Chapter 75 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Expert Level Hard Pen Calligraphy

As the system level rose to LV6, the upgrade experience also soared to 10 million.

But at 9 million, Lin Xian can just buy 2 units of more than 100 square meters at the Country Gardern in Jinling at most.

What Lin Xian actually wants is a villa!

”Forget it. Let’s wait a while.”

”I shall keep this money for now. Otherwise, it will all be spent. When the system shop refreshes for good things, I can only drool if I don’t have the money to buy it.”

Speaking of the system shop, Lin Xian suddenly remembered that the 24-hour refresh time should be up!

Lin Xian glanced at Yan Xiaoman and found out that the two women were lying on the sofa and busy studying the lipsticks. They didn’t pay attention to him at all.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian opened the system shop directly.

System Shop: [ Golden Skill Upgrade Card ] Specify one of your own skills. After using this card, you can directly upgrade the specified skills to an expert level.

[ P.S: It is also possible to specify a skill that you have not mastered yet, but the highest level that you can upgrade it is up to the proficient level. When the skill is already at the master level, this card cannot be used. Price: 3,000,000 ]

’Fuck! Golden Skill Upgrade Card!’

Lin Xian was surprised.

He had used a silver skill upgrade card before, and the effect was to upgrade a skill to the next level.

And this golden skill upgrade card is more amazing. It can directly upgrade the skill to the expert level.

Although the price is 10 times more expensive, it is still very worth it.

For any skill, if you want to go from the proficient level to the expert level, without more than ten to twenty years of hard training, don’t even aspire it.

Three million in exchange for twenty year’s time is so worth it.

’Buy. Buy, buy!’

Without any hesitation, Lin Xian directly clicked to buy.

After purchasing, he pondered for a while, and finally decided to use the golden skill upgrade card for his hard pen calligraphy skill.

Because his guitar skill is already at the proficient level and the next level will be the expert level. When he gets the silver card again in the future, he will use the same to upgrade his guitar skill.

After deciding, Lin Xian chose to use the Golden Skill Upgrade card directly.

”Use the [ Golden Skill Upgrade Card] for my hard pen calligraphy skill!”


”It is detected that the host’s hard pen calligraphy skill is at the beginners level, do you want to use the props?”



Feeling the familiar cooling sensation in his brain, Lin Xian smiled with satisfaction.

Although there is only less than 5.7 million left, Lin Xian feels that the Golden Skill Upgrade Card is very worth it.

It can be said that woman is as fierce as a tiger when they go shopping, as if they don’t get tired at all. But immediately after shopping, they break down like tired dogs.

The speed of the transition between these two states is surprisingly fast.

At this moment, Yan Xiaoman and Zhang Mengyao were lying on the sofa, like two salted fishes.

”Where do you want to eat tonight?” Lin Xian asked.

Yan Xiaoman responded lazily: “My dear, I don’t want to move for the time being!”

Zhang Mengyao seconded: “I don’t want to move either!” Zhang Mengyao hugged a pillow and pulled her pleated skirt high, showing her beautiful legs.

Lin Xian could feel his heart beating. Suppressing his feelings, Lin Xian suggested: “Or shall I ask Tina to bring dinner to the room?”

”That’s a good idea!”

Yan Xiaoman immediately agreed.

”Then what do you want to eat? Chinese food or Western food? Or Japanese food?” Lin Xian asked.

Hearing the choices, Yan Xiaoman couldn’t decide once again.

In other things, she is a very assertive person. But when it comes to food, it’s like she becomes a completely different person.

Lin Xian sighed and asked: “Zhang Mengyao, it is up to you to choose!”

If it is Yan Xiaoman who decides, they would have to wait until dawn.

“Western food!” Zhang Mengyao smiled.

After the decision has been made, Lin Xian called Tina.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Xian found that Zhang Mengyao’s posture has become even more presumptuous, so he raised his eyebrow and said, “Are you trying to seduce me?”

”Yes! I’ll be waiting for you in my room tonight!”

Although Zhang Mengyao said so, she reached out and pulled down her pleated skirt.

In the past, Yan Xiaoman and Zhang Mengyao were evenly matched, but with Lin Xian in the picture, the battle has suddenly become uneven.

How could Yan Xiaoman miss this opportunity? She immediately said: “That’s what you said, don’t pretend to sleep tonight!”

Zhang Mengyao sneered: “Haha! Forget about it. I am afraid that someone will cry under the quilt tonight!”

Lin Xian ignored the two and took a change of clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

The two girls are definitely the king of all talks.

Don’t be fooled by their cocky words, but they are actually more cowardly than the other.

Lin Xian could recall that time on the high-speed rail when he accidentally touched Zhang Mengyao’s leg, and she immediately acted like a frightened rabbit.

There is also Yan Xiaoman who seized the opportunity last night and pretended to be righteous, but she is actually just testing him.

When Lin Xian came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, the waiter had already pushed the dining cart into the room.

The restaurant that serves Western food in Shangri-La Hotel is called ‘Jade on 36’, which is a French restaurant.

After the original Chef Paul resigned and opened his own restaurant, the hotel spent a lot of money to hire a new chef from Paris.

Since it is his first time to eat French food at ‘Jade on 36’ restaurant, Lin Xian ordered the more regular or ordinary dishes.

The dishes he ordered were Pan-fried labster with butter, French foie gras, Sirloin steak, Bluefin Tuna, and Blueberry mousse for dessert.

Of course, this meal is not cheap, a total of 38,000 yuan!

The ingredients are so expensive.

The caviar is sturgeon caviar, 10 grams of which is 1,800 yuan. Lin Xian ordered 30 grams which cost him 5,400 yuan in total.

The other is a bluefin tuna, 500g is 18,000 yuan!

After the waiter brought the appetizers to the table, he stood and served them.

Lin Xian took a bottle of Champagne Ace of Spades from the refrigerator from the small bar and motioned the two women to start eating.

The location of the super deluxe suite is very good. Sitting on the dining table, one can directly enjoy the night view of The Bund through the floor to ceiling glass, which is not inferior to the revolving restaurant they have visited before.

After tasting the bluefin tuna, Lin Xian nodded in satisfaction.

The bluefin tuna is tasty, quite a bit like salmon.

In addition, the sauce also tastes very good. No wonder the new chef can take over Chef Paul’s position.

Zhang Mengyao took a sip of the champagne and sighed, “Sigh, I shall lose weight after returning to the school!”

”Hee hee!” Yan Xiaoman is giggling proudly.

Yan Xiaoman never gets fat no matter how much she eats.

The waiter on the side is very attentive and always changed the plates and poured wine at the right time.

After the dinner, Lin Xian gave him an extra 500 yuan in addition to the tip on the bill.


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