Chapter 2 | Please, I really didn’t want to fall in love with my master!

Confession Artifact!


Li Ran contemplated deeply.

This task seems simple, but it faces two problems.

First, the Youluo Temple, a top demon way sect, have numerous set of rules and regulations, including prohibitions that cannot be violated.

It is forbidden to engage in any sexual relationship between men and women!

This prohibition is personally issued by the sect master, Leng Wuyan, in the hopes that the disciples can concentrate on their cultivation.

She herself leads by example. There has never been gossip that she is seeing anyone. There are even rumors that she is suffering from Vaginal Astresia, and was humiliated and nicknamed as the ‘old lady with tendons of steel’. (T/N: Vaginal Astresia = the vagina is close or absent)

Remembering his beautiful master’s methods, Li Ran fiercely deliberated.

If this matter bout his task is revealed, it will definitely bring him bad luck.

The second problem is to whom to confess.

Li Ran is the Holy Son of the Demon way Sect, indifferent and vicious, and proactively confessing does not conform to his personality.

In order not to arouse others’ suspicion, he must do this confession precisely and ensure that it will be carried out in one stroke.

“Who shall I choose…”

After thinking hard, Li Ran decided to confess to his junior sister.

The success rate should be high since that girl is obsessed with him and is like a puppy who followed him all day.

The most important thing is that she is quite disoriented. Her IQ is not that high so she shouldn’t be suspicious that he is doing this just to complete a task.

He will just do it.

Li Ran is not in the mood to continue pretending and walked quickly towards his residence.

His cultivation base is now blocked and his perception is slow.

If he confesses face to face, someone may overhear.

So, he decided to use the imagery stone method, which is a safer way.

In his quiet room, Li Ran sat on the chair and held a jade stone in his hand.

This is an imagery stone. It is a low-level magical treasure that can’t even be regarded as a magical tool.

And because of its low quality, it doesn’t need spiritual energy to be activated at all.

As long as you integrate your thoughts into it, you can leave the image that you want, and others will be able to see as long as they put their mind into it.

In Li Ran’s view, this is simply a confession artifact!

But just when he was trying to record the image, he discovered a major problem.

He doesn’t know the other party’s name!

For his predecessor, this junior sister is no different from a passerby and there was no need to even remember her name.

It is even more impossible for the now Li Ran, a latecomer, to know.

“Forget it. Then it is better to not say the name at all than say it wrongly.”

Li Ran closed his eyes and tried to sink in his thoughts and portray the image he had imagined.

“First, I will praise her, and then I will describe my love for her in the most vivid way, and then add some pick-up lines.”

With the innocence of his junior sister, she will surely blush and her heart will beat fast, crying to give him a monkey.

It only took half of the incense stick time and the imagery message is over.

Li Ran checked carefully and confirmed that there isn’t any problem and then he put the stone in a sandalwood box.

He went all the way to the residence of his junior sister.

It just so happened that her window was left open.

After he made sure that there was no one nearby, he threw the sandalwood box into the window and the same fell on the table.

“Anyway, the time limit is twenty-four hours so if the imagery stone doesn’t work then I can use another method, that is to confess in person.”

Li Ran clapped his hands and then left naturally.

There came a gust of wind after a while and several female disciples can be seen coming together.

“Oh, today, Elder Sun was too delayed, that when I rushed to the immortal ascension platform, the Holy Son had already returned to his residence.” One of the good-looking girls exclaimed.

Obviously, she was very unhappy not to see Li Ran.

“Okay, Xinran, be careful following the Holy Son as he is not very happy with you following him around, he might directly use you as a furnace.” Others joked.

Lu Xinran clenched her small fist and said firmly: “If that can increase the cultivation level of the Holy Son, then it doesn’t matter even if I become his furnace. I am willing!”

“Tsk. You really are a loyal supporter of the Holy Son.”

“Of course, I like him the most!”

Several female disciples talked for a while and then walked into their rooms.

Lu Xinran walked into her room and sat lazily on the chair.

“So tired…”

A female disciple passed by and said, “The medicinal pill should be sent to the sect master for assessment. Do you want me to take yours along?”


Lu Xinran saw the sandalwood box on the table, picked it up, and handed it over.

“Sorry for troubling you Senior Sister.”

“It’s okay.”

The senior female disciple took the sandalwood box and threw it into the storage ring together with a bunch of other same boxes.

Leng Wuyan, The Sect Master of the Youluo Temple, although a ruthless female devil is very concerned about the sect’s disciples.

Especially for the sect’s direct disciples, she regularly checks the progress of their cultivation base.

And alchemy is one of the most important matters.

The elders once advised her not to be so hands-on with her duties, after all, she is an expert at the emperor level so she had to protect her majestic image.

But Leng Wuyan is very enthusiastic about these matters, and so she does whatever she likes.

At the Rakshasa Peak, in the dead of the winter, heavy snow swirls. (T/N: 寒冬腊月 = dead of the winter = severe winter)

A pretty and unparalleled figure stood in the snow with her robe surging with the wind like white waves.

Leng Wuyan’s eyes were deep as she looked at the mountains in the distance, not knowing what she was thinking.

A female disciple came over and presented a jade stone.

“Sect Master, this is all the information returned throughout the kingdom.”


The female disciple left after Leng Wuyan took the jade stone.


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