Chapter 93 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Poverty limits my imagination

Back in Jinyi.

Zhuang Tong took a popsicle and licked it slowly.

Seeing this, Nie Qingqing raised her eyebrows and asked, “Zhuang Tong, is it okay to eat popsicles in this kind of weather?”

It was gradually nearing October, and the weather in Jinling has become cooler.

Zhuang Tong continued to lick and said, “It’s okay. This is mainly to practice my skills.”

‘Practice skills???’

Hearing Zhuang Tong, Nie Qingqing’s face is full of doubts.

”What do you mean? Why do I feel like you are talking weirdly today?”

Glancing at her, Zhuang Tong smiled and said: “Qingqing, you still don’t understand now. But you will understand later!”

Seeing Zhuang Tong’s narrow smile, Nie Qingqing understood and her small face blushed suddenly and yelled: “Hooligan girl! Just one night and you already become like this?”

”This is called professionalism!”

Zhuang Tong continued: “Even if I am a mistress, I must be the happiest one!”


The Ferrari stopped in front of Jinyi. Lin Xian picked up his mobile phone and called Zhuang Tong.

It didn’t take long for Zhuang Tong and Nie Qingqing to come together.

”Lin Xian!”

Zhuang Tong smiled and waved at him from a distance.

Seeing Zhuang Tong holding a popsicle in her hand and licking it from time to time, Lin Xian couldn’t help but be amazed.

This is a professional!

Lin Xian asked, “Have you had lunch?”

”We are about to eat!” Zhuang Tong replied.

Nie Qingqing remained silent and looked at Lin Xian closely.

”Then let’s have lunch together! Miss Nie, do you want to go with us?” Lin Xian asked.

Upon seeing this, Zhuang Tong waved her hand and said, “Don’t bother, Let’s just go to the backstreet to eat! There is an old restaurant serving duck blood and vermicelli soup there. A lot of people come there every day to eat.”

The duck blood and vermicelli soup in Jinling is indeed well-known and those restaurants that generally serve delicious food are usually the smaller ones.

Lin Xian hasn’t really tried the duck blood and vermicelli soup of Jinling.

Hearing Zhuang Tong mentioning it, Lin Xian nodded and said, “Okay. Let us go and try it!”

”You will never be disappointed. Let us go. If we arrive later, we will have no more place.”

Zhuang Tong smiled slightly and walked to lead the way.

Not all fine delicacies are found in high-end restaurants. There are many surprises even in the streets and alleyways of every place.

Like treasures trove waiting for diners to discover and enjoy them.

While walking, Zhuang Tong asked: “Lin Xian, what are your plans this afternoon?”

”I am going to Country Garden to look for a house and buy you a car by the way.” Lin Xian smiled and answered.

He definitely has to find a place to be bought.

When he started school, he originally planned to rent a house and go through the necessary procedures.

Otherwise, it would be inconvenient for him to be out at night, staying in the dormitory.

Now that he has Zhuang Tong as his little lover, it has become even more necessary to find his own place.

Now that he has the money, instead of renting a house, he intends to buy one directly.

When he decides to live in a villa in the future, the house he bought can be given to Zhuang Tong. It is the best of both worlds.

No, it is actually the best of even three worlds. The more he spends on buying a house and a car, his level would also increases to LV7. He will then earn 120,000 per day.

That would total to 3.6 million a month!


Hearing that Lin Xian would buy a house and a car for her, Zhuang Tong was surprised.


Nie Qingqing who was next to Lin Xian took a deep breath. She was very shocked.

When they were in the dormitory earlier, Nie Qingqing gave Zhuang Tong a lot of tips to take some benefits faster, but now it seems that she doesn’t need it at all.

It is just the next day, and she could stay in a new house and even have a new car!

Good heavens, this is too bold!

If only others are like Lin Xian, Nie Qingqing feels that being a mistress is not unacceptable.

There are other students in Jinyi who are also a mistress. She heard from them that whenever they mention a house and a car, the man would find various excuses to avoid the topic. And some would even swear directly.

She can be sure that aside from Zhuang Tong, there would be many girls who would line up to be taken care of by Lin Xian.

As for the reason…

You just need to look at Zhuang Tong’s expressions at the moment.

Holding hands with a happy smile on her face.

When other people see it, they will only think that it is just a young couple showing affection for each other and would even comment that they are a perfect match. They won’t even think about the arrangement they actually have.

As for those middle-aged greasy men, the girls who meet with them would act like thieves out of fear of being seen by others.

They finally arrived at the duck blood and vermicelli soup restaurant Zhuang Tong mentioned. Lin Xian nodded as he looked around.

Just like she said, this small restaurant is really popular and was already full of diners.

The rich and delicious scent fills the air. Just smelling it will boost any person’s appetite.

Upon seeing this, Zhuang Tong was a little depressed: “We came a little late. Shall we look somewhere else?”

”No, let us just wait a while!” Lin Xian smiled.

Duck blood and vermicelli soup is not a big and heavy meal. It is usually consumed in a few minutes.

Sure enough, within a few minutes, several diners stood up and left after paying the bill.

After being seated, Zhuang Tong took a few napkins and politely wiped the table for Lin Xian, and complained: “I don’t know what the owner of this store is thinking. The business is doing very well but the restaurant is not even expanded. At least replace the tables and the chairs.”

”It is normal. Generally, owners of such old shops are very unique.”

Lin Xian laughed and continued: “I heard one thing from my dad about a billionaire in Yangcheng. He owned ten buildings from whom he collects rent, but he opened a small restaurant to sell duck glutinous rice. He even bought BMW X6 to pull the goods.”

”Wow, ten houses, tens of thousands can be collected in rent. It is so cool.” Nie Qingqinng said with envy.

Lin Xian corrected: “Not ten houses, it’s ten buildings!”


For a moment, Nie Qingqing shut her mouth.

Sorry to interrupt you.

Poverty limits my imagination!

Zhuang Tong then said, “The rich are really interesting.”

While they were talking, the lady boss came with three bowls of duck blood and vermicelli soup.

Lin Xian picked up the spoon and tasted the soup first.

In order to know whether the duck blood and vermicelli soup is good or not, just tasting the soup is enough.

As soon as he tasted the soup, Lin Xian’s eyes lit up.


Generally speaking, the duck blood and vermicelli soup contain ingredients such as duck blood, which would give it a fishy smell.

But as for the bowls that were served to them, there is not even a hint of fishy smell. And the taste is extremely delicious.

Seeing Lin Xian’s expression, Zhuang Tong smiled and said: “See, I didn’t lie to you, right?

”It really is delicious!” Lin Xian nodded as he picked up the food using his chopsticks and began to enjoy the same.


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