Chapter 101 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

What’s the matter with you?

Jincai’s Cafeteria has three floors.

The first floor is the common area and the second and third floors are being leased by small restaurants.

You can order dishes and drinks and the prices are more expensive than those on the first floor.

Since the beginning of the school year, Lin Xian has not been to the second floor to eat and so he does not know how it tastes.

There are fewer people on the second floor of the cafeteria and most of them are the professors in the school.

Lin Xian took Ling Youyu to a table by the window. After ordering two dishes, he asked, “Has your relationship with your roommate been better these two days?”

Hearing this, Ling Youyu shook her head and her face bitter.


Lin Xian raised his eyebrows slightly and asked somewhat confused.

It stands to reason that in addition to being jealous, it is also a girl’s nature to be sympathetic towards others.

After getting acquainted with each other, they should accept Ling Youyu’s situation and sympathize with her.

But why is it so different?

Ling Youyu blushed and looked at Lin Xian without speaking.

Lin Xian was stunned for a moment, and then he asked helplessly, “It’s not because of me, isn’t it?”

The little girl nodded and blushed even more.


It really is!

Every time Lin Xian went to class, Ling Youyu always sat beside him as other girls watch them.

This made the other girls’ jealousy grow stronger.

This is just…

Lin Xian pinched her face and smiled and comforted her: “If you look at it from a different perspective, the better you are, the more you will be envied by others.”

This little girl couldn’t stand being teased, she will always blush and will be nervous.

Lin Xian didn’t dare to do anything out of the ordinary.

He just pinched her face at most.

The food on the second floor of the cafeteria was okay.

It was at least tastier than the food on the first floor.

After eating, the two walked out of the cafeteria.

Lin Xian smiled and said, “I still have something to do. You go back to the dormitory first!”


Ling Youyou nodded and then took out a small gift box from her pocket.

She stuffed the gift box into Lin Xian’s hands and then turned with her short legs and ran in the direction of the dormitory.

“What is this…”

Looking at only her back, Lin Xian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He opened the gift box as he walked to the office building.

It was a small gift box and it had a big-headed doll inside. The style is very cute and if you look closely, it resembles him.

With a slight smile, Lin Xian played with the doll while he walked toward the office building.

As soon as he walked into the office building, Lin Xian saw Dai Pingbo walking toward him.

He asked with a smile, “Hello Mr. Dai, have you had lunch?”

In general, professors rarely remember the names of their students, especially since school started only a few days ago.

However, Dai Pingbo has a strong impression of Lin Xian so he remembered him well.

So he smiled and said, “I’m about to eat. I remember you signed up for my mathematical modeling class. Don’t skip class this afternoon!”


There are elective courses in the afternoon?

Lin Xian thought of going home after the English class!

“Don’t worry Mr. Dai. I will definitely attend the class.” Lin Xian said with a smile.

He decided he would print out the class schedule once he gets back to the dormitory. Otherwise, he would not know whether there would be a class.

Dai Pingbo continued to ask: ”Have you read the two books I recommended?”

”Zhang Zhushen’s version of ‘New Lectures on Mathematical Analysis’? I am almost finished reading it. Will then shift to the other one.”

”Almost finished?”

Dai Pingbo was stunned for a moment and then said sternly: “Lin Xian, you have a good talent in mathematics. Do you really not plan to change to a mathematics major?”

Hearing this, Lin Xian said politely: “Mr. Dai, I regard mathematics as a hobby. If I ever consider it as my major, I am afraid that I will lose my enthusiasm.”


Dai Pingo nodded and dropped the suggestion.

If it was Jinda, he would have continued to persuade Lin Xian.

After all, it is rare to meet such a good seedling and it would be a waste if he did not major in mathematics.

But since it is Jincai, no need to persuade.

It is not that Jincai is bad, but each university has its own best majors in which they are known for or excel.

Jincai’s strength is in finance and economics. As for mathematics, it doesn’t really excel.

After graduation, it could happen that a student who majored in mathematics in Jincai might not get opportunities for employment at all.

“Okay, you go ahead. I will go and eat!”

Dai Pingbo waved his hand and seemed a little distracted, not because Lin Xian refused to change majors, but lamented the reputation of mathematics in general in China.

After saying goodbye to Professor Dai Pingbo, Lin Xian went to Qi Jia’s office.

At this moment, Qi Jia was having lunch.

When she saw Lin Xian coming in, she almost spits out her food.

Seeing this, Lin Xian pouted and said, “Ms. Qi, what does that mean? Do I look so disgusting?”


Qi Jia coughed and waved her hand and took a sip of water and then said, “What is the matter?”

Lin Xian smiled and asked, “I wanted to ask about the non-residential procedures?”

”I remember that you are not a native of Jinling, right? If you want to go through nonresidential procedures, you need your parents to come to the university and sign.” Qi Jia answered.

”Why so troublesome?”

It’s too much trouble to have the parents come and sign!

He is not worried that his parents might not allow it. After all, he is free to do whatever he wants.

So long as he is not doing anything illegal, Lin Guodong would basically agree to it.

The problem is that it is too much trouble for his parents to go back and forth!

”After all the school needs to be responsible for your parents!” Qi Jia took a bite and answered

Lin Xian explained: “Although my household registration is not in Jinling, but I bought a house in Zijin Mountain just yesterday. So, I should now be considered a native, right?”


This time Qi Jia really couldn’t hold it in and spit out the food in her mouth.

Fortunately, Lin Xian was quick to react and escaped in time, but the desk suffered and it was full of food now.

Qi Jia picked up a tissue and wiped her mouth and said: “Did you buy a house yesterday?”

Lin Xian nodded and said: “Yes! The house price in Jinling is not that expensive. I actually bought the house in full so I got the real estate certificate the same day.”


This old lady has been in Jinling for four years and she can’t even afford a toilet.

Now you telling me that the price of houses in Jinling is not expensive?

Qi Jia rolled her eyes and found an application form from a pile of documents and said in exasperation: “Sign it and get out of here!”

She was afraid that if Lin Xian stayed, she would be really pissed to death.

Lin Xian smiled and picked up the pen and signed his name on the application form.

Qi Jia looked at his handwriting and pouted and said, “The writing is not bad!”

Just relying on Lin Xian’s good handwriting, Qi Jia has already set him apart from other rich second generations.

People who have patience and discipline in practicing good handwriting should not have a bad character.

Looking at the food on the table, Lin Xian smiled and said, “Ms. Qi, as compensation, how about inviting you to dinner tonight?”

”No need, my boyfriend will pick me up tonight. Get out of here.”

Qi Jia waved her hand and added at the end: “Give me the copy of the real estate certificate tomorrow and you should be good to stay out.”


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