Chapter 8 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Excuse me, Goodbye!

Seeing Yan Xiaoman’s agreement, Lin Xian smiled and said to the middle-aged uncle next to him: “Uncle, can I trouble you to change position with my girlfriend? My girlfriend is a little uncomfortable.”

Because Yan Xiaoman would be a fellow alumnus, plus the young man in glasses has been talking around like a fly seriously affecting his reading the newspaper, the middle-aged uncle did not hesitate and nodded, “Okay!”

“Thank you so much.” Lin Xian thanked the middle-aged uncle.

“It’s a small thing.”

The middle-aged uncle waved his hand, stood up, and changed positions.

And Huang Jiacheng was dumbfounded, looking at Lin Xian while cursing him in his heart.

Sitting next to Lin Xian, Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. The awkward conversation started by the young man in glasses just now made her extremely irritated.

But thinking that Lin Xian just said that she is his girlfriend, Yan Xiaoman was so angry. She couldn’t help but quietly reach out and pinch Lin Xian’s waist.


Lin Xian who was attacked suddenly took a deep breath.

Having pinched in the waist, Lin Xian lowered his voice and said: “Is that how you repay me?”

“I know you are bullying me. Not only do I owe you a favor, but we also have to pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and you will take advantage of all the benefits that come with it!” Yan Xiaoman grumbled. She seemed like she will take a bite at him at any time.

“You asked for this!” Lin Xian raised his eyebrows.

“Moreover, when do you plan to repay all the favors you owe me? You can’t just ask for favors and not repay them, right?” Lin Xian continued.

Because the two had to speak in a low voice, they are relatively close.

The heat from Lin Xian’s breath as he was speaking in Yan Xiaoman’s ear, made Yan Xiaoman feel a little itchy…

A trace of blush emanated from her neck and gradually spread.

Yan Xiaoman hurriedly lowered her head and tried to conceal the redness on her face: “I will invite you to dinner when we arrive in Shanghai. Is that okay?”

Lin Xian didn’t see Yan Xiaoman’s blushing and shyness, but Huang Jiacheng who was seated opposite to them could see it very clearly.

Yan Xiaoman is extremely beautiful and youthful which really caught Huang Jiacheng’s attention and interest.

But when he saw Lin Xian next to this beautiful girl, Huang Jiacheng is suddenly heartbroken.

He felt so angry.

Why do goddesses have boyfriends?


After a few jokes and chat with Yan Xiaoman, Lin Xian took out his mobile phone and began to check the various top brands of watches.

He didn’t know much about watches before, but now he saw that there are so many to choose from.

From the material used for the strap, to the watch itself, there are a lot of information.

Before he knew it, Lin Xian got suddenly immersed.

Yan Xiaoman who was beside Lin Xian notice Lin Xian had not spoken so she turned her head and took a peek at what he was up to.

Lin Xian lowered his head slightly and was looking seriously at his phone. His quiet temperament made him very comfortable to look at. The white and smooth side of his face looked a little dreamy against the sunlight outside the window.

Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help but mutter to herself: ’How could a man’s skin be this good?’

‘This angle of the side of his face is really handsome.’

‘What if he suddenly confesses to me? Should I reject him?’

‘If I reject him, he would be very sad, right?’

‘But I promised to my parents that I will not fall in love while I am still in college. What should I do?’

‘Or… shall I wait until I graduate from college to fall in love with him?’

Yan Xiaoman looked at Lin Xian and got lost in her thoughts…

Two long hours passed in a flash.

When the high-speed train arrived at Shanghai station, Lin Xian put away his mobile phone, put on his backpack, and prepared to go out.

Yan Xiaoman grabbed him and said: “You just leave me like this?”

Lin Xian raised his eyebrows and said: “Do you want us to stay on the high-speed train overnight?”

“I said I would invite you to dinner, and you won’t even help me with my bags?!” Yan Xiaoman glared at Lin Xian.

“Okay! Where are your bags?” Lin Xian nodded and asked helplessly.

“Here. They’re all there.”

Yan Xiaoman pointed at the two large suitcases placed on the upper luggage rack.

Suddenly, Lin Xian let out an expression, ‘Are you kidding me?’

These two suitcases weigh at least 60 catty, right?

Maybe even 80 catty!

Taking a deep breath, Lin Xian turned around and left saying: “Excuse me, goodbye!”

Seeing that Lin Xian was about to leave, Yan Xiaoman hurriedly pulled him back and said anxiously: “Don’t go! What would I do if you leave?”

Lin Xian pointed at the suitcases directly and said: “Tell me first, how did you even put them there in the first place?”

“My dad helped take them to the station and he brought them inside the train. A train personnel helped me put those up there.” Yan Xiaoman confessed truthfully.

“For how long do you plan to stay in Shanghai?” Lin Xian asked again.

Yan Xiaoman replied: “One week.”

Lin Xan was startled, “Fuck, you took so many things with you but you’re only staying for a week? If you wait for the school to start, I think you have already brought your home to the school?”

“Lin Xian!”

Yan Xiaoman realized that Lin Xian was teasing her again and so she said exasperatedly, “You are bullying me again. I…I will kill you in one bite!”

Lin Xian would have to admit that with such a high-level appearance, Yan Xiaoman can do whatever she pleases. She is cute even if she is angry.

Lin Xian didn’t continue to tease her further.

He hanged his backpack on his body and grabbed a suitcase which he took down with great effort.

The two suitcases weigh more than 80 catty. Even with wheels, it is still tiring even to push them.

When the two arrived at the exit, Lin Xian was already sweating.

After taking a deep breath, he asked: “Where are you headed to next?”

“My cousin said she will pick me up. Wait, I will call her and ask!”

Yan Xiaoman took out her phone and dialed a number.

After chatting for a moment, she hung up and said: “Wait a minute. My cousin will be here soon.”

After a few minutes, a tall and fashionable beauty walked towards them.

“Cousin, I’m here!”

Yan Xiaoman waved and shouted.

Lin Xian looked at the opposite party. She is about 23 to 24 years old with a height of 1.65 meters. She is not as beautiful as Yan Xiaoman but her appearance is at least 85 points. She is wearing a Chanel dress, the condition of her family must be pretty good.

Yan Xiaoman seems to have a very good relationship with her cousin because they both rushed over to hug each other.

The scene of two beauties hugging each other is very eye-catching and attracts many men around.

After the two let go, Yan Xiaoman’s cousin notice Lin Xian and couldn’t help but ask: “This is?”

“His name is Lin Xian, my classmate. He is also traveling to Shanghai.” Yan Xiaoman’s face at this time was a little red. She still thinks that Lin Xian came to Shanghai to follow and pursue her. Yan Xiaoman felt a little embarrassed in front of her cousin.

“So, it turned out to be a classmate! Hello! My name is Wang Lan.” Wang Lan gave Lin Xian a deep look. (T/N: The author sometimes calls her ‘Wang Lan’ and sometimes ‘Jing Lan’. Not sure yet what is the correct one. This name may change in the future)

Yan Xiaoman’s little expression just now gave her already a panoramic view of what was going on and so she couldn’t help but chuckle.

‘My cousin is in love!’

Wang Lan’s smile did not change as she asked calmly: “Is student Lin Xian coming to Shanghai to have fun for a few days?”

“I will be staying for three to four days!” Lin Xian replied. And then he said: “Yan Xiaoman, your cousin is here already. I should go too.”

Yan Xiaoman grabbed his arm and said, “Don’t go. I’d like to invite you to dinner, lest you will bully me again.”

Seeing the intimacy of the two, Wang Lan concludes that her cousin is really in love.

Thinking of this, Wang Lan also urged: “Yeah, let’s have a meal together!”


Lin Xian also nodded, anyway, he would have a free meal.


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