Chapter 8 | Please, I really didn’t want to fall in love with my master!

Talk about love?

The third and final treasure was called ‘Dragon Elephant Sky’.

The vision is very mysterious.

It can be understood as some kind of cool and powerful special effect.

As for what is the specific effects, each vision is different, and cannot be explained clearly in a few words.

Li Ran does not find it convenient to test it directly now. It would be bad if he alarms the master.

At this time, these sudden abilities could not be explained.

“Go to sleep. I hope that after tonight, the master will forget everything that happened.”

Li Ran put the spear into his body and then fell asleep on the bed.

The figure in his sea of consciousness cultivates tirelessly. His spiritual energy is quickly sucked into Li Ran’s body and his body is being tempered uninterruptedly.

Meanwhile at Rakshasa Peak, the master’s residence…

Leng Wuyan stared blankly as she sat on the bed as if she had lost her soul.

“I finally bid farewell to my single life…”

“My lover is actually my disciple…”

Her fair and delicate cheeks flushed. “I was too impulsive. How can I accept Ran’er’s confession?”

“Although he is good-looking and talented, and his feelings for me are also sincere, he is still my disciple after all!”

Leng Wuyan could already imagine what an uproar it will be once this matter is exposed to the sect.

She is afraid that rumors by that time will be changed from ‘an old woman that no one wants’ to ‘a pervert master who has unspoken rules with her disciple.’

Although she can be said to have no scruples, she absolutely cannot accept such a title!

The most important thing is, how could she get along with Li Ran after this?!

For hundreds of years, Leng Wuyan remained single, not knowing anything about romantic relationships between men and women.

Falling in love is completely beyond everything she could ever imagine.


Leng Wuyan rubbed her eyebrows and looked melancholic.

“So, why did I agree to him…”

But it’s too late now to say anything.

According to Li Ran’s behavior today, if she breaks up with him, he will choose to commit suicide directly, right?

Leng Wuyan’s heart trembled as she recalled those firm eyes and tone of his voice.

She rolled on the bed shyly, without a trace of her being a master at all.

‘Boom, boom, boom.’

There were knocks at the door.

Leng Wuyan sat down instantly in a precarious manner.

“Come in.”

The door was pushed open and a deaconess walked in and said respectfully: “Sect Master, excuse me. The disciple is here to get the results of the assessment.”


Leng Wuyan thought of Li Ran’s confession and began to act shy again.

“This King hasn’t finished checking them yet. I’ll give my assessment to you tomorrow.”

She is in a kind of a mess today, so how can she focus on the assessment?


The deaconess did not question any further either.

“This disciple will leave first.”


Leng Wuyan stopped her.

The deaconess halted and said, “What else does the sect master want?”

A sense of shyness flashed across Leng Wuyan’s eyes and asked the disciple pretentiously, “Have you ever been in love?”


The deaconess was taken aback and then came down in a cold sweat as she knelt on the ground.

“This disciple has always abided by the sect’s prohibition, and is not interested in men, and has never done anything to circumvent the sect’s rules. Please sect master, teach me a lesson if needs be!”


Leng Wuyan rubbed her eyebrows helplessly and said, “Get up, when did I say you made a mistake?”

The deaconess is still not at ease.

“Then why are you asking like this sect master?”

Leng Wuyan said blankly: “Know the enemy and yourself. Although this king already abandons the secular world, but I can’t be ignorant of it nonetheless. This is not good for cultivation.”

“So it is,” the deaconess nodded.


Leng Wuyan said solemnly, “If you had a boyfriend, what do you want to do with him the most?”

The deaconess hesitated and was reluctant to answer.

Leng Wuyan added: “We are discussing cultivation, and so whatever you say, I will not punish you.”


The deaconess finally did not hesitate and answered, “There are many things you can do, such as dating, listening to music together, eating the same sugar man together…” (T/N: What I know is that sugar man is a kind of folk art in china made of sugar and not a food/snack, though I might be wrong. But let’s just assume it’s a food/snack)

Leng Wuyan took a small notebook and wrote them down discreetly.

The deaconess continued to fantasize, “If the relationship becomes a little step closer, then you may probably hold hands and kiss each other. Of course, you can end up sleeping together.”


Leng Wuyan squeezed her hand in the corner of her bed and stammered: “Sleep… sleep together?!”

The deaconess who was shocked as well with her thoughts said hurriedly: “This disciple has also heard this from hearsay. I am not entirely sure of it all as well!”

“Okay. I see. You can leave now.” Leng Wuyan turned her head afterward.


The deaconess breathed a sigh of relief.

For some reason, she felt that the sect master acts weird today.

She seems to be not as cold as she used to be but like a girl next door having a premature love.

“Is the sect master in love?”

“No. No. It’s impossible. It must be my illusion. It must be…”

The deaconess left in shock.

Leng Wuyan clutched her hot cheeks.



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