Chapter 73 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Hidden mission!

Finally, with the recommendations of the waiter, Lin Xian ordered a total of five dishes.

They ordered yellow croaker crystal soup, braised pork tendons with green onions, Buddha jumping over the wall, crab meat lion head, and boiled shredded bean curd.

To be honest, Lin Xian has a high expectation for the crystal soup yellow croaker.

After all, it is a popular dish in the Manchu feast. The taste should be extraordinary.

After waiting for about ten minutes, the waiter began to serve the dishes.

Boiled shredded bean curd is a standard Huaiyang cuisine.

The core of the dish is the broth because dried shreds in themselves have no taste. So the taste will depend solely on the broth.

Lin Xian took a sip and nodded.

It tastes good but maybe because he often eats it, he doesn’t think it is that amazing.

In addition, due to his personal taste preference, he felt that the crab meat lion head was a bit unremarkable and too bland.

Yan Xiaoman is not as picky as Lin Xian. At this moment, Yan Xiaoman was holding a tendon with her little hand and chewed happily.

Zhang Mengyao glanced at Yan Xiaoman with bitterness and envy but finally resisted the temptation to eat the tendons.

After all, not everyone is like Yan Xiaoman who doesn’t get fat no matter what she eats.

It can be said that the foodies would envy Yan Xiaoman’s physique.

She doesn’t get fat no matter how much she eats!

Halfway through the dinner, two more special dishes were finally served.

The Buddha jumping over the wall was then served.

As soon as the lid was opened, a strong fragrance immediately spread.

Under the milky white soup were various ingredients which can be seen faintly.

Yan Xiaoman took a deep breath and said with a happy face, “Wow! It smells good!”

Zhang Mengyao was also eager and held the chopsticks as if she wanted to dive in any time.

At this time, the waiter on the side said, “The Buddha jumps over the wall is our best-seller. There are some who eat it alone, but many customers like to soak their rice with the soup. If you are curious, you may also try it.”

Hearing this, Lin Xian smiled and said: “Okay! Please serve us three servings of rice!”

While waiting for the waiter to serve the rice, Yan Xiaoman had already started tasting the soup. After taking a sip, she couldn’t help but praise: “Lin Xian, you must try it now. The soup really tastes amazing!”

Zhang Mengyao took a sip but didn’t say anything. She just kept her head down as she drank the soup.

”It tastes fresh. It really deserves to be a special dish!” Lin Xian also took a sip and exclaimed.

Putting down his spoon, Lin Xian then fixed his eyes on the last dish.

Crystal soup yellow croaker!

To be honest, the appearance of the dish is a bit weird. After the whole large yellow croaker is fried, it looks a bit like a mutant fish.

And it doesn’t have any scent and no side dishes. What was placed on the plate was the deep-fried yellow croaker alone.

”Aigoo, this fish looks so ugly!” Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help but cursed.

Zhang Mengyao used chopsticks to pick up some fish and stuffed the same into her mouth.

She frowned afterward and said, “The fish is dry. And it doesn’t taste like anything at all.”

Lin Xian picked up his chopsticks and prepared to pick up a piece of fish to taste it as well.

As soon as Lin Xian poked the fish to get a piece, a crystal-like soup slowly flowed from the fish’s belly. As soon as the crystal soup flowed, a burst of heat rose with a particular fragrance.”

“It turns out that the real dish is in the belly of the fish!” Yan Xiaoman exclaimed.


Zhang Mengyao, after tasting a spoonful of the soup, let out a soft cry.

Seeing this scene, Yan Xiaoman, a foodie, couldn’t bear it and hurriedly got a spoonful to taste it as well.

As soon as the soup entered her mouth, her eyes lit up, and her face filled with satisfaction.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian also took a spoon and took a sip.

The soup is luscious and crystal smooth. No wonder the fish has no taste, it was because the savory flavor of the whole fish had been absorbed by the soup which was both sweet and very delicious.

This dish really caught them off-guard.

Lin Xian took another bite and frowned slightly.

The dish is delicious but he felt like it lacks something.

This feeling was a little strange since it is only the first time that he is eating this dish and he couldn’t understand why he felt like it was missing something.

At this moment, the system prompt suddenly sounded.

”Congratulations to the host for triggering the hidden mission: [Manchu and Han Banquet! ]

[ Task 1: You found out that the crystal yellow croaker soup seemed to be incomplete. Please find out what is missing from the crystal yellow croaker soup! After completing the first task, the second will automatically start. ]

[ Task Progress: 0 ]

[ Final Reward: ??? (Depending on the task evaluation) ]

”Damn it!”

Eating a meal can even trigger a task!

That is too damn amazing!

Lin Xian was stunned for a moment.

Seeing Lin Xian motionless, Yan Xiaoman asked curiously: “Lin Xian, why are you not eating?”

”I just remembered something!” Lin Xian explained casually.

Lin Xian picks up another pork tendon and ate the same while checking the tasks issued by the system.

The task seemed to be a chain task. One task is linked to another task. The second task can only be opened when the first task has been completed.

After all of the tasks are completed can the final reward be obtained.

Lin Xian is completely interested in completing this chain of interconnected tasks.

With the snap of his fingers, the waiter who was on the side immediately stepped forward and asked: “Sir, what can I do for you?”

”Who made this crystal soup yellow croaker? Lin Xian asked.

The waiter replied: “Oh, this dish was cooked by Mr. Gao Jianxing, our chef.”

Lin Xian asked: “Can I talk to him?”

”Of course. I will ask!” The waiter turned around and walked towards the back of the kitchen.

Upon seeing this, Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help asking: “Lin Xian, what are you doing?”

”I thought of something so I planned to ask the same to the cook.” Lin Xian smiled.

Hearing this, Yan Xiaoman curled her lips, lowered her head, and continued on enjoying the food.

Lin Xian always does some inexplicable things such as wanting a customized fighting suit.

Not for long, a middle-aged man wearing a chef’s uniform walked quickly to where Lin Xian is.

”Hello. I am Gao Jianxing, the chef of Gui Hua Lou. Are you not satisfied with the taste of the dishes?” Gao Jianxing said thinking that Lin Xian might be dissatisfied with his cooking.

”No, these dishes are delicious.” Lin Xian shook his head and smiled.

Now, Gao Jianxiang became even more confused with Lin Xian’s answer.

In a puzzled expression, Lin Xian said slowly: “I just tasted Chef Gao’s crystal soup yellow croaker, but I felt like it is missing something. It doesn’t taste authentic!”


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