Chapter 83 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

A different kind of hobby

[ Absolute Focus ] The state after activating it is very magical.

Lin Xian also enjoys this state very much.

It is as if he is swimming in the ocean of knowledge of mathematics, constantly absorbing knowledge.

Absolute focus skill effects are extremely powerful.

Memory +100%

Learning ability +100%

Perception + 50%

In addition, Lin Xian’s IQ is not low.

Under this circumstance, the freshman advanced mathematics textbook in front of him is not difficult at all.

Of course, this is also related to the fact that the topics of freshmen in advanced mathematics are not that profound.

Advanced mathematics in the freshman year is actually easy.

Most of the topics are only an expansion of high school mathematics.

If your high school math grades were pretty good, then you don’t need to worry about college freshman advanced mathematics being too hard and that you can pass easily.

If you are a little more serious in your study, getting 80 to 90 is not impossible.

But in the sophomore year, the situation is different.

The difficulty of mathematics has risen a step.

The increase in the difficulty of course didn’t come without warning.

At that time, it will not be easy to pass the examinations. In order to get high grades, one needs to work as hard as he did in high school.

When learning calculus begins, most people will be dumbfounded.

What the fuck is this?

Most people when they faced linear algebra and complex functions, I am afraid will begin to question life.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What am I doing?



Lin Xian was able to read the mathematics textbook very fast because many of the topics in the book were already learned in high school mathematics. With the blessing of +100% of memory, he will be able to recall everything quickly.

Time passed by.

Standing on the platform, Dai Pingbo was still giving a detailed explanation of the textbook

Wang Zejing was lethargic, Zhang Kai on the other hand looked absent-mindedly at the girls in the front row.

Only Lin Xian was reading the textbook attentively.

Ling Youyu raised her head for the third time and secretly glanced at Lin Xian.

After discovering that he wasn’t paying attention to her, she looked at him carefully.

It can be said that men are the most attractive when they are serious about what they are doing.

Looking at Lin Xian, Ling Youyu was unknowingly indulged.

In the beginning, she saw Lin Xian flipping the pages of the book quickly, thinking he was looking at them randomly.

But gradually, Ling Youyu found that there was something wrong.

Because Lin Xian’s look is so focused, this focus is not deliberate but inadvertent.

‘He is really amazing!’

Ling Youyu put her hands on her cheeks and couldn’t help but sigh in her heart, but at the same time, she was feeling a little distressed.

‘What do I do? I’m liking him more and more.’

‘Will he like me as well?’

‘He should… he just gave me a bracelet today.’

Thinking of the bracelet, Ling Youyu’s mouth couldn’t help but be slightly lifted, revealing a sweet smile.

There are some questions at the back of the textbook. At this moment, Lin Xian has taken out his pen and was working hard to solve the questions.

The sixth edition of the textbook is simpler than the other editions.

It is said to be simpler because some topics were deleted in this edition and the content is not as much as in the other editions.

Basically non 985 or 211 colleges and universities or most colleges and universities will use the sixth edition.

Unless for mathematics majors, they will choose the fifth or even the fourth edition.

Therefore, for Lin Xian, the topics in the sixth edition textbook are not at all difficult.

The pen in Lin Xian’s hand stopped until the last question with an asterisk.

“If A is an m X n matrix and B is an n X m matrix where m>n, prove that det(AB)=0.”

“Yoh, this question is kind of interesting.”

Lin Xian pondered for a moment. His brain worked rapidly, and various topics he just learned kept flashing in his mind.

After thinking about the question for a while, Lin Xian suddenly heard the teacher say that class is over.

Looking at Professor Dai Pingbo, Lin Xian’s eyes lit up, and walked towards him quickly, with the textbook in his hand.

“Mr. Dai, wait a minute.”

Dai Pingbo was about to go out to have some tea when he stopped immediately as soon as a student called him.

Looking at Lin Xian, Dai Pingbo laughed and asked: “Student, do you have any questions?”

“Teacher Dai, I wanted to ask some questions about this problem, “If A is an m X n matrix and B is an n X m matrix where m>n. How do I prove it?”

Lin Xian pointed to the question and asked.

Dai Pingbo glanced at the book and looked at the densely packed solutions to the problems on it.

He couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

The handwriting of the solutions seemed to have been just written not long ago.

Suddenly, Dai Pingbo became interested. He looked at the problem carefully and couldn’t help but smile: “It is normal that you can’t solve it. This is a linear algebra problem. Because mn…”

While talking, Dai Pingbo picked up a pen and wrote down a line of formulas.


Lin Xian saw the answer in the book and thanked Dai Pingbo: “Thank you Teacher Dai!”

“You’re welcome!”

Dai Pingbo waved his hand and asked with interest, “Have you finished all the freshman advanced mathematics problems all by yourself?”

“Almost!” Lin Xian answered calmly.


Self-studied freshman advanced mathematics all by yourself?!

The students in the classroom were suddenly shocked and full of questions.

Damn it! Why do you have to be so awesome?

Why didn’t you go to Tsinghua University instead when you are so awesome? Why come to Jincai? Is it an issue with the cafeteria or dormitories?

“What’s your name, student?” Dai Pingbo asked with a smile.

“Lin Xian!”

Dai Pingbo asked: “Student Lin Xian, have you ever thought about changing your major? I think applied mathematics is more suitable for you!”

“Mr. Dai, I have no intention of changing my major yet. Mathematics is just a hobby.”

Lin Xian refused and explained politely.

Yes, it is just regarded as one of his hobbies.

After just half an hour of solving problems, Lin Xian became very interested in mathematics.

Especially after solving each problem, the sense of accomplishment is extremely rewarding.

He decided, therefore, to incorporate mathematics as one of his hobbies.

At this moment, Qi Zhenzhen and the others looked at Lin Xian somewhat differently.

Hearing his refusal, Dai Pingbo wasn’t disappointed either.

In fact, Dai Pingbo himself knows that mathematics is an extremely unpopular major.

Not to mention a math major graduate from a second-rate university such as Jincai, even those graduates from top colleges and universities find it difficult to find a job after graduation. 

Thinking of this, Dai Pingbo nodded and said, “It is also good to treat math as a hobby. You won’t have to take any of my classes this semester as long as you take the final exam. But if your score is less than 90 then don’t blame me.”

Holy shit!

Hearing this, the students in the classroom sighed and looked at Lin Xian with envy.

The professor has already spoken that he can skip future classes in an upright manner!

So awesome!


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