Chapter 90 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

I really don’t want to lie

Putting down the wine glass, Lin Xian picked up the phone and transferred 300,000 to Zhuang Tong.

Looking at the amount received on her phone, Zhuang Tong was taken aback and smiled and asked: “Why did you give 100,000 more? Is it the reward for what you learned about me just now?”

”No, the reward was different. The extra 100,000 is your maintenance fee for this month!” Lin Xian laughs.

Naturally, Lin Yuan also wants to keep Zhuang Tong, his little mistress, in perfect shape. After all, a trip to the spa and the beauty salon is too expensive.

”Hehe. This is the first time I got so much money. It is really easy to be a xiao san.”


Moments later, Zhuang Tong got out of the quilt, wiped the corners of her mouth, and then said, “Whoo! I almost choked to death!”

Lin Xian touched her little head and said with a smile: “Keep working hard, practice more, and strive to make zero mistakes.”

”No problem! As long as you like it!”

Seeing that Lin Xian seemed to like it, Zhuang Tong nodded happily in agreement.

Lin Xian looked at the time on the watch and found that it was not yet nine o’clock.

Lin Xian suddenly had an idea and asked: “Can you play LOL?”

”Yes! I play marksman!”

Zhuang Tong asked with a smile: “Why? Doesn’t your girlfriend know how to play?”

”I taught her a few times but she doesn’t seem to be interested in playing games. She stopped playing after doing so a few times.” Ling Xian said helplessly.

Zhuang Tong suggested: “I remember there are two computers in the living room. How about playing a few games together?”

”What are you waiting for? Let’s go!”

The two smiled at each other, put on the pajamas provided by the hotel, and went to the living room together.

Zhuang Tong’s skill is average, just around bronze to silver level.

The two played games together and had a lot of fun.

After the game was over, Lin Xian smiled and said: “This lover is a great find and can even accompany me when playing games.”

Playing games with your little mistress in the middle of the night is fun to think about.

”That’s a must. I am a professional, after all.” Zhuang Tong quipped.

The two played until past 11 o’clock and then turned off the computers and went back to the room to sleep.

The next day, Lin Xian woke up early as usual.

After washing up, he went to the hotel gym for a morning run.

A half an hour, the jog came to an end very swiftly.

After returning to the room, Lin Xian saw Zhuang Tong still sleeping while hugging a pillow.

Squeezing her cheek, Lin Xian asked softly: “Do you have any class today?”

”Yes, but I don’t want to go!” Zhuang Tong opened her sleepy eyes and said so in a daze.

Hearing this, Lin Xian said: “Then continue to sleep. I have classes in the morning. I will pick you up at the hotel in the afternoon.”

”No. I will get up after sleeping for a while. I will need to send money to my parents. You can pick me up at school this afternoon!” Zhuang Ting closed her eyes and muttered.

”Okay then, I am leaving now.”


The major class in the morning is a compulsory class, International Finance.

The school has only officially begun two days ago, Lin Xian didn’t want to skip classes too much.

When he came back to the dormitory with his painting tools, it was already half-past eight, and Lei Hongguang and the others were busy preparing themselves.

Seeing Lin Xian was back, Wang Zejing immediately winked and asked, “Where did you go last night brother Lin?”

”I went to Jinyi and met a young lady.” Lin Xian replied casually while sorting out his painting tools.

”Holy shit! Jinyi!”

Wang Zejing’s eyes lit up and said excitedly: “There are so many beautiful girls in Jinyi. When will Brother Lin introduce a few beauties to us?!”

Lin Xian glanced at him and said: ”Aren’t there many beautiful girls in Jincai?”

”That is different. Jinyi girls are not only beautiful. They are also good at singing and dancing!” Wang Zejing said with a smile.

”Okay, when I have the chance I will take you to Jinyi for a stroll.” Lin Xian said casually.

Wang Zejing loves to talk a lot about girls but school has already started for a while and he is not making any moves yet.

After finishing sorting out his painting tools, Lin Xian asked: “By the way, did anyone check the beds last night?”

”Yes. Aunt Wang came in to check. I said you needed to go home to attend to something important.” Wang Zejing nodded.

This is the advantage of having a good relationship with the dormitory aunt. Otherwise, Lin Xian would have been in trouble for staying overnight outside of the school without even asking for a leave.

But that is not always a good idea. He must find a time to go through the formalities of the school so that he can live and stay out of the school for as long as he wants.

While holding textbooks, the six of them walked towards the teaching building leisurely.

Walking into the classroom, Lin Xian immediately saw the lone Ling Youyu.

He came and sat down next to her and greeted her, “Good morning!”


When Ling Youyu speaks just one word, it is fine. But when it exceeds that, it becomes extremely difficult for her to speak.

They are supposed to have known each other for several days, and they should already be used to each other, but this little girl is still blushing and was extremely shy

The professors of professional courses are more strict.

After entering the classroom, they immediately start to roll call the names of the students.

And for every name, students need to sign the attendance sheet on the platform which eliminates the possibility of friends covering for each other.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian couldn’t help but sigh secretly.

Fortunately, he didn’t skip class. Otherwise, he would have been in trouble.

Truth be told, International Finance is a boring subject that may also be related to the way the teacher teaches them. It makes Lin Xian drowsy.

Lin Xian looked around and found that many people were secretly playing with their mobile phones.

And the professor on the platform didn’t care about it and just taught on his own.

Seeing this, Lin Xian also took out his mobile phone and chatted with Yan Xiaoman.

Yan Xiaoman: “Explain frankly, what you did last night? Why didn’t you reply to my chat?”

Lin Xian chuckled as he typed: “I found a little mistress and spent the whole night in the hotel.”

Yan Xiaoman: “Speak nicely!”

Sure enough, all women are the same!

If you say the truth, they won’t believe you, so you will be forced to say a lie.

Lin Xian had to type: “Fine. Last night I was hooked on LoL and played the game until very late.”

Yan Xiaoman quickly replied: “Hmph, I knew it! Lin Xian, I may not have time to accompany you these coming days.”

Lin Xian was taken aback, and asked: What happened? Didn’t we say I will go to you in Shanghai during the weekends?

Yan Xiaoman explained: “I’ve been chosen by the school for the National Debate Competition, and I’m going to be very busy. I’ll make it up to you when it’s over.”

National Debate Competition?

Lin Xian knows this competition.

FD University is indeed famous for its strength in debate competitions, when they competed on behalf of the country beating the famous international schools such as JQ and XN of Lion City, the students who participated became household names overnight.

FD University became well known to millions of people, and at one point even surpassed QH, and BD universities in popularity.

This also makes FD university pay special attention to the debate competition.

Although the attention on debate competition these days is no longer high, but if they can achieve good results they not only will get a lot of credit but they can even represent the country in the International Debate Competition.


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