Chapter 85 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Street behind Jinyi

Then Lin Xian went to four more private detective agencies.

These private detective agencies have similar levels.

Since there is very little information about Liao Jie and the information he provided is from 20 years ago, so the search will relatively take a long time.

The search period given by most detective agencies is three months. One gave him six months.

Lin Xian didn’t waste his time on them and directly promised that he will give them an extra reward of 500,000 if they find him this month.

With a huge sum of money at stake, the five detective agencies showed unprecedented enthusiasm, and almost all their staff were sent to Yanjing.

After dealing with the matter with Liao Jie, Lin Xian drove to the management office to get his license plate.

Compared to Shanghai, it is more convenient for foreign brand vehicles to be licensed in Jinling.

The whole process was completed in less than half an hour.

When choosing the license plate, Lin Xian was lucky to choose LX512 as his license plate number.

LX is his initial, and 512 happens to be his birthday.

Even the staff of the vehicle management office couldn’t help but be envious and say: “Young man, you are really lucky.”

This is much better than getting some famous license numbers, 333, 66146, and 888.

After all initials plus birthday is very rare.

It takes time to make the license plate. But three days later he can come back and pick up the license plate.

After the matter with the license plate, there is only one last thing left he needs to take care of.

That is, purchasing painting tools!

Lin Xian started the Ferrari and opened the navigation and drove in the direction of the Jinling Arts Academy.

Jinyi has an art major so there are a lot of shops selling painting tools. (T/N: Jinling Arts Academy = Jinling Yishu Xueyuan = Jinyi)

When driving past the gate of Jinyi, Lin Xian found that there are a lot of luxury cars at the gate of the school.

In addition to some Porsche and Maseratis, he even saw a Lamborghini Aventador!

The road is headed to the commercial street behind Jinyi where Lin Xian found a place to park.

When he got out of the car, he suddenly felt a lot of eyes looking at him.

After all, the Ferrari 812, even among the luxury cars, also belongs to the top class.

At the entrance of a milk tea shop, two girls were buying milk tea.

Both of them are not low in face value, a minimum of 90 points, and they are also very fashionable.

The key is that their figure, their height is approximately 170cm, bulging in front and the back.

At this moment, one of the girls with short cyan hair said excitedly: “Qingqing, there is a handsome guy at eight o’clock!”

Hearing this, the other girl named Qingqing followed her gaze and said, “It’s fine, just normal! Zhuang Tong, your taste needs to be improved!”

Jinyi has a lot of handsome and beautiful students.

Lin Xian’s appearance is not too high, barely 80 points at the very least.

It is every day that they saw a guy with at least ninety points in face value, so their standards are very high.

”Hee hee!”

Zhuang Tong said with a grin: “You don’t want to? I saw this handsome guy stepping out of a Ferrari.”


Qingqing’s eyes lit up and he looked at Lin Xian again and said:” Well, this handsome guy also has a very good temperament and he is my type!”


Zhuang Tong chuckled in her heart.

‘That is not what you said just now.’

As Lin Xian walked into the painting tool shop, the two women looked at each other and hurriedly followed him inside.

Apart from restaurants and cold drinks shops, the commercial street has painting tools shops the most.

The boss of that shop is very lazy and doesn’t even greet guests when he sees them. He just says: “Just look, choose, and check out here.”

After that, the boss would lower his head to play games on his phone.

Hearing this, Lin Xian couldn’t help but curl his lips.

He didn’t know anything about painting tools. And he is expecting that the boss would introduce him to a few tools for beginners. But as a result, the boss is too lazy to talk.

So, he decided to go to another more accommodating shop.

Just as he was about to turn around and leave, two tall girls walked into the store.

They were a little far away earlier and didn’t see Lin Xian very clearly. After looking at Lin Xian again, this time closer, Zhuang Tong’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Cartier bracelet!

She remembered vaguely that the same bracelet cost more than 300,000 yuan.

As for the Vacheron Constantin watch Lin Xian is wearing, although she doesn’t know the price, it shouldn’t be cheap, at least a few hundred thousand.

’I’m so lucky to find a treasure by just buying a cup of milk tea!’

Zhuang Tong couldn’t help but feel excited.

Regardless of the many luxury cars parked at the gate of Jinyi every day, in fact, 80% of those who drove them are poor men who rent cars to deceive ignorant new students.

Now that there are so many car rental companies, you can rent a luxury car for a day from just 2000 to 3000. This results in a lot of fakes lurking around the gate of Jinyi.

Old students rarely look at those cars. They basically look at their temperament and the way they are dressed.

Do you think you can pick up girls just because you have a luxury car?

You are thinking too much.

Wearing a cheap watch worth a thousand and driving a Porsche, who will believe it?

No one is a fool!

While Zhuang Tong is looking at Lin Xian, Qingqing had already approached him.

”This little brother looks a bit troubled. Are you a freshman this year?”

Lin Xian took a look at the two of them and said calmly: “No, I just came over to buy some painting tools.”

While talking, he had already turned on his ultra-clear glasses to check on the information of the two girls.

【Nie Qingqing: Real face value 91, Figure 87, Favorability 60 】

【Zhuang Tong: Real face value 93, Figure 92, Favorability 62 】


As expected of Jinyi, he just happened to meet two girls casually and their looks exceeded 90 points.

In addition to the super high face value, the two girls’ figure is not low, especially Zhuang Tong with 92 points.

Zhuang Tong also spoke hurriedly: “Little brother, are you also an art major?”

Lin Xian smiled and replied: “I am just interested in painting. I wanted to buy some tools to practice.”

”What a coincidence. I am an art major. I can help you choose.” Zhuang Tong said enthusiastically.

Nie Qingqing couldn’t help but roll her eyes and complain in her heart: ‘You are a dance major, when did you become an art major?’

”Thank you then!” Lin Xian smiled slightly.

He could naturally see the thoughts of the two girls.

Of course, he doesn’t mind, as long they have a good face and good figure, he won’t mind talking with them about anything.

Although the two girls aren’t majoring in arts, they have been in Jinyi for three years and knew a little bit about painting tools.

Although they may not be as good as those art students, their knowledge is more than enough to help Lin Xian, a newbie, choose painting tools.

Naturally, Nie Qingqing would not let Zhuang Tong perform alone. She took the initiative to say: “Don’t mind the boss’ attitude. The things in this store are genuine, not shoddy like that of the other stores.”


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