Chapter 82 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Look carefully and study hard

After a short nap, when the time was approaching two o’clock, Lin Xian and his group walked out of the dormitory holding books.

There is a major class at two o’clock in the afternoon, Advanced Math.

Walking on the side of the road, Wang Zejing smiled and said: “I have already inquired, the teacher in advanced mathematics is named Dai Pingbo. He is very easy-going and not very serious. I heard from the sophomore senior sister that you can be absent up to two to three times in a semester, hehe!”

The last laugh was self-evident.

It is so common for college students to skip classes. Who hasn’t skipped classes yet?

“That’s good, Lao Wang, you have done your homework!” Lin Xian laughed.

“That is necessary!”

Wang Zejing smiled triumphantly and asked, “By the way Brother Lin, what did you choose as your elective course?”

Lin Xian said calmly: “Mathematical modeling and Calculus!”

Mathematical modeling?


Hearing Lin Xian’s words, Wang Zejing, and others were taken aback for a moment and then stared at him dumbfoundedly.

“Brother Lin is awesome!” Zhang Kai extended his thumb and praised Lin Xian.

“As expected of Brother Lin, the elective course you chose is out of this world.”

Lin Xian chuckled after listening to their flattery.


Did they think he really wanted to take these two elective courses?

He first wanted to report on the aesthetic course and table tennis.

Aesthetic course and Table tennis!

Just by listening to the names, you can know how comfortable and relaxed these two elective courses are.

It is simply an elective course for immortals, right?

But unfortunately, there are too many people enrolling in those two elective courses. After all, who doesn’t want to take an easy elective course?

When Lin Xian went to enroll, he found that the slot was already full, and even the other more relaxed courses were full.

Only mathematical modeling and calculus are left…oh, there is also statistics.

But fortunately, there is a magical skill [Absolute Focus], it should be easy to handle these two elective courses.

Entering the classroom, Lin Xian couldn’t help but freeze for a moment.

There are very few students in the finance department, only 32, so in major subjects, the whole department goes together.

At this moment, a lot of people are already sitting in the classroom. Looking around, they are almost all girls.

The only boys seated on the 20th and 30th row were shivering.

Few girls in class are not good, but too many are not good either.

When the number of girls overwhelmingly exceeds the number of boys, you will know how brazen they can be.

As soon as Lin Xian walked into the classroom, he felt that all eyes were on him.

The unscrupulous gazes examined him from top to bottom but Lin Xian can still compose himself. If it changes to another boy, he might blush on the spot.

Wang Zejing is also okay. He is holding up, but it can be seen that he is still a little restrained.

As for Zhang Kai, it is even more unbearable. He lowered his head slightly and did not dare to meet the eyes of the girls.

Those girls have some impression on Lin Xian.

Mainly because he has been in the limelight ever since the military training, he is handsome, and he is famous among the freshmen in the finance department.

Glancing around the classroom, Lin Xian spotted Ling Youyu.

The little girl is too noticeable, sitting alone in a row.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian walked quickly over to her and sat beside her.

Seeing this scene, many girls secretly pouted their lips.

Qi Zhenzhen glanced at the two and frowned.

The girl beside her smiled and said, “Zhenzhen, you didn’t give up yet? He already has a girlfriend.”

“I heard that his girlfriend goes to university in Shanghai, a long-distance relationship!” Qi Zhenzhen said indifferently.

Qi Zhenzhen is still very confident. She doesn’t care about Lin Xian’s girlfriend at all.

A long-distance relationship will not last long.

On the contrary, it is Ling Youyu, which needs to be vigilant.

Even as a woman, Qi Zhenzhen has to admit that Ling Youyu is very beautiful.

But so what?

Can short legs, 150cm little girl, turn the heavens?

“I heard from Li Peng that the Ferrari bought by Lin Xian seems to be worth five to six million!” Another girl also said.

Five to six million!

The girls around suddenly took a deep breath.

For them, tens of thousands are already a huge sum of money, let alone millions.

Qi Zhenzhen’s best friend sighed: “Young, rich and handsome. I can’t control this kind of man.”

Hearing this, all the other girls could not help but nod their heads in agreement.

Seeing Lin Xian heading straight to Ling Youyu, Zhang Kai was about to follow, but Wang Zejing held him back…

Wang Zejing raised his eyebrows and said, “Brother Kai, don’t you have eyes?”

“Why? Do you think brother Lin likes her? But doesn’t Brother Lin have a girlfriend already?” Zhang Kai was full of confusion.

Wang Zejing patted him on the shoulder, and said earnestly: “Brother Lin’s level, you won’t understand it now! It’s okay, look carefully and study hard!”

They sit down in a row behind Lin Xian.

Ling Youyu didn’t expect Lin Xian to sit directly next to her, her face flushed for a while, and she lowered her head and looked at her toes.

After sitting down, Lin Xian asked, “Do you like the bracelet?”

“I…I… I like it!”

Ling Youyu lowered her head and said softly.

“Don’t always keep your head down and be more confident.”

Lin Xian encouraged: “To be honest, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I felt so sorry for your appearance if you always keep your head down.”

Hearing those words, Ling Youyu’s ears were red to their roots, her breathing became rapid.

The little girl raised her head slightly and asked, “Rea…rea…really?”


Lin Xian nodded in affirmation.

At this moment, teacher Dai Pingbo walked into the classroom quickly.

Teacher Dai really looks like someone who would teach mathematics.

Receding hairline, sparse hair, and casual clothes.

Simply the standard appearance of a mathematics teacher.

As Wang Zejing said, Teacher Dai has a very easygoing personality.

There was a kind smile on his face. After putting down the teaching materials, he didn’t even mean to call the names to check the attendance.

“Hello everyone, I am your advanced mathematics teacher Dai Pingbo. Mathematics is the foundation of all sciences, especially for finance majors. Mathematics is especially important…”

After a brief introduction of himself, Dai Pingbo began to teach.

Lin Xian had already read the electronic version of Advance Mathematics before the start of school, and Jincai’s Mathematics textbook was also this one.

So Lin Xian didn’t listen to the class but instead opened the book for himself, and then read the last part in silence.

[Absolute focus] activate!

At the moment the skill was activated, Lin Xian’s originally impetuous heart returned to calm.

In his eyes, aside from the book, there is nothing else.

Even Ling Youyu beside him was ignored by him.


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