Chapter 7 | Please, I really didn’t want to fall in love with my master!

Super Treasure Chest!

Does Leng Wuyan look pretty?

Her hair flew like a dark cloud, her face is glowing like the morning dawn, her lips were like scattered broken jade pieces, and her eyebrows are as shallow as the spring mountains.

When her eyes flashed, even the wind and the snow are overshadowed.

Even if she was wearing a wide robe, it still can’t hide her stunning figure and instead gave her a cool and sensual glamor.

In other words, Li Ran has never seen such a beautiful girl.

Based on this, Li Ran thinks that falling in love with her is a great benefit, but things are not that simple.

She is Leng Wuyan!

The sect master of the Youluo Temple stood at the top of the entire vast land.

Once, a disciple was killed by someone from the righteous way sect. One person hit the other side’s sect with one sword. In the end, because the opponent refused to hand over the murderer, a woman cuts an entire mountain to the ground with a single sword!

The first class sect was directly wiped out!

Hundreds of experts within the sect, all died!

This incident caused the entire vast land to shake.

For this reason, several major righteous sects held a Demon slaying conference, with the purpose of punishing the demon way sect master Leng Wuyan.

But no matter which master of which sect came, they all die one by one.

Pile of bones blocked the sect like a mountain and blood stained the entire Rakshasa Peak.

But Leng Wuyan was unharmed.

Since then she was given the title of the “Cold Witch” which has become a taboo-like existence in the entire vast land. (T/N: Leng=cold)

If Li Ran is the villain, then Leng Wuyan is the final boss!

If you fall in love with this kind of woman, your life might be gone someday.

The pressure will be as high as the mountains.

But Li Ran can’t say, ‘I’m sorry, it was a mistake. The confession wasn’t meant for you.’ Right?

That is purely seeking death.

“Forget it, I’ll just go one step at a time…”

Li Ran was dejected.


Leng Wuyan’s face flushed for a while. She normally called him by this name, but now she has become incredibly shy.

“The road to immortality is a long journey. If you want us to stay together for a long time, you must stand at the highest peak. You must cultivate hard and don’t let even the slightest slack.”

“I…I will wait for you at the top.”

After Leng Wuyan finished speaking, and without waiting for Lin Ra’s response, Leng’ Wuyan disappeared directly into the wind and snow.

Li Ran was stunned for a moment, then nodded.

“That’s right, the road to immortality is long. One day, I will climb to the top and stand on the top of the entire vast land!”

“Of course, before that, I will have to live well under the sect master’s ‘care’…”

Lin Ran sighed, turned, and walked down the mountain.

Without knowing it, the wind and snow swirled behind him and slowly transformed into human form.

It was Leng Wuyan.

She looked at Li Ran’s back with her pair of phoenix eyes as if water was dripping from them.

Thinking about Li Ran’s shocking remarks earlier and his determination to die for her, Leng Wuyan’s cheeks felt hot.

“So…this is how it feels to be loved?”


Li Ran returned to his room.

Recalling today’s amazing dialogue with Master, he is still sweating on his back.

“Although the process was thrilling, fortunately, the results were good. Not only did I restore my cultivation base, but I was also rewarded three treasure chests for free.”

Li Ran focused his attention on the system.

Three golden treasures appeared before him as rewards for over-completing his task.

【Do you want to open the Super Treasure Box now?]


Li Ran looked forward and rubbed his hands.

Then, the lid of the treasure chest opened and a brilliant golden light flashed in front of him.

【Congratulations to the host, for obtaining the skill “Seizing the Heaven skill”.】

【Congratulations to the host, for obtaining the spiritual treasure “Cloud Feather Spear”.】

【Congratulations to the host, for obtaining the vision “Dragon Elephant Sky”.】

Li Ran looked carefully one by one.

“Seizing the Heaven Skill” comes with an ancient book with a strange seal script on it which Li Ran can’t recognize a word at all.

He tried to sink his mind into it and light instantly shined in front of his eyes.

The ancient seal exudes golden light flooding ideas into his mind like a tide.

“Seizing the Heaven meant going against the heaven’s way.”

“Plundering the heavens and all of its creations, achieving immortality, and become an indestructible and the true supreme god!”

“Substitute one’s laws for all the laws, and one’s will against the heaven’s will.”

“It’s the skill for seizing the heavens!”

There seemed to be a clank in his ears which made his soul unstable and his consciousness plunge into darkness.

He doesn’t know how long it took for the little golden light to lit up the darkness.

Then, lighting up the sea of consciousness like a prairie fire, a small figure that was as transparent as amethyst sat crossed-legged. Golden ancient seals were engraved on his body.

The text on the original ancient book looked like a golden tattoo on his body.

“Oh, so that’s what it is.”

Li Ran opened his eyes and the golden light came out.

This amazing skill is not only a skill, but also improved his physique.

The small figure in his sea of consciousness replaced him, absorbing spiritual Qi all the time. His body, dantian, meridians, and even his soul were constantly being tempered.

In other words, Li Ran doesn’t need to cultivate at all now.

Whatever he does, whether he eats, sleeps, or drinks water, he is constantly cultivating.

“Oh boy, this is simply a blessing for lazy people. This skill is so suitable for me!” The corner of Li Ran’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up.

The second reward, the Cloud Feather Spear, is a high-level spiritual treasure that can be store in the body improving together with the user’s strength.

In theory, as long as the user is strong enough, there is no upper limit to what is the grade of this kind of spiritual treasure.

Spear, as one of the four major weapons, is very powerful and practical. (T/N: one of the 4 major weapons along with the gun (staff), dao (a (chinese sabre), and the jian (sword)).

Li Ran pinched his chin and looked at the two-meter long shining silver spear in front of him.

“Flying with the sword is a man’s romance. What’s do I need a spear for? Besides, such a rough thing doesn’t match my face value…”

“Forget it, let’s use it for now. If it doesn’t work, then I will change it later.”

Li Ran put away the silver spear.

If this spiritual treasure was known in the entire vast land, it will be enough to trigger a war. But he is actually still a little disgusted…

Fucking Versailles style! (T/N: internet slang mocking people who humble brag about their rich lifestyles)


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