Chapter 99 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

It’s a prank

After being busy until five o’clock, Zhuang Tong and Nie Qingqing have finally finished cleaning the house.

Although it still looks empty, it already feels like a home.

Zhuang Tong looked around the room with a smile on her face, feeling overwhelmed with accomplishment.

Lin Xian wrapped his arms around her shoulders and smiled and said: “Girls, you have worked hard. Let us go and pick up the car and then have dinner to celebrate!”

”Today is the first day of moving into our new home. So I suggest we buy vegetables and other ingredients to cook and eat at home! I think it makes it more meaningful.” Zhuang Tong suggested.

Hearing this, Lin Xian was surprised. “You can cook?”

”Of course!” Zhuang Tong snorted and her tone was full of pride.

”Well, as long as you are not tired!” Lin Xian rubbed Zhuang Tong’s head and said affectionately.

Nie Qingqing was miserable. She had been busy all afternoon and was hungry. At the same time, she was forcefully stuffed with dog food.

The three took a cab to the Volkswagen 4S store and the salesperson had already completed all the procedures.

”Mr. Lin, the procedures have been completed and the entire car tint had already been installed. It is best not to open and close the car windows in a matter of two days.” The salesperson handed over the car key and said.

Lin Xian nodded and said, “Thank you!”

The salesperson then continued enthusiastically: “This is my business card. If you have any questions or issues about the car, just call me.”

Of course, for such high-level clients, he must maintain a very good relationship with them.

Didn’t you see that there are two beauties beside Lin Xian?

Maybe someday, he would buy another Beetle for the other beauty!

Although she did not believe in Zhuang Tong’s driving skills, Nie Qingqing still got on the Beetle.

When passing by the supermarket, the three of them made some purchases and then returned home.

Zhuang Tong took Nie Qingqing hurriedly to the kitchen to cook while Lin Xian lay on the sofa.

He took out his mobile phone and called Wang Zejing.

“What’s up, Brother Lin?”

On the other end, Lin Xian could clearly hear the clicking sound of the mouse and keyboard. Wang Zejing should be playing a game.

Lin Xian opened his mouth and said: “Lao Wang, I won’t be back to the dormitory tonight. If someone checks the bed at night, you just tell them I am out for supper.”

“Holy shit! Where are you, Brother Lin? Take me!” Wang Zejing said excitedly.

“Well, I will take you to get a massage in two days!” Lin Xian curled his lips.

“Brother Lin, you are really my real brother. So, it’s settled!”

After hanging up the phone, Lin Xian decided to go to Qi Jia tomorrow to complete his procedures for living outside the university dormitory, otherwise, it is always cumbersome.

Soon, there was a burst of fragrance coming from the kitchen.

Zhuang Tong is a native of Hunan, so the dishes she cooks are naturally Hunan dishes.

There are not many dishes, only three courses, and one soup.

They are all home-cooked dishes with a sense of warmth.

Steamed fish head with chopped pepper, tiger skin pepper, stir-fried pork, and corn and sparerib soup.

Zhuang Tong served Lin Xian a hearty meal and looked forward to Lin Xian’s evaluation. “Try my craft!”

Lin Xian picked up a piece of the steamed fish head with chopped pepper.

After tasting it, he stretched out his thumb and expressed his satisfaction: “Yes, Zhuang Tong. You can open up a restaurant with your craft.”

Although his words are a bit exaggerated, it really tastes good.

And it seems she considered Lin Xian and Nie Qingqing as she cooked because Zhuang Tong put fewer chili peppers.

The spiciness for Lin Xian is just right.

After opening a bottle of sparkling wine into separate glasses, Lin Xian proposed a toast saying: “This is to celebrate the first day of moving into our new home. Cheers!”



Zhuang Tong is very happy and Nie Qingqing is simply happy for her best friend.

After a few glasses of wine, the atmosphere has suddenly become lively.

Nie Qingqing also became more active.

Her cheeks were already red when she said, “Lin…Lin Xian, you must treat Zhuang Tong better in the future. Otherwise, you will get a beating from me and I will not let you go.”

This girl, she got drunk only after a few glasses of sparkling wine?

Seeing this, Zhuang Tong explained: “Oh! I forgot to tell you that Qingqing only has an alcoholic tolerance of a glass of beer!”

“Really?” Lin Xian did not believe it.

“For real. I am not lying to you!” Zhuang Tong said sternly.

After a meal, Nie Qingqing was already dizzy and sleepy. She was lying on the table and groaning.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian and Zhuang Tong dragged her together to the guest room.

After placing her on the bed, Lin Xian said worriedly: “She would not throw up on the bed in the middle of the night, would she?”

“It’s okay. Do not worry about her. Let us go to the room!”

Zhuang Tong stretched out her hands.

Fortunately, she is a dance major.

Dance practices are even harder than what she did today, so she is not tired.

In the bedroom, Lin Xian embraced her and whispered, “ Are you tired today?”

“Not really! I used to work as a model part-time and the work is even harder than this. Sometimes it takes more than ten minutes to take a photo and keep still.” Zhuang Tong said.

Just as Lin Xian was about to speak, his cellphone in his pocket suddenly rang.

He took out the phone to see what it was and saw that it was Yan Xiaoman.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian put his index finger in front of his mouth and made a silencing gesture, and then answered the call.

Lin Xian said, “Dear, have you eaten dinner?”

“I have. I am now going to the study room to practice for the debate competition.” Yan Xiaoman’s swift voice came from the other end.

Zhuang Tong raised her eyebrows and asked in a low voice: “Girlfriend?”

Lin Xian nodded and then asked Yan Xiaoman: “When will the national debate competition be held?”

Yan Xiaoman sighed and responded: “On November 3. Although there are still two months of preparation time, but I have no experience at all in debates, so I need to learn from scratch, which is why I feel so stressed.”

At the same time, Zhuang Tong evoked a sly grin and then slowly squatted down.


Lin Xian suddenly took a deep breath and gave Zhuang Tong a surprised look.

‘This is too exciting!’

Hearing Lin Xian’s deep breath, Yan Xiaoman asked: “Lin Xian, what’s the matter with you?”

“Uh…I am okay. I accidentally hit the table just now.”

Lin Xian tried to change the subject: “You don’t have to be so stressed out, just stay in your normal state of mind. Do you want me to accompany you this weekend?”

“No. I don’t think I have enough time now.”

Yan Xiaoman said in a little guilty tone: “My dear if you are bored, you can go to Zhang Mengyao for dinner this weekend. I won’t mind!”

‘Zhang Mengyao?’

Since they returned to Jinling, she didn’t dare show herself at all. Right now, she is probably still weighing her thoughts about her relationship with her best friend and her true love.

Lin Xian smiled and said, “Forget it. Zhang Mangyao also has her own life. It’s not okay to always bother her.”

“By the way, I have suddenly become interested in painting and mathematics recently. I practice painting a lot.”

“Really?! Then when you improve your skills, you have to draw one for me!” After a few more exchanges, Yan Xiaoman hung up the phone.

Lin Xian threw the phone casually and couldn’t help it anymore. He let out a long breath of relief.


Seeing the success of her prank, Zhuang Tong smirked twice.

“I won’t be surnamed Lin if I don’t make you beg tonight!” Lin Xian pulled Zhuang Tong up…


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