Chapter 89 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

You are really a professional!

The pufferfish is crispy and delicious.

Without any condiments, it is still very delicious.

Swallowing the puffer fish in his mouth, Lin Xian took a sip of champagne and continued to ask: “Have you ever been in a relationship since then?”

Zhuang Tong answered truthfully: “I am planning to have a good relationship this year but then I met you.”

“Come on. Let us make a toast for you for realizing your ideals in life!” Lin Xian offered a toast.

“It is indeed worth a toast!”

After clinking glasses, the two drank the champagne.

After drinking several cups, Zhuang Tong’s face showed faint redness.

Thinking of something suddenly, Lin Xian couldn’t help asking: “By the way, what kind of dance are you learning?”

”Why? Are you jealous? Men’s possessiveness is really strong. Are you starting to care about my physical contact with other men?” Zhuang Tong smiled narrowly.

Lin Xian shook his head and laughed, “That is normal. If I don’t care, then you should be worried.”

“That’s true too!”

Zhuang Tong nodded and smiled: ”Don’t worry. My major is dance choreography. Although I usually need to practice dances, all I do is a solo dance. My major was all about creation and organization.”



Mainly about the creation and organization of dance movements like those hot dances of idol girl groups.

They had a great time during dinner.

Although the two knew each other for just two to three hours, they talked like old friends.

After dinner, the atmosphere in the room became a little ambiguous.

Zhuang Tong smiled slightly and said: “I’ll take a shower first!”

She then gently squeezed Lin Xian’s cheek and invited: “Do you want to join me?”

“It’s hard for me to refuse such an invitation!”

Lin Xian smiled, princess hugged Zhuang Tong directly and walked quickly into the bathroom.



One hour later, Lin Xian looked at the red blood with a surprised expression.

“I thought you already…”


Zhuang Tong smiled and said: “This is called ‘wait for the right price to sell’. When you find out that it’s my first time, you will feel overjoyed, and then you will pity and love me even more, right?”

”Zhuang Tong, who did you learn these theories from?” Lin Xian asked curiously.

”I just thought it myself. Jinyi has too many examples for reference. I’ve observed many seniors after they become a mistress. I discovered a rule: girls who are more self-disciplined and self-loving tend to live better lives. There are even some who have been lucky enough to ascend from mistress to real wife.”

Zhuang Tong paused for a while and then continued: “Men are like that. At least from the look on your face, I know that my strategy has somehow succeeded.

”What the…”

You are really a professional!

Do you need to be professional to become a mistress now?

But it was true, as Zhuang Tong said, men had that kind of preference, and Lin Xian, seeing that red blood, felt more affectionate toward her.

He admits that girls who study dancing felt so awesome.

She let him feel an unprecedented experience.

Thinking of this, Lin Xian couldn’t help but ask: “Let’s do it again?”

“To be honest, I don’t want to refuse you, but my strength doesn’t allow it.” Zhuang Tong spreads her hands.

Upon hearing this, Lin Xian also expressed his understanding.

After opening a bottle of ace of spades, pouring the cup, and passing the same to Zhuang Tong, the two leaned over the bed and cuddled together.

They continued talking while tasting the wine.

“By the way, can you give me 200,000 yuan first?” Zhuang Tong suddenly asked.

“No problem! I’ll transfer it to you later!”

Zhuang Tong asked for money generously, and Lin Xian agreed to it generously.

To be honest, if it were another woman who asked for money directly, it would have made Lin Xian feel disgusted.

But Zhuang Tong will not, because she had been honest and straightforward from the start.

Hearing that Lin Xian promised wholeheartedly, Zhuang Tong smiled and said, “Don’t you want to ask me why I want money?”

”You can say it if you want to say it.” Lin Xian smiled slightly.

Leaning on Lin Xian’s shoulder, Zhuang Tong sighed and said: “Although I don’t want to talk about my family, but since we are now together, it’s better to talk about it.”

Lin Xian rubbed her hair intimately and said softly: “I’m listening.”

Zhuang Tong seemed to enjoy this kind of intimacy. After twisting her body she began talking.

“My mother has uremia, and it is in the late stage. She has to go to the hospital for kidney dialysis two to three times a week, which is about 1,000 yuan each session. My father is just an ordinary worker, and his salary is only around 2,000 to 3,000. Salary from normal work is really not enough.”

”Your father’s salary seems to be only enough for a week of dialysis, right?” Lin Xian asked.

Uremia is like that. Either change your kidney or rely on dialysis for the rest of your life.

”Part-time job!” Zhuang Tong smiled and continued: “I started working part-time in my freshman as a photoshoot model for an online business. I was lucky to earn more than 10,000 a month but later I found out that it was still not enough, so I worked as a livestream anchor for a certain video app for a while.”

Lin Xian asked confusedly: “I know a certain livestream anchor from a certain app. It is reasonable to say that with your terms, it should be easy to get famous! And those famous livestreamers earning is not low, getting one million a year is very normal.”

”It’s true, but after doing it for a while, I discovered that those famous livestream anchors have contracts with big companies and the unspoken rules are indispensable.”

”You have to be under the unspoken rules and you also have to work hard. It’s much easier being a mistress. At least as a mistress, you only need to be under unspoken rules and you don’t need to work hard.” Zhuang Tong said righteously.

”What you said makes sense. I’m speechless!”

Hearing Lin Xian, Zhuang Tong curled her lips and said, “Do you think it is easy being a mistress? In fact, the maintenance cost of being a mistress is very high.”

”How can you say that?” Lin Xian got interested and asked.

”For example, you like my legs because they are straight and slender. For that, I have to exercise hard and control my diet to keep my legs in shape. I also have to go to beauty salons and spas regularly to keep my skin fair and smooth. That’s just the legs, the face maintenance is even more troublesome and costly.”


Lin Xian took a deep breath and stretched out his thumb to praise: “You are the most professional mistress I have ever seen. For your professionalism, let us have a toast!”


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