch, but at this moment, she realized the other party was better.

Is there any woman who can resist this kind of romance and the charm of money?

How much would have those many roses cost?

As a top student of FD University, Xiaohui used some statistical methods to make a simple calculation and estimated that many roses would have cost at least 60,000 yuan.

Zhang Mengyao was forcibly stuffed with dog food again and couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

She was so angry.

If it wasn’t for the excitement later, this old lady wouldn’t have come!


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