Chapter 4 | Please, I really didn’t want to fall in love with my master!

Li Ran’s fierce offense!

Leng Wuyan looked at Li Ran’s image in front of her.

Her mouth opened slightly, and her phoenix eyes widened.

Her whole self was shocked to the extreme!

If she heard it right…

She was confessed to!

Li Ran’s confession message is still whispering. “I found that I liked you very much yesterday. And I still like you very much today, and I have a hunch that I will like you more tomorrow.”

“There is no one but you in my eyes. Hundred million stars cannot match. “

“Shut up!”

Leng Wuyan’s white coat flipped over, and the snow on the Rakshasa Peak went up!


It’s too nauseating!

She trembled uncontrollably, watching Li Ran’s image.

Leng Wuyan has been single for hundreds of years. If there is a ranking among the singles, she might be the strongest one.

Although it was her own decision to abandon the secular world, but in fact, no one had ever confessed love to her.

Her personality is too strong, and her methods, too harsh, so when people see her, they are either so afraid that their legs weaken, or that they constantly flatter her.

No one ever dared to pursue her.

But now, her calmness has been shattered.

Someone is blatantly pursuing her!

And that person happened to be her own disciple!

Leng Wuyan looked blankly at the imagery stone in her hand and was shaking uncontrollably.

“Treacherous disciple! You actually wanted to violate the sect rules and have a plot against this king!” Leng Wuyan trembled all over.

She is pretty sure that this was not a prank.

The sect has a strict rule on marriage and love. Joking about this kind of thing, isn’t it just looking for your own death?”

This is indeed Li Ran’s sincere feelings!

Leng Wuyan withdrew her eyes from the imagery stone.

Her feelings are extremely complicated.

She wanted to crush the stone, but recalling Li Ran’s affectionate look and his sincere words confessing his feelings for her, she suddenly couldn’t lift up her strength.

“So this is how it felt to be confessed to…”

“Ran’er…he likes me?”

Leng Wuyan’s heartbeat accelerated suddenly and she had an inexplicable feeling emerged from her heart.

“Ran’er is normally so indifferent. He never even dared to get too close to me. Unexpectedly, he has such a passionate emotion towards me in his heart.”

“If you look at him, he is actually naturally handsome!”

“Why…don’t I give him a chance?”

Thinking of giving him a chance, Leng Wuyan’s heart beat faster.

Then, she remembered something.

【Youluo Temple strictly prohibits personal relationships between men and women, and those who violate the order will be expelled from the sect. 】

This rule was personally set by her.

Not only does she have to break the rule she set herself, but the other party is her own disciple. If the news spreads out, she will become the laughing stock of the world!

“No, absolutely not!” Leng Wuyan shook her head vigorously.

She took the stone into her arms and then she asked.

“Come here.”

A cloud of shadow squeezed in through the crack of the door and changed into a human shape which kneeled on the ground with one knee.

“Yes. What is your order?”

“Tell the Holy Son to come and see me.”


Then the shadow dissipated.

Leng Wuyan looked at the heavy snow flying outside the window, not knowing and unsure of what she was thinking.

Li Ran was pacing in the room and was a little nervous.

It is estimated that after seeing the imagery stone, the junior sister should come to him as soon as possible.

But the sky is now dark, and there is no single movement from outside.

“Is it because I threw the box so crookedly that she hasn’t found it yet?”

Li Ran was about to go out to see the situation when a knock at the door sounded.

He hurriedly sat back on his chair and said, “Go in.”

The door opened and a cloud of dark mist swept in and a deep sound rang in the air.

“Holy Son, the sect master wants to see you. Please go to the Rakshasa peak quickly.”

Li Ran’s heart jumped, “Okay, got it.”

The black mist then dissipated as if it never existed.

“Master wants to see me now? She even let the shadow guard inform me. Is there something serious going on?”

Li Ran had an ill feeling in his heart.

Putting on a coat casually, he walked out of the room quickly.

The Xuanling Mountain winds for hundreds of miles.

Rakshasa peak is the highest mountain, towering into the clouds, and the summit is covered with snow all year round.

It is where the sect master, Leng Wuyan resides.

Li Ran was nervous all the way to the peak.

He saw Leng Wuyan standing in the pavilion not far away, with her hands on her back.

“Master, are you looking for me for something?” Li Ran stepped forward respectfully.

Leng Wuyan turned around to look at him with complicated eyes. “Ran’er, I think your cultivation base has not made any progress for half a month now. Are you cultivating well? Are your thoughts elsewhere?”

Li Ran’s heart jumped and he hurriedly responded: “The apprentice mood has been disturbed recently which affected my cultivation, but rest assured Master, that I would definitely adjust myself.

Hearing this, Leng Wuyan snorted.

If you think about that kind of thing every day, of course, you will feel uneasy!’

“You are talented and have been dubbed as the reincarnation of a great emperor. If you cherish your time, you will definitely surpass this king. You must concentrate on cultivating and don’t think about those… kinds of things…” Leng Wuyan advised.

“Master don’t worry. Apart from you and cultivation, I can’t put anything else in my heart.”

Li Ran intended to flatter Leng Wuyan, but when his words reached Leng Wuyan’s ears, the meaning changed completely.

Her face flushed and her eyes panicked. “Wh… what nonsense are you talking about? Why would you put this king into your heart?”

‘This is strange. This is not like Ran’er’s character. His offensive stance is too fierce!’

Li Ran was also a little puzzled by the master being weird today.

“That’s it! I’ll just say it! I’d like to ask you. How would you explain this imagery stone??”

Leng Wuyan took out a jade stone.

Li Ran almost freaked out when he saw it.

‘Oh! My! God!’

‘Isn’t that my confession imagery stone for the junior sister?’

‘It’s over! I’m exposed!’


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