Chapter 5 | Please, I really didn’t want to fall in love with my master!

Dialogue of the century!

Li Ran panicked to death.

His beautiful master is one of the main reasons why the Youluo Temple is one of the top Demon Way Sect.

As one of the superior experts of the entire vast land, the prestige of Leng Wuyan could even stop children from crying at night, and bones pile up into a hill under her feet!

Moreover, the disciples of the Youluo Temple have always been strictly disciplined and those who violate the rules are expelled from the sect or even sentenced to death.

What’s more, is what he violated is the most taboo prohibition set by Leng Wuyan!

‘This imagery stone had been surrendered by the junior sister to the master!’

‘You may seem to know a person through the face, but not her heart. That girl actually betrayed me. What should I do now?’

Li Ran began to brainstorm.

At this time, Leng Wuyan looked at the young man in front of her.

His face is as white as snow, and his skin is so delicate that women would get jealous.

Sword eyebrows, starry eyes, and elegantly handsome.

He is tall and well-proportioned. Even if he is standing in front of her, he still stood straight.

This kid is so handsome!

Even in this world of immortality where there is no shortage of handsome men and beautiful women, Li Ran definitely stands out as the best-looking one.

Coupled with his terrifying talent in cultivation, I’m afraid no one can reject his proposal, right?

Even Leng Wuyan felt a little joy in her heart.

It turns out that even someone like her can be liked by someone, and he is such an excellent young man!

It’s a pity that the two of them have different identities, otherwise…

Leng Wuyan vigorously shook her head.

‘He is my apprentice. What was I thinking.’

She calmed herself and said indifferently: “Aren’t you going to explain?”

Li Ran’s heart trembled.

Now that he is faced with an evidence, he has no room to deny it.

The only way out is to fight out of desperation and eventually win the battle! (T/N: Idiom based on Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” meaning to find a way out of an impasse.)

Li Ran then whispered. “Master, I have nothing to explain.”

Leng Wuyan raised her eyebrows and asked, “What do you mean by this?”

Li Ran responded: “The image I left and the words I said are all self-explanatory. This disciple has nothing to explain.”

Leng Wuyan snorted coldly, “You know that the sect strictly prohibits personal relationships between men and women. You as the Holy Son, the heir, the future sect leader, took the lead in breaking the sect rules. Are you thinking I wouldn’t dare punish you?”

Leng Wuyan’s tone was extremely cold.

Li Ran shook his head and said, “Master, when this disciple has recorded this image, he had already anticipated the consequences.”

Leng Wuyan was taken aback. “You already know the consequences; then why did you dare to…”

Li Ran took a step forward, his eyes scorching with heat: “Because even the sect rules can’t stop this disciple’s sincere feelings!”

In an instant, it seemed that the wind and snow had stopped.

Li Ran is betting.

No matter how ruthless Leng Wuyan is, she is essentially a woman.

He pretends to be an infatuated man who is willing to bar the consequence just to be with the junior sister. As long as he can soften the other’s heart, he can have even the slightest chance to live!

Leng Wuyan’s body trembled for a while. She didn’t expect him to have such courage!

How dare he say such things in front of her!

It’s too presumptuous!

Leng Wuyan said calmly, “Didn’t you hear what I just said? You should forget about all these feelings. It is impossible for me to agree to it.”

Li Ran breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Leng Wuyan’s words.

She does not agree. That is so much better than losing his life.

There is still time, he still has a chance to complete his task.

He was just about to leave when Leng Wuyan said again: “It seems that your cultivation had been stagnant because of this. You will be punished to go to the Youhan Cave to think about it. Come out in a month.”

This is not to punish Lin Ran. She just doesn’t know how to face him after this.

“Youhan cave?”

Li Ran frowned.


Youhan cave is a natural cave in Xuanling Mountain, which condenses the coldest aura in the entire mountain range. If a mortal enters, he will be frozen like a popsicle stick.

Only those at the golden core realm and above can contend with the coldness inside.

If he had the power of the previous holy son, this punishment is nothing at all.

But it’s different now. Li Ran’s cultivation base had been sealed!

If he can’t come up with something now, he will definitely freeze to death when he goes into the cave!

Even if he manages to survive by any chance, the time given for the task has already run out, and his last chance is gone!

‘No! I definitely cannot enter the Youhan cave!’

Li Ran has made a decision.

He strode forward. His voice pierced through the wind and snow: “Master, forgive me for not being obedient!”


Leng Wuyan looked coldly at Li Ran, “According to the sect law, anyone who violates the sect rules shall be abolished and expelled from the sect!”

“You are the first offender of this rule, and you have a bright future. With your talent, this punishment is considered very light. You can’t even accept this punishment?”

“No! Since the master has already spoken, it doesn’t matter if it will be a month of confinement, even if five years or ten years, this disciple dare not complain!”

Leng Wuyan wondered, “Then, why can’t you follow my order?”

“What this disciple cannot follow is your order to make myself forget about this feeling. Only this thing, the disciple cannot follow.”

“The person I like is the most beautiful being that ever existed in this world and has already occupied all of my heart!”

“You, ordering me to forget these feelings is like you digging my heart out!”

“So please, forgive this disciple for being unable to follow your order!”

Li Ran’s voice trembled and his emotions sincere.

Leng Wuyan: “!!!”


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  1. “!!!” Reminds me of: “Tackle was not very effective. Gepdude has been defeated.”

    Thank you for the chapter.

  2. This novel is reminding me about the benefits of being handsome and white again and again. Oh heavens, was I required to born with skin white as snow and body frame thin as straight bamboo?!

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