Chapter 1 | Please, I really didn’t want to fall in love with my master!

Falling in love? I’m the best at that!

Xuanling Mountain.

Immortal Ascension Platform.

On the top, a tall and straight figure is standing against the wind, with clothes fluttering, and the laid down black hair flying in the wind.

Several disciples were whispering not far away.

“The holy son had been watching the scenery for three hours now. Doesn’t he need to cultivate?” a young disciple curiously asked.

“Pssh, stop your shit! At the Holy Son’s level, perception is far more important than cultivation. If you dare disturb the Holy Son’s enlightenment, be careful and protect your head!” The older disciple reprimanded in a low voice.


The young disciple fell silent immediately.

Thinking of the Holy Son’s rumored ruthless method, the young disciple couldn’t help but shrank his neck and dared to say no more.

The female disciples are full of peach blossoms.

“The Holy Son deserves to be dubbed as the reincarnation of the great emperor. He is enlightening again!”

“It’s been going on for half a month, right? It is such a powerful insight!”

“The Holy Son is so handsome!”

“Even if you can only see his back, you can still feel how handsome he is!”

“Ah, I wish to be the Holy Son’s cultivation furnace…”

However, the “Holy Son”, Li Ran who turned his back from the crowd, had an ugly expression on his face.

“What is this horse trampling?!”


‘I’m sorry, I know these two words separately, but I really can’t understand them together! (T/N: 悟道 = enlightenment; 悟 = ponder / understand; 道 = dao)

He is standing there, just to pretend.

After traversing to this world of cultivation and immortals for half a month now, Li Ran has accepted his new identity: The Holy Son of a Demon Way Sect, with a moody temperament, and harsh and tyrannical methods.

Once he fancied a treasure and provoked a fight between two big families, one of them was completely annihilated.

He also chased and killed righteous way disciples for thousands of miles away in order to grab an inheritance, and finally punish them all.

Even if one is a disciple of his own sect, for as long as he is offended, he shall suffer in flesh and blood.

His punishment will be destructive, and he will be merciless.

He is a cold, apathetic, self-centered person.

A typical configuration of a villain!

However, it so happened that he was born with good skin. He is so handsome, with sword eyebrows and starry eyes.

So even if he did all kinds of wicked things, the girls would still drool over the sight of him.

‘It’s okay that I should be the villain, but why would I be stripped off of my cultivation base?’

When he traversed in this world; he inherited the memory of the original character.

But the cultivation base of his predecessor was sealed.

He can’t even use even the most basic technique.

He can’t even cultivate!

Simply put, he is now a useless person with a golden core cultivation base.

In order to conceal the fact that he could not cultivate anymore, Lin Ran had to come here every day to pretend seeking for enlightenment.

But even so, he couldn’t stand it anymore.

‘Damn, isn’t this cheating?!’

Others have cheats when they traverse through another world, but what about him?

Except that he is a villain with a lot of enemies, there is nothing more to him.

‘Dog system, if you don’t awaken, believe it or not, I will just jump from this platform and die with you.’ Li Ran gritted his teeth.

【A strong mood swing is detected, and the ‘do one good deed a day’ system has been activated. 】

A cold voice sounded in Lin Ran’s mind.

Li Ran was startled and looked excited.

‘I just talked about it casually, and it really exists!’

【’do one good deed a day’ system, committed to helping the host change his mindset and behaviour…】

Li Ran quickly figured out the system with a lot of information pouring into his mind.

In simple terms, the system will issue random tasks, and he will get rewards for as long as he completes them.

The higher the rate of completion, the more generous the rewards will be.

“Do a good deed every day? You won’t let me help a grandma cross the road, would you? I am the Holy Son of the Demon Way Sect!” Lin Ran murmured.

‘This system doesn’t seem reliable, but it’s better than nothing.’

This is a cultivation world where the strong eats the weak, and the law of the jungle is interpreted to the extremes.

In his current state, if he walks out of the sect, it is estimated that his bones will be swallowed by the enemy!

‘Hurry up and release the task. I have to regain my strength very quickly.’

The system sounded:

【Since the host’s personality is too cold and there is no close person around, in order to influence the host’s heart, please go and get a heartfelt relationship!!】

【Task: Within 24 hours, take the initiative to confess to a member of the opposite sex and obtain the other party’s consent to enter in a relationship!】

【After completing the task, you will get rewards!】

【The quality of the reward depends on the completion of the task!】

Li Ran: “…”

‘Fall in love?’

‘Do you call this a good deed?’

‘Why not just let me help a grandma cross the road?’

‘Come on. I am the Holy Son of the Demon Way sect, the reincarnation of the great emperor! You want me to actually take the initiative to confess? Can you dog system respect me a little?’

【If the task is not completed, the system will go to sleep indefinitely.】

【Does the host choose to give up?】


‘What isn’t it just to fall in love? I am the best at that!’

Li Ran’s face changed as fast as the speed of light.


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