Chapter 102 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Take care of your body!

After the nonresidential procedures were completed, Lin Xian was relieved.

In the future, if he wants to live in their home, he can go home and look for his little lover Zhuang Tong.

Back in the dormitory, it is rare to see Wang Zejing not playing games.

He was bragging with a cigarette in his mouth, while Lei Hongguang and the others looked at him enviously.

”Yo, you guys look very lively today!” Lin Xian quipped.

”Brother Lin you’re back!”

Wang Zejing handed over a cigarette and after helping Lin Xian light up the cigarette, he said proudly, “My little brother, finally, I’m not single anymore!”

Lin Xian smiled and said, “Congratulations! From our class?”

“No! She is a senior from the foreign language department. She is very beautiful!” Zhang Kai on the side answered, his eyes were full of envy.

A senior sister from the foreign language department?

Lin Xian was stunned for a moment and then glanced at Wang Zejing and said, “Take care of your body. Drink more Liu Wei Di Huang Teapills!” (T/N: or Six Flavor Rehmannia, enriches Yin and nourishes the essence of the liver and kidney)

Wang Zejing laughed and said, “Hehe! I am in great shape!”

Seeing that he was so confident, Lin Xian didn’t say anything more.


Jincai’s senior sisters is not something an ordinary man can handle.

Wang Zejing is obviously unaware of the seriousness of the situation.

He winked and said, “Brother Lin, recommend a hotel. I won’t be back to the dormitory tonight!”

“I think Shangri-La is pretty good.”

“Why did I even ask!”

Wang Zejing’s expression stagnated, a little painful.

The price for the special luxury suite starts at three to four thousand which is almost equal to a half month of his living expenses.

Although his monthly living expenses are more than 10,000 yuan, he really can’t afford them.

After some time, Wang Zejing regained his energy and took out his mobile phone and picked out a photo to show off, “Brother Lin, this is my girlfriend. What do you think?”

The appearance was just right. Although the girl wore make-up, her real appearance should be more than 80 points.

“Nice, Lao Wang, your vision is as cunning as ever!”

After Lin Xian patted his shoulder meaningfully, Lin Xian returned to the bedroom to continue reading.

There are six people in the dormitory, except for Lin Xian and now Wang Zejing, the others are single dogs.

Now that Wang Zejing has a girlfriend, how could the other four be not envious?

At half-past one in the afternoon, Lin Xian rushed to the classroom with his books.

After the English class, Lin Xian also finished reading the book.

He had finally finished reading “New Lectures on Mathematical Analysis”.

It is worthy of being a popular book as he has learned a lot from it.

Additionally, after reading the lessons in the book, Lin Xian also initially mastered linear algebra.

The most effective way to learn mathematics is to solve problems.

After solving one problem, you will have to find another problem.

This is precisely how mathematics develop until today.

In fact, in mathematics, IQ is just secondary, while aptitude is more important.

Tao Zhexuan’s IQ is as high as 230. With this IQ, he should be the scholar with the highest IQ in mathematics.

But when it comes to achievements, there are many others who are better than him.

Not to mention one of the leading figures in modern algebraic geometry, Grothendieck, whose IQ isn’t too high but just right.

Lin Xian didn’t think too much about it. He just regarded mathematics as a hobby and enjoyed the process of solving problems which gives him a sense of accomplishment every time.

After Lin Xian put away the book, Zhang Kai asked, “Brother Lin, are you going back to the dormitory?”

Lin Xian shook his head and said, “I will have another elective class later. You guys should go back first.”

Holding the book in his hand, he found the classroom for the elective course.

After walking in, Lin Xian couldn’t help but be slightly taken aback.


There are only a dozen or so students in the huge classroom.

All of them are girls.

Seeing Lin Xian, the girls’ eyes lit up.

A girl wearing a yellow T-shirt said, “Are you Lin Xian from the finance department?”

“Am I this famous?!” Lin Xian smiled and sat down in the front row.

With so many girls in Jincai, as soon as there is exciting news, it will soon spread throughout the school.

Especially for a high-quality male god like Lin Xian. Let alone a freshman, even the senior sisters from the foreign language department knew him.

Seeing him admit that he is Lin Xian from the finance department, these girls began to murmur.

“He is really Lin Xian. He’s really handsome.”

“His skin is so good. I am so envious.”

“I heard that the Ferrari in the parking lot is his. It’s worth millions.”


“You don’t know yet? This news has been out a few days ago.”

Generally speaking, you can see from a person’s sitting position in the classroom whether or not she is interested in the course.

For example, at this moment, these dozen of girls are all seated in the back row because that is a more convenient place to play on mobile phones.

Since Lin Xian is interested in mathematical modeling, he is in the front.

After a while, no more students came in.

Lin Xian couldn’t help but ask, “There are only this many students in Mathematical Modeling.”

“There seem to be more than 50 students enrolled. Those who didn’t come should have skipped class.”

After the girl answered, she continued to ask, “Lin Xian, I heard that you have a girlfriend?”

Lin Xian answered jokingly: “Yes! Do you want to be my little lover?”

“Hehe, really? I don’t mind being your little three.” It seems that because there are a large number of girls, the girl seemed to be fearless and made a bold answer.

“I am afraid it won’t work. You’re late. You can only be the little five or little six at most.” Lin Xian said with a smile.


Hearing this, the girls laughed altogether.

They originally thought that Lin Xian’s character should be very cold. But after talking to him, they found that he is very easy-going and he also talks very interestingly. Their favorability increased in an instant.

It didn’t take long for Professor Dai Pingbo to quickly walk into the classroom.

Looking around the classroom, Dai Pingbo was obviously stunned for a moment and his face became a little gloomy.

His character is very easygoing, but these students are too much.

Mathematical modeling is an unpopular elective course, and Dai Pingbo knows it well. And so he rarely calls names to check attendance in class.

He only does that a maximum of two to three times a semester.

But right now, there are only 53 students in total, and more than 30 students all skipped the class at once in the open.

Isn’t that a little disrespectful to the teacher?

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the classroom was a little silent.

Dai Pingbo slowly put down the textbooks and said coldly, “Now let us start the roll call. Those whose names are called, come up to the platform and sign. And the students who didn’t show up today are getting zero for this course this semester.”


The grade is zero, meaning there are no credits!

That is a little harsh.

The girls in the back row were a little scared. Fortunately, they came to class today otherwise they were screwed.

Lin Xian was also a little stunned. Professor Dai seemed to be really angry this time.


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