Chapter 61 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Everything in your dream

After entering the passcode, the door opened automatically.

The environment that was revealed behind the door made everyone stunned.

What caught their attention was the very long passage which was dimly lighted and looked very solemn.

”Let us go in and have a look” Yan Xioman urged eagerly from the side.

By now, everyone’s curiosity has already reached its peak.

They all went into the long passage.

After walking for a while and opening a few doors, they finally came to the restaurant.

The floor of the restaurant isn’t that large and a long dining table is placed in the center under the blue and purple light.

Ten waiters stood quietly on both sides of the long table.

Because the light is too dark, only a little can be seen.

”Welcome to the Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet Restaurant!” The ten waiters bowed slightly and greeted.

The upper bodies of these waiters are hidden in the dark, looking very mysterious and overwhelming.

Looking around the restaurant, Wang Lan smiled and said: “I have been in Shanghai for so many years. I have only heard about this famous restaurant. Today, I finally had the opportunity to try and experience it!”

”Thank you, Brother Lin!”

An Ran smiled, exuding a charm that made Lin Xian’s heart shake suddenly. This woman is still terrifying!

The ten waiters pulled the chairs out so they can all sit down.

After they were seated, a waiter pushed a dining cart for them.

It is not food that was in the dining cart, but countless steak knives!

There are estimated to be hundreds of them with different shapes.

The waiter who pushed the cart smiled and said: “Before you begin your meal, please choose your preferred steak knife!”

Choose a steak knife?

There is such a thing?

Lin Xian suddenly became interested and asked, “ Any suggestions?”

The waiter explained: “Sir, everyone has their own preference based on aesthetics and liking. Choosing your own steak knife can make your dining experience more enjoyable.”

After hearing these words, Lin Xian nodded and then chose a pleasing steak knife.

As a foodie, Yan Xiaoman couldn’t wait and picked one enthusiastically.

Lu Yan then commented: “You have to choose steak knives before the food is served. This is really unique!”

Zhou Hui picked up her mobile phone and then kept on taking pictures.

For them, this kind of dining experience is very unique. Of course, they have to take photos to commemorate the experience.

The waiter seemed to be used to their customers taking pictures and even took the initiative to take a step back so that they could take pictures.

After the steak knives were selected, a middle-aged man wearing a baseball cap and a chef’s uniform walked towards them quickly.

”Hello everyone. My name is Paul Pairet. You can also call me Paul. I am the owner of this restaurant and am also the chef. I will be the one to make all the dishes tonight.”

Although Paul is white, he is very fluent in Chinese. His accent is very pure without the weirdness of being a foreigner.

”Hello, my name is Lin Xian!” Lin Xian also said hello.

”It should be your first time to dine here. I need to explain to you in advance that the drinks are included in the package price. Of course, if you have a preferred wine, we can also have it purchased on your behalf.”

Paul paused and said with a smile: “But I personally don’t recommend other drinks because the drinks we provide here complement the dishes we serve so that you can achieve the most perfect dining experience.”

Hearing this, Lin Xian nodded and said: “Yes, then we shall not order any other drinks!”

The cost per person is 8888 and there is a total of nine people. The cost of this dinner is enough for Lin Xian to get the maximum reward of 15 million.

Therefore, he didn’t opt to order more drinks.

”Ok. then dinner shall begin. I wish you all a pleasant meal!” Paul smiled slightly and then turned to leave.

At this moment, the lighting of the restaurant suddenly changed.

The surrounding walls and the ceiling showed images.

In the bottom of the blue sea, gleaming coral reefs stood quietly.

Strange fishes constantly swam around.

There seems to be a 3D projector in the dining area which turns the entire dining area into an ocean world.

Seeing a parrot fish swimming in front of her, Yan Xiaoman stretched out her hand to catch the same.


Zhang Mengyao glances at her and then once again immersed herself in the ocean world created by light and shadow.

Lin Xian shook Yan Xiaoman’s hand and asked with a smile, “Do you like it?”

”Lin Xian, you are so good to me!” Yan Xiaoman bit her lip and her eyes full of sweetness.

Everyone rolled their eyes at the behavior of the two sprinkling dog food in the public.

Soon, the waiter served the first appetizer.

It was grilled blue marlin steak served with mashed potatoes, with white dressing on the plate, and wasabi ice cream.

This is the signature of Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet Restaurant.

It is not just the taste, but the dining experience mobilized the senses of the customers, from the sense of sight, hearing, taste, smell. The gourmet feast was such an enjoyable experience.

Every dish has its own theme.

Each dish is paired with different drinks.

At this time, the waiter from behind began to pour wine for everyone.

What was served was a sparkling wine, full of bubbles constantly rising from the bottom of the cup, accompanied by bursts of pear fragrance, penetrating the tip of the nose.

Picking up the wine glass, Lin Xian opened his mouth and said: “Everyone here is dear to Xiaoman. Hope you can also take care of her more in the future. Cheers!”


Everyone made a toast.

Yan Xiaoman took a sip of the sparkling wine with one hand while clasping her other hand in Lin Xian’s.

Zhou Hui sighed after taking a photo and said, “Hey, I like a boyfriend like this too!”

Lu Yan joked: “Such a simple thing. Go to sleep and you can have what you wish in your dreams!”

To be honest, it is the first time for Lin Xian to taste wasabi ice cream paired with grilled blue marlin steak.

The taste was weird and he doesn’t know how to describe it.

The taste was just so strange!

The taste of the food is very good and the ingredients were all high quality, but the combinations are very strange.

Paired with a pear-flavored sparkling wine, it has a unique taste to it.

The Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet Restaurant implements uniqueness in each dish. The servings were small portions, just two or three mouthfuls.

Yan Xiaoman drank the sparkling wine and then commented: “The taste is great, but the portion is too small.”

”Eat slowly. They will serve a total of 21 dishes. You might not be able to eat everything in the end.” Lin Xian laughed.


Yan Xiaoman’s eyes lit up and her face was full of happiness.

For foodies, there is nothing more joyful than this!


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