Chapter 98 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

I am not interested in money

Of course, in addition to those rewards, there are also many white areas on the turntable.

The white ones correspond to rubbish rewards.

One white area corresponds to 【5 million cash reward】, and another 【12 million cash reward】, and so on.

‘Go away!’

‘I don’t need money!’

Only a fool would not know that the value of those skills and props is countless times greater than the cash prizes.

Especially for 【The Heart of the Learning God】 Lin Xian suspects that the effect of such skill may be able to turn him into a superb human like Albert Einstein!

Can the value of a person like Einstein be measured by money?

Although he wanted to be a male god quietly, but who says that a male god can’t be a scientist?

And with the money and technology, he might be able to build a spaceship and go around in space.

Other male gods’ vacations may be going to Hawaii or Fiji, while he is going to space, which is completely uncommon.

The gap widened in a flash!

It was so exciting to think about it.


Taking a deep breath, Lin Xian tried to suppress his excitement.

”Use props.”

In an instant, the huge turntable began to slowly rotate.

It turned faster and faster and all he could see is the glowing lights of different colors.

After a few seconds, the speed of the turntable decreased.

Lin Xian stared at the moving pointer and said: “Not money, not money! Anything will do except for money!”

Under Lin Xian’s gaze, the pointer moves slower, slowly moving to the small black area.

【 Kiss of the Goddess of Luck】?

Damn, this one is very good too!

Just looking at the name, maybe it is something that can increase his luck.

But soon, Lin Xian’s excited expression changed.

That is because the pointer doesn’t seem to stop as it continued to move slowly.

The direction of the movement seems to go for the white area!


”Go away! I really don’t want money.”

”Stop! Stop!”

”Stop moving! I don’t want any money! I am not interested in money!”

Lin Xian wailed.

The pointer eventually went past the black area and stopped in the white area.

【 Ding! Congratulations to the host for using the props and getting a cash reward of 12 million! 】


Lin Xian was so angry.

That is already so close!

Lin Xian leaned on the sofa with a lifeless expression.

”Lin Xian, what is the matter with you? Are you okay?” Zhuang Tong shouted from the bedroom.

Just now, the two girls were seated on the bed when they suddenly heard Lin Xian shouting from the living room.

They heard him shouting something like he didn’t want money and that he was not interested in the same.

Zhuang Tong put down the sheets in her hand and hurried with Nie Qingqing to the living room.

Seeing Lin Xian’s lifeless look, Zhuang Tong asked with concern: “Lin Xian, are you okay?”

”It’s nothing. I’m fine!”

Lin Xian waved his hand and sighed slightly.

”What happened? Who were you talking to on the phone just now?” Zhuang Tong sat beside Lin Xian like a little wife and held his hand and rubbed the same.

‘Who was I talking to?’

Lin Xian raised his eyebrows and then responded: “There was a fool just now. He wanted to give me money no matter what!”

The so-called fool was of course the turntable.

Zhuang Tong and Nie Qingqing couldn’t help but be taken aback.

After recovering her senses, Zhuang Tong asked: “Why does he want to give you money?”

”Because he didn’t want to give me anything else!”

Thinking once again of all those skills and props, Lin Xian felt disappointed.


Nie Qingqing pondered for a moment and couldn’t help but ask: “If I may ask, how much did the other party give you?”

Lin Xian signed and replied: “12 million!”


Zhuang Tong and Nie Qingqing took deep breaths.


’Why doesn’t anybody give us money?!’

Zhuang Tong and Nie Qingqing actually thought that Lin Xian might be showing off, but seeing his depressed appearance, it seemed to be true.

For a time, the two women couldn’t help but be stunned.

The world of the rich is really complicated. One is rushing to give money, while the other doesn’t want it…

”Just forget it. Don’t be angry!”

Zhuang Tong pecked him on the cheek and comforted him affectionately.


Nie Qingqing on the side is all confused.

’Forget it?’

’Don’t be angry?’

‘Zhuang Tong, why do you speak like this? Won’t it hurt your conscience?’

Taking a deep breath, Nie Qingqing went back to the bedroom and continued to cover the beds. She was afraid that she would be mad to death because of this shameless couple if she stayed any longer.

“I am fine. Go ahead!” Lin Xian patted Zhuang Tong’s little face and smiled.

”Then, I will go.”

Watching Zhuang Tong walk back into the bedroom, Lin Xian opened the system interface again.

12 million is okay. At least he can buy the props in the system shop and he can also increase the experience.

This is as if he had drawn the 【Mystery Potion】 plus more than 3 million cash!

Thinking this way, Lin Xian suddenly felt much better.

”Buy props!”

Lin Xian’s money instantly went from 12 million to over 3.4 million.

【Mystery Potion】: Randomly increase an attribute by 1-5 points after use!
(Attributes include: Face value, charm, physique, endurance, strength, speed, and IQ!)

After reading the detailed introduction carefully, Lin Xian found that this is similar to the turntable.

How many attributes can be added, and which attributes to add depends entirely on luck.

’I don’t believe my luck can be that bad!’

Leaving this thought aside, Lin Xian suddenly stood up…

He went to the bathroom to wash his hands!

There is nothing wrong with believing in metaphysics this time around.

After washing his hands, he took out the props.

Looking at the small bottle resembling an oral liquid in his hand, Lin Xian opened the cap and drank without any hesitation.

The moment he drank the potion, the bottle in his hand disappeared without a trace.

Looking at himself from top to bottom, Lin Xian found that he didn’t seem to have changed that much.

‘Was it added to the IQ?’

The system prompt suddenly sounded.

【 Ding! 】

【 Congratulations to the host for using the props 【Mystery Potion】, charm +4!】


‘Not bad!’

Lin Xian nodded in satisfaction.

Although it is not a full value of five points, it is still pretty good.

‘Let me try the effect.’

With this in mind, Lin Xian stepped into the bedroom and saw Zhuang Tong and Nie Qingqing putting on covers for the pillows.

Seeing Lin Xian walking in, a slightly surprised look appeared on their faces.

Seeing the look on their faces, Lin Xian asked knowingly: “What’s the matter?”

Zhuang Tong replied sternly: “It’s nothing. It just feels like you have changed!”


Zhuang Tong smiled and said: “Hehe, you have become more attractive!”

Charm is the same as temperament, invisible and intangible, and can only be felt.

And charm is not fixed as it constantly fluctuates with a person’s condition.

Therefore, Zhuang Tong and Nie Qingqing did not feel strange, because he was already charismatic in his own right, and he just added a little bit.


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