Chapter 76 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Too good!

After the meal, the three chatted for a while, then Zhang Mengyao returned to her room.

It seemed that Yan Xiaoman is well-aware that Lin Xian will be returning to Jinling tomorrow, so she took the initiative again.

But even so, she can’t still change the fact that she is a newbie.

In addition, the [Hoodlum in a suit skill] strengthened Lin Xian’s physique. After two rounds, Yan Xiaoman began to pretend to be pitiful and begged for mercy.

Lin Xian sighed and rubbed her head helplessly.

Seeing him a little disappointed, Yan Xiaoman hesitated for a moment, gritted her teeth, and said, “Lin Xian, I will allow you to cheat on me, five…no, three times in one year!”

Allow him to cheat three times in a year?

Does this girl actually want to test him again?

Lin Xian sneered in his heart and said, “What nonsense are you talking about!”

“I’m serious!” Yan Xiaoman said with a serious face.


‘Who will believe it?’

And even if it is true, Lin Xian cannot show that he agrees with it.

”Don’t be absurd, it’s enough for me to have you!”

Lin Xian embraced her, pecked on her face, smiled, and said: “It is getting late. Let’s go to sleep!”

Lying in Lin Xian’s arms, Yan Xiaoman slowly closed her eyes.

She was actually telling the truth just now.


The next day…

Early in the morning, at seven o’clock, when Lin Xian opened his eyes, Yan Xiaoman who was sleeping beside him had already left.

She left a note on the bedside table.

On the note, a beautiful handwriting reads: “My dear, I have a class today. I will be going back first! Pay attention to your safety on the way.”

There is a smiley face at the bottom of the note.

After washing up, Lin Xian heard a knock on the door.

Opening the door, he saw Zhang Mengyao.

Zhang Mengyao entered the room and complained: “Don’t even dare to wake up later. I still have a class this morning!”

”Are you stupid?”

Lin Xian raised his eyebrows and said: “Even if we take the high-speed rail back, it will take two hours, let alone driving. Do you think you can still make it?”

”Of course, I know. But on the first day, there will still be a lesson. I can’t miss the whole course, right?” Zhang Mengyao still struggled and hoped they can still make it before the end of her class.

Lin Xian wondered: “You didn’t ask for a leave?”


Zhang Mengyao stood still and said with a bitter expression.

”Damn, you are so awesome!”

Even Lin Xian couldn’t help but raise his thumb.

Zhang Mengyao glared at him and said angrily, “I’m already late, do you still want to mess with me?”

Lin Xian patted her shoulder and asked: “Is your instructor a male or a female?”

”Female! Why do you ask?”

”Here, take this. Go back and give this to your counselor. This should be enough for her to approve your leave.” Lin Xian said while handing a Chanel paper bag over.

The paper bag contained a Chanel perfume which is worth more than 2000 yuan. But it is already a generous gift, considering that counselors relatively have low wages.

Lin Xian originally intended to give this perfume to Qi Jia. After all, he will continue asking her for favor in the future. A good relationship should be maintained.

However, since Zhang Mengyao is in trouble, Lin Xian gave the same to her. After all, she had helped in the completion of his task in Shanghai.

He should help her based on gratitude and reasoning.

It is no big deal. After all, he can always buy another one for Qi Jia once he returned to Jinling.

Zhang Mengyao took the bag and looked at Lin Xian with a complicated expression, and asked: “Lin Xian, are you this good to every woman?”

Lin Xian’s heartwarming behavior moved Zhang Mengyao’s heart again.

”Girl, you are thinking too much. Only for pretty women. For those with a face value of less than 90 points, I am very cold!” Lin Xian quipped.

He understood what Zhang Mengyao meant, but he could only change the subject in a funny way.

That is because he clearly saw that Zhang Mengyao’s favorability towards him suddenly rose by ten points, that is from 60 to directly 70 points!

”Let’s go!”

Zhang Mengyao gave him a stern look, seeming to blame him for not understanding the mood.

After having breakfast in the restaurant on the second floor, the two went to the parking lot carrying their luggage.

Fortunately, the trunk space of the Ferrari 812 Superfast car is large enough.

If it was Ferrari’s previous models, they really can’t fit this luggage.

Zhang Mengyao fastened her seatbelt, twisted her waist, raise his eyebrows, and said, “I feel much more comfortable sitting in the Bentley.”

”Sister, can a business car and a sports car be the same?” Lin Xian asked in a low tone.

Lin Xian started the engine, held the steering wheel with one hand, and drove the car out of the parking lot skillfully.

Zhang Mengyao turned her head and looked at Lin Xian’s side face discreetly. Her face flushed.

She originally had a good impression of Lin Xian, but due to some reasons, she had been pressing her feelings at the bottom of her heart.

However, right now, she thinks that Lin Xian is super attractive.

Her heart kept on beating fast and her mind was filled with Lin Xian.

After half an hour, the Ferrari successfully drove out of the city and into the highway.

Lin Xian suddenly felt strange. Zhang Mengyao didn’t say a word for a while now.

She seemed extra quiet.

Turning his head, Lin Xian saw a girl staring at him in a daze.

‘Holy Shit!’

’No way!’

At this time, before Lin Xian’s eyes, Zhang Mengyao’s favorability towards him soared to 91!

This is already exaggerated as Yan Xiaoman’s favorability towards him is only 95!

’What the…’

Suddenly, Lin Xian finally understood.

[ Driving a Ferrari with one hand ]

Trigger conditions: The vehicle must be a Ferrari.

Effect: Improved driving skills to master level.

Charisma: +20

Favorability of the opposite sex in the car: +20

There is a 10% chance of triggering the ‘Love at First Sight Effect’.

[ P.S. Although you are not the most handsome man in the world, the appearance as you drive a Ferrari with one hand is very handsome! ]


This is a passive skill and gets activated automatically for as long as the trigger conditions are met.

Lin Xian forgot about this…

He admits that he is a scumbag, and he never thought that he would only have one woman for the rest of his life.

However, he never had the idea of hitting on his girlfriend’s best friend!

Lin Xian can swear on his conscience that he really didn’t take the initiative to provoke Zhang Mengyao.

Every time they are together, although Lin Xian sometimes babbles and makes a few jokes, he always maintained a sense of measure and did not act ambiguously or transgressively.

But even so, the worst thing happened.

”Alas! It’s hard to be too good!”

Lin Xian sighed wistfully.


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