Chapter 7 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Stop daydreaming!

Lin Xian woke up early in the morning.

After packing up, he put on his shoulder bag and went out.

It’s simple for a man to travel. A man only brings a few clothes and a charger as compared to girls who seem to be moving away and bringing a lot of stuff.

It is not the first time that Lin Xian has traveled, so Lin Guodong and Wang Hongmei are not that worried. They just remind him to always be careful and mindful of his safety.

Shanghai is not far from Jiangzhen City and onboard a high-speed train is just two hours away.

After buying his ticket and passing the security check, it didn’t take long before Lin Xian’s ticket to the train was checked.

After finding his designated seat on the high-speed train, Lin Xian was taken aback.

‘Yan Xiaoman?’

It was a coincidence to meet Yan Xiaoman on the same train and their seats happened to be facing each other, both by the window.

Fate is really wonderful.

Today, Yan Xiaoman didn’t wear a long skirt, but a white T-shirt paired with long pants, showing her figure in a 1.68 meters height, full of youthful breath.

“Lin Xian? Why are you here?” Yan Xiaoman was obviously taken aback when she saw Lin Xian.

Lin Xian sat down and laughed: “You are so funny. The high-speed train is not yours. Why can’t I be here?”

Hearing Lin Xian’s sarcastic response, Yan Xiaoman had the urge to bite him again.

Yan Xiaoman glanced upon Lin Xian’s ticket and found out that he was also going to Shanghai. Yan Xiaoman then asked with caution: “How did you know that I was going to Shanghai? Did Weiwei tell you?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Lin Xian felt baffled.

Yan Xiaoman snorted softly.

She remembered telling Lin Xian and the others last month that she would go to Shanghai to unwind after getting her driver’s license.

She then met Lin Xian onboard the same high-speed train today, and the two of them were seated facing each other.

Yan Xiaoman didn’t think it was all a coincidence. She believed that Lin Xian must have asked Li Weiwei where she was headed today and bought the same ticket hoping for a chance encounter.

Thinking of this, Yan Xiaoman felt smug. ‘Hmmph! I’m really smart!’

Women like to add drama and cranky thoughts to their lives. Soon she thought, was the last encounter at the bus stop deliberately made by Lin Xian?

His purpose in doing this must be to pursue her!

Yan Xiaoman secretly looked at Lin Xian and began to compare him with the other boys in her heart.

Well, Weiwei is right. Lin Xian is indeed really handsome. His skin is really good. Why didn’t she noticed these before?

Although this bastard always bullies her, it felt nice to chat with him…

What should she do if Lin Xian confesses to her?

Shall she refuse?

Lin Xian obviously didn’t know what Yan Xiaoman was thinking of.

In just a few seconds, Yan Xiaoman had already conceived a romantic drama in her heart.

If he knew, he would probably say: ‘Miss, stop daydreaming.’

Just when Yan Xiaoman was thinking about it, the number of passengers had increased and there were already passengers seated next to them.

Next to Lin Xian was a middle-aged uncle. After putting his backpack down, the man took out a newspaper and read it attentively. On the other hand, a young boy with glasses who seemed to be a college student is seated next to Yan Xiaoman.

The moment he saw Yan Xiaoman, the young man’s eyes lit up.

Yan Xiaoman’s appearance is indeed very high and her temperament is very good. Even if she is placed among the people of Shanghai City, she can still attract people’s attention.

Upon seeing the young man looking at her, Yan Xiaoman frowned slightly.

She had been looked at too many times, and it makes her upset every time.

Thinking of how Lin Xian looked at her, she realized why she felt different for him.

However, the man in the glasses didn’t know Yan Xiaoman was upset with him and proactively started a conversation. “Hello, beautiful woman.”

“Hello.” Yan Xiaoman replied casually.

“My name is Huang Jiacheng, and I am a sophomore at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. What about you beautiful girl?” Huang Jiacheng continued.

“I just graduated from high school.”

Yan Xiaoman’s expression was a little cold. And after responding, she lowered her head and acted busy with her mobile phone.

Huang Jiacheng felt even more excited when he learned that Yan Xiaoman just graduated from high school.

Although there are a lot of beauties in the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, there are very few who had the same level of beauty as Yan Xiaoman. And those goddesses have long been famous and unreachable.

But high school students are different. Girls who just graduated from high school and have taken the college entrance exam are relatively innocent. Those girls are the best ones to chase!

Huang Jiacheng felt that he had just picked up a treasure. He wanted to seek this opportunity before the beautiful girl goes to college.

Thinking of this Huang Jiacheng was even more eager and asked in a hurry: “You just graduated? Which university are you planning to go to?”

Yan Xiaoman replied casually: “Wujiaochang Community Vocational Education Center.”

“Wujiaochang Community Vocational Education Center?” (T/N: Wujiaochang = neighborhood of Shanghai, adjacent to Fudan University; Fudan University is also referred to as the Wujiaochang Community Vocational Education Center because there are many part-time tutors in the school. Many parents personally go to Fudan students when they look for tutors for their children.)

‘What a bad name for a school.’

Huang Jiacheng did not react for a while. When he heard the name, he thought it was just an ordinary college, so he said immediately: “The schools are just getting money from its students and the teachers are not even that good. Being a responsible student and having a college degree is useless. It is still hard to find a job after graduation.”

Lin Xian almost laughed out loud after hearing this.

This guy is really funny. Even if Yan Xiaoman is planning on going to an unknown college, it is not good for him to belittle the other party’s school like this.

The middle-aged uncle next to Lin Xian put down his newspaper and smiled: “Oh, I didn’t expect to meet future alumni here.”

Yan Xiaoman raised her head and said in surprise: “Uncle, you are from FD university?” (T/N: Fudan University = FD)


The middle-aged uncle said: “I am in the 93rd class. It only goes to show that you have to call me your senior brother.”


Isn’t it Wujiaochang Community Vocational Education Center?

Huang Jiacheng’s face suddenly became distorted. It turned out that he is a fool.

Although the University of Finance and Economics is also good and one of the 211 colleges, but it is not comparable to FD which is one of the top ten universities in the country. (T/N: If you are interested you can search Project 211 and Project 985)

After chatting with Yan Xiaoman, the middle-aged uncle went back to reading the newspaper again.

“What’s your name, beauty?”

“Would you like to travel to Shanghai? Do you want me to tour you around the city?”

“Can the beauty add me in WeChat?”

Huang Jiacheng still did not give up and continued to talk to Yan Xiaoman. He did not notice that Yan Xiaoman’s feeling more and more impatient.

At this moment, Lin Xian felt that the phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated.


He took out his phone and saw a chat from Yan Xiaoman: “Lin Xian, do me a favor. Can you change seats with me?”

Lin Xian raised his head and found out that Yan Xiaoman was looking at him, pleading for help. Obviously, she looked very annoyed with the man with glasses who was seated beside her.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian smiled slightly and stretched out two fingers towards her.

Yan Xiaoman immediately understood what those two fingers meant so she glared at him and muttered: “Two favors are two favors. Stingy!”


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