Chapter 60 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

I chose Bald Strong!

In the taxi, the atmosphere was a bit weird.

Zhang Mengyao and Yan Xiaoman were both seated in the backseat, their eyes wide, while Lin Xian was seated on the co-pilot seat.

This was not what Lin Xian requested, but Yan Xiaoman offered to sit beside Zhang Mengyao in the backseat.

Zhang Mengyao glanced at Yan Xiaoman’s chest and said, “Hey, it’s been so long that I haven’t seen you. They’re still so small!”

“Hehe, so what. Yours are so big but are of no use!” Yan Xiaoman said without showing any weaknesses.


Zhang Mengyao glanced in Lin Xian’s direction and said casually: “They are useless that someone had kept staring at them as soon as he got admitted to the school.”

Lin Xian remained silent. He lowered his head and acted as if playing with his mobile phone.

Yan Xiaoman snorted coldly and asked: “Lin Xian, do you like Big bear or small bear?”

The threat in her words was very evident.

Lin Xian coughed and said sternly: “Technically, I prefer bald heads!”

“Speak politely!”

“Uh… putting aside bald heads, of course, I will choose small bears.” (T/N: See Chapter 3 for reference)

Under the domination of a strong desire to survive, Lin Xian had no choice but to speak contrary to his real preference.

Zhang Mengyao didn’t feel annoyed and said in a low tone, “If a man’s words are believed, you might as well believe that a sow can climb up a tree!”

Hearing that, the taxi driver gave Lin Xian a sympathetic look.

Fortunately, FD University is not that far from the Zhongshan East Road. After the taxi stopped, Lin Xian couldn’t help but feel relieved.

When he got off the taxi, he saw Wang Lan and An Ran standing and waiting on the side of the road.


Yan Xiaoman waved her hand and looked very happy.

Zhang Mengyao just glanced at Wang Lan and then turned her gaze on An Ran.

This woman is indeed very beautiful. At first glance, her beauty won’t make you feel amazed.

However, she seemed like a glass of red wine. The more you taste it, the more flavorful it gets.

After looking at her for quite some time, An Ran exudes a charming aura.

This kind of charm is not amplified through makeup or clothing, but just a smile that makes her look appealing and sexy.

‘Hiss! This woman is amazing!’

Zhang Mengyao is startled!

Zhang Mengyao and An Ran’s styles are very similar and they are both charming and pure.

But compared to An Ran, Zhang Mengyao is a bit ‘raw’.

This is not because of the age gap but because of the ‘natural gift’.

For a while, Zhang Mengyao was fully vigilant towards An Ran.

For such a woman, even the same gender can hardly resist her charm.

An Ran’s behavior was the same as before. After saying her greetings, she stood quietly on the side.

When everyone had arrived, Wang Lan joked: “Young Master Lin, where are you going to treat us to dinner this evening?”

Lin Xian waved his hand and said, “I don’t know either!”

‘You invited us to dinner, and you haven’t even planned the place?’

Everyone was taken aback for a moment and then cast a weird look on him.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian explained: “I really don’t know. Let us try Ultraviolet By Paul Pairet. It only accepts ten customers every night. There will be a car to pick us up and take us to the restaurant.”

Hearing this, everyone suddenly became interested.

They have never experienced this noble way of dining before.

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet is not just the only three-star Michelin restaurant in Shanghai but is also the world’s first multi-sensory technology restaurant.

The customer will have a feeling of mystery until they eat.

Because Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet is a restaurant that doesn’t offer any menu. The dishes are fixed every day.

In other words, diners can only eat what the restaurant serves.

The restaurant has three levels of food quality. The lowest starts at 4000.

When Lin Xian made the reservation, he specifically directed the restaurant to serve food with the highest level of quality ingredients. A set costs 8888 per person!

You must know that the price is not actually because of drinks but because of the food itself!

The restaurant also offers particularly expensive wines, but you have to pay for them separately.

Not for long, a black extended Mercedes Benz stopped in front of them.

The door opened and the driver in a suit walked down and came to them and asked: “Are you, Mr. Lin Xian?”

“Yes!” Lin Xian nodded and waved his hand.

“I am Kevin, your full-time driver arranged by Ultraviolet by Paul. Dinner is about to be served. Are you all ready?” The driver named Kevin said in a polite manner and a respectful tone, which made people extremely comfortable.

Lin Xian smiled and said: “Of course. We are all looking forward to the dinner to be served!”

“Sir, rest assured, we will never let you down.”

As Kevin said this, he opened the door of the vehicle and bowed and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, please get in the car.”

This scene made Lu Yan and the others secretly stunned. They have never seen such a scene before.

Zhou Hui took a breath and said in a low voice, “Looking at this scene, tonight’s meal must cost a lot of money, right?”

“At least tens of thousands!” Lu Yan guessed.

“I thought I could only see such things in the movies.” Ji Hanlei was in a daze and at the same time was very envious.

Generally, commercial Mercedes Benz vehicles are seven-seaters. But it seems this vehicle was specially made so that excluding the driver, it can accommodate ten passengers.

Kevin’s driving skills are also very good, constantly sweeping smoothly through the streets.

In the end, they ended up in an old alley.

The alley had a style of the old city of Shanghai, with rows of foreign sycamore trees along the way on both sides of the streets.

Kevin alighted the vehicle and helped them open the car door very gently.

He led them to a door.

Kevin pointed to the code lock beside the door and smiled: “Mr. Lin, you need to enter the code to enter the restaurant. I wish you all a happy dinner.”

The password to the door of Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet is changed every day.

Once a reservation is made, the restaurant will send you a code which you can then enter on the date of your reservation to enter the restaurant.

It can be said that although it was a bit cumbersome, it was quite full of style and novelty.

At this moment, he is full of curiosity about what could be behind that door.

Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help but ask: “This meal will cost a lot of money, right?”

“Not expensive. Less than a hundred thousand yuan!”

Lin Xian smiled and looked for the code in his mobile phone and quickly entered the same to unlock the door.

‘Not expensive?’

‘Less than one hundred thousand yuan?’

‘Are you still human?’

‘I can’t even make 100,000 yuan a year!’

Wang Lan sighed and tried to resist the urge to hit him.


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