Chapter 92 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Happiness of being a mistress

Back in the dormitory, Nie Qingqing seemed to have just gotten up.

By the third year, when there is already less pressure from studying, many students become extra lazy and skipped classes more commonly.

Seeing Zhuang Tong back, Nie Qingqing looked up and down and winked and said, “You and him last night…”

”Yes!” Zhuang Tong admitted generously.

Nie Qingqing raised her eyebrows and said, “Aren’t you a little bit too fast? You have been reserving yourself for three years, and only met him for less than an hour, and you give yourself away?”

“It is rare to meet the right person. If I continue to hesitate, I will probably miss it.”

Zhuang Tong sat on the chair and said lazily.

“Furthermore, it turns out that my choice is correct. We have many similarities.”

“With that kind of man, there are definitely a lot of women lurking around. I hope you will not be deceived.” Nie Qingqing remarked with concern.

“Anyway, I am just his mistress. I don’t care how many women there are.”


Nie Qingqing was taken aback for a moment, then raised her voice and said: ”Mistress? Are you really just his mistress?”

The two are very good friends who talk about everything. Zhuang Tong had already mentioned before that she doesn’t intend to get married and would rather be a full-time mistress in the future.

Nie Qingqing originally thought that she was just joking and so she didn’t take it seriously.

It turned out to be true and she actually put it into action!

Zhuang Tong picked up the potato chips on the table and said: ”Why are you so surprised? Didn’t I tell you this before?”

“I thought you were just joking when you said it before!” Nie Qingqing was a little speechless.

Zhuang Tong ate the potato chips and asked, ”Let me ask you. If Lin Xian asked anyone to be his mistress, how many girls in Jinyi do you think would agree?”

Nie Qingqqing pondered for a while and couldn’t help but say: “A lot.”

Although she only met Lin Xian for less than half an hour, she can feel that he had very good qualities.

This is not only because of his money and appearance but also because of his temperament and demeanor.

“That’s right! He is a male god. How else do you think you can get him if you don’t act early?”

“Humph! Just wait till you cry!”

Nie Qingqing still didn’t quite agree with such a concept, but she couldn’t refute it so she could only give her a blank look.


Zhuang Tong smiled and said: ”You cannot understand the happiness of being a mistress. I just asked him once and he gave me 300,000 yuan directly without any questions.”

“Damn, that is so exaggerated?!”

Although Nie Qingqing’s family background was okay, she still couldn’t help but be shocked when she heard how bold is Lin Yuan.

After wiping her face, she continued to ask: ”Is this 300,000 yuan your one-year maintenance fee?”

Zhuang Tong continued to stuff herself with some potato chips and said comfortably: “No. He didn’t say how much he would give, but hundreds of thousands a month is not a problem!”

Although the two of them have different values, they still have a very good relationship. Nie Qingqing sat beside Zhuang Tong and said with a serious face: “Frankly, being a mistress will not last long, and the man’s promise cannot be relied upon. Have you forgotten the senior sister Wang’s example? So, while he still likes you, it would be best to gain practical benefits, like a house or a car.”

Zhuang Tong naturally knows senior sister Wang.

She is a dance major senior sister. She stupidly became a mistress for three years, but in the end, was not able to get anything.

Zhuang Tong shook her head and laughed and said, “Qingqing, you don’t understand.”

”Okay, then don’t regret it later.” Nie Qingqing could only give up on persuading Zhuang Tong after seeing how determined she was.



After watching the basic teachings of painting for more than an hour, Lin Xian finally got out of the class.

He raised his hand to look at the time. Seeing that it was still early, he asked: “I am going to the library, are you coming?”

”I…I I…”

Ling Youyu tried to explain for long but finally shook her head helplessly.


Lin Xian rubbed her little head, picked up the book, and then walked out.

Ling Youyu is not used to this kind of intimacy so she lowered her head and her face blushed.

Lin Xian was followed by Wang Zejing and the others who asked: “Brother Lin, are you going back to the dormitory with us and play games?”

”You go back and play. I won’t go!” Lin Xian answered as he shook his head.

Now with a little lover Zhuang Tong, who can play with him, how could he still play with Wang Zejing?

Hearing this, Wang Zejing’s eyes brightened. He lowered his voice and said, “Is Brother Lin going to Jinyi again? Take me!”

Lin Xian replied amusingly and said: “I am going to the library. Do you want to go too?”

”Excuse me! Goodbye!!”

Hearing that Lin Xian was going to the library, Wang Zejing walked away immediately.

Are you kidding? It is better to kill him than make him go to the library.

On his way to the library, he was stunned to see the scene in front of him.

Lin Xian didn’t expect that the Jincai library would be jam-packed, not to mention the seats.

”…Damn, is Jincai’s style of education so good?” Lin Xian couldn’t help but mutter.

A senior on the side explained: “It is just normal. Those who take the postgraduate entrance examination, those who have passed, and those who missed the exam, are all in the library.”

Lin Xian nodded expressing his understanding.

No wonder he couldn’t see hardworking students elsewhere in the school. They are all gathered in the library.

He originally wanted to read books in the library for a while, but in this situation, he can only borrow them and go back to the dormitory to read them.

After strolling around, he found two books that were recommended by Professor Dai Pingbo. It is Zhang Zhusheng’s ‘New Lectures on Mathematical Analysis’ and Xu Senlin’s ‘Mathematical Analysis’.

After going through the borrowing procedures, Lin Xian returned to the dormitory.

In the dormitory, seeing Lin Xian returned with those two books in his hand, Zhang Kai who was about to speak suddenly closed his mouth.


Lin Xian lay on the bed and first opened Zhang Zhusheng’s ‘New Lectures on Mathematical Analysis’ and read it silently.

Professor Dai Pingbo praised highly praised Xu Senlin’s ‘Mathematical Analysis’. But relatively speaking, it is more difficult to understand.

So, Lin Xian decided to read first ‘New Lectures on Mathematical Analysis’.

The [Absolute Focus] skill was still on cooldown so Lin Xian’s reading speed has slowed down a lot.

He can say that this book recommended by Professor Dai Pingbo ‘New Lectures on Mathematical Analysis’ is indeed very good. Many topics are explained thoroughly.

Unconsciously, more than an hour passed.

Zhang Kai asked: “Brother Lin, it is almost twelve o’clock. Are you going to eat in the cafeteria?”

’Twelve o’clock?’

Lin Xian put down the book, rubbed his eyebrows, waved his hand, and replied: “Go ahead. I will go out later.”

Bringing the keys with him, Lin Xian drove his Ferrari 812 towards Jinyi.


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