Chapter 59 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Think as if I never said anything

Romance is something that happens in a moment.

But for women, every moment of it is enough.

The joy in Yan Xiaoman’s heart at this moment is about to overflow, and she feels that she is the happiest woman in the world.

Of course, achieving this has something to do with Lin Xian’s routine.

The false reality makes Yan Xiaoman’s feelings shift from initial disappointment to happiness.

The two of them hugged for more than ten minutes and then they heard a faint voice sounded: “How long are you two planning to hold each other? Do you want me to give you a quilt and spend the night here?”

“Zhang Mengyao!”

Yan Xiaoman let go of Lin Xian and gave Zhang Mengyao a fierce look and said, “Will you die if you don’t speak?!”

Yan Xiaoman was very mad!

The romantic atmosphere was completely destroyed by her.


Zhang Mengyao sneered and rubbed her stomach, feeling that she is so full from eating dog food.


This pair of lovers is forcibly feeding them dog food. It isn’t too much to spoil the atmosphere, right?

Xiaohui on the side glanced at Zhang Mengyao, and couldn’t help but give her a thumbs up secretly.

After all, too much dog food can hurt your body.

Yan Xiaoman has returned to her normal self at this time. She looked at the roses on the floor and said with regret: “Lin Xian, it’s a pity there are so many roses on the floor!”

The nature of the roses is like that of fireworks.

In this kind of surprise, they become disposable.

In a few days, these roses will all wither.

Yan Xiaoman is not stupid. She knows that these many roses are worth thousands of yuan at least.

“It’s okay! As long as you’re happy. This little money doesn’t matter.” Lin Xian said.


‘Are you still speaking human words?!’

Zhang Mengyao and Xiaohui each raised a middle finger secretly in their heart.

Yan Xiaoman looked shyly at Lin Xian, feeling that her heart is about to melt, and her eyes were full of tenderness and sweetness.

But when she glanced at Zhang Mengyao on the side, she suddenly snorted and asked: “Zhang Mengyao, what are you doing here?”

“Damn! Princess Yan, tearing the bridge after crossing the river!” Zhang Mengyao was stunned by Yan Xiaoman’s words.

However, Zhang Mengyao would not easily admit defeat, she immediately retaliated, “Hehe. Do you think I want to come? I wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t for your boyfriend who begged me!”

Upon hearing this, Yan Xiaoman looked at Lin Xian suspiciously.

Lin Xian then coughed and explained: “I came to Shanghai to invite your roommate, your cousin, and An Ran to have a meal. Isn’t Zhang Mengyao your best friend? I invited her to have a meal with us!”

To be honest, this reason is actually a bit nonsense.

But there is no other reason. Lin Xian can’t say that this is all to complete his system task.

Yan Xiaoman didn’t think too much and just thought that maybe Lin Xian just wanted to get closer to her friends.

“Who is her best friend!?” The two asked in unison and gave each other a fierce look.

Lin Xian understood the relationship between the two.

They have a love and hate relationship!

In other words, two equally good women competing and at the same time sympathizing with each other.

Don’t be deceived by them being at each other’s throats whenever they meet. But their relationship is in fact, many times better than those plastic girlfriends who swear ‘to be good sisters for a lifetime’.

It’s just that the two of them have strong personalities, so they clash and didn’t want to admit they cared for each other.

Otherwise, why would Zhang Mengyao agree to help Yan Xiaoman look after Lin Xian?

Lin Xian glanced at Xiaohui and smiled: “Xiaoman, aren’t you going to introduce me to your roommate?”

“Oh, right!”Yan Xiaoman then hurriedly introduced: “Zhou Hui, my good sister. This is my boyfriend, Lin Xian.”


Lin Xian smiled and nodded at her and then said, “It’s still early. I have booked a restaurant for us. Xiaoman, you can call your other roommates and Sister Wang Lan and An Ran. Let’s all have a meal together!”

Yan Xiaoman nodded, took out her phone, and started dialing.

After a while, she put down her phone and asked, “Lin Xian, my cousin, and An Ran are currently out shopping, do you want me to call them?”

‘Shopping together?’

Lin Xian was overjoyed. He was still thinking about finding a suitable reason to invite An Ran over.

It is taken care of now.

He was obviously very happy in his heart but pretended to have some sort of hesitation on his face.

“If that is the case, then call both of them over!”


Yan Xiaoman nodded and after saying a few words on the phone she asked: “Cousin asked where we are going to gather?”

“No. 18 Zhongshan East Road!”

After hanging up the phone and waiting not so long, Lin Xian saw three girls coming together.

Three people?

Lin Xian thought about it and including himself will only be nine people, one person less than he had expected.

Fortunately, he was prepared. When he booked the restaurant, he specifically asked the restaurant to not save money and use only the best and freshest ingredients.

There aren’t enough people, but the price should make up for it!

“This is my boyfriend, Lin Xian. This is the boss of our dormitory, Lu Yan, and this is Pan Zhiyun and Ji Hanlei.

”Yan Xiaoman introduced her boyfriend to her friends with sweetness and pride.

The three girls looked at Lin Xian curiously with a trace of scrutiny in their eyes.

They know how popular Yan Xiaoman is in school.

On the first day of the registration, she is selected as freshmen’s school flower and she has a number of suitors from freshmen to seniors.

As her boyfriend, Lin Xian naturally received more attention.

“Everyone is here. Let’s go!”

Outside the school gate, Lin Xian called two taxis and the group rushed their way to the restaurant.

Zhou Hui and Lu Yan were seated in the taxi and started talking to each other as soon as they got into the car.

Lu Yan: “Xiaoman’s boyfriend is very handsome and has a good temperament.”

Pan Zhiyun was a little disappointed and said, “It’s just okay. Maybe I expected too much before, so I was a little disappointed.”

“I heard that her boyfriend studies in Jincai.” Ji Hanlei said suddenly.

Although she didn’t clear out what she meant, everyone understood.

Jincai is just an ordinary school. Fudan, which is their school, is one of the top ten schools in the country.

Since Yan Xiaoman looks so beautiful, Ji Hanlei feels that Lin Xian is not deserving of her.

At this moment, Zhou Hui, who had been silent for a long time said suddenly, “Do you know how much is that gift Yan Xiaoman’s boyfriend gave to her just now?”

“What gift?”

The three of them were taken aback and were very curious.

“That huge gift box with thousands of roses in it. Her boyfriend hid inside the gift box while holding 99 blue enchantresses!”

For a while, the taxi was extremely quiet.

They are not fools, they naturally realized that those roses are worth tens of thousands of yuan.

And another thing, those aren’t even useful afterward. Like fireworks, they are disposed of after usage.

After realizing that Lin Xian spent tens of thousands for just a few minutes of romance, Ji Hanlei said: “Think as if I never said anything!”


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