Chapter 67 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

I can’t stand it anymore

The consumption of more than six million allowed the system to exceed LV5 and directly rise to LV6.

[Host: Lin Xian]

[Grade: LV6]

[LV6 Privilege Reward: Every time you blink, you will get a reward of 3.2 yuan. Experience points can only be obtained through spending, not through loans or money earned!]

[System shop: Professional Chess Skill Book ]

[ Props: LV5 Privilege Gift Package*1, LV6 Privilege Package*1 ]

[Skills: Driving a Ferrari with one hand, Absolute Focus ]

[Amount: 8,891,340.90 yuan ]


The income for each blink rose to 3.2 yuan, which means that Lin Xian’s daily income will reach 60,800 yuan from this moment on, which is more than 1.8 million a month! He currently has nearly 9 million, plus the monthly income, Lin Xian doesn’t know how to spend money for a while.

It would be more than 9 million. He can buy at least two of the top luxury car brands, Ferrari or McLaren.

As it is known to everyone, a villa will cost about five to six million, and the top-level ones basically start at 100 million.

Even the villas near the Zijin Mountain in Jinling start at 30 million.

He had bought the professional chess skill book first in the system shop.

Thinking that there are still products in the system shop, Lin Xian did not hesitate to click directly to buy.

For 1.8 million, he changed his chess skills to a first-class chess player.

After the purchase, Lin Xian felt a little cool in his brain and then returned to normal.

And the system shop has started afresh countdown again.

In addition, there are already two privilege packages.

‘Do you want to open it now?’

“Lin Xian. I am talking to you. Why are you in a daze?!”

At this moment, Yan Xiaoman pulled his arm.

After regaining himself, Lin Xian explained: “Oh, I was thinking about some things just now. Why? What’s wrong?”

“What are you thinking of so madly? Are you planning on buying a house this time?” Zhang Mengyao teased.

Lin Xian did think about buying a house.

Lin Xian smiled and said, “I am considering whether to buy a villa in Jinling.”

Zhang Mengyao’s expression was stagnant and then she said, “You really are doing this on purpose! Why are you so proud?”

He just bought an expensive sports car and now he is ready to buy a villa?

Zhang Mengyao can’t stand this anymore!

Young, rich, handsome, good-natured, easygoing, low-key, romantic.

Zhang Mengyao is still a woman after all. Faced with such a perfect male god, it would be pretentious to say that she isn’t tempted at all.

Of course, it could be that she is just swayed temporarily. She has her own pride and she doesn’t want to do anything like stealing a boyfriend with her friend.

The most important thing is that she has a feeling that Lin Xian will not be loyal to only one woman.

There is no reason, just a woman’s intuition.

As of now, Zhang Mengyao cannot accept sharing her man with other women.

Hearing that Lin Xian was planning on buying a villa, Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help asking: “Lin Xian, are you going to stay in Jinling in the future?”

“Let’s talk about it when the time comes. If you want to stay in Shanghai in the future, I can also buy a villa here.” Lin Xian assured.

Hearing that, Zhang Mengyao said in an angry tone: “I said you two stop spreading dog food. Do you want to kill me?”

“Yo, Lin Xian, your little lover is jealous!” Yan Xiaoman joked.

“Humph, just laugh!”

Zhang Mengyao glared at her, thinking that there will be a time that Yan Xiaoman will surely cry in the future.

At noon, the three of them were too lazy to find a place to eat, so they just settled for the same coffee shop.

Not to mention, the waffles in this coffee shop taste very good and are a perfect match with espresso coffee.

Wu Xuan does her work efficiently, coupled with Ferrari’s own influence is large enough, and so those cumbersome procedures seem particularly easy.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, all of the formalities were completed.

Wu Xuan walked down from the Ferrari store and gave the key to Lin Xian and said: “Mr. Lin, fortunately, all the procedures were completed!”

After receiving the car key, Lin Xian resisted the urge to complain.

‘This key…It’s so fucking ugly!’

As we all know, Ferrari’s interior isn’t very good. But compared to that, the key is the worst!

The same has no compelling style and aesthetics at all.

In terms of car keys alone. Ferrari should be the worst among all of the top sports car brands.

It is just the ugliest!

Anyway, the car alone is already worth millions. Can’t they design a more aesthetic one?

Wu Xuan has worked in the Ferrari store for so long and so naturally she knew that Lin Xian would mention the same. And so she said.: “For the car keys, we have customers who complain about it every year. And we have also given the same feedback to the headquarters countless times. But obviously, the headquarters has not adopted any of it.”

“Are there any freebies?” Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help asking.

She used to buy a few hundred yuan of skincare products, and she was given away free samples.

Now Lin Xian is buying a Ferrari that is worth millions, would there be also freebies?


Wu Xuan smiled and said: “Our shop specially customized a Ferrari Headset!”


Yan Xiaoman and Zhang Mengyao were taken aback for a moment, and they couldn’t believe their ears.

Lin Xian spent six million to buy a sports car and they give away just a headset as a freebie!?

“Two ladies, the free gifts are determined by the company. I can’t do anything about it!” Wu Xuan smiled bitterly.

Lin Xian waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, no trouble!”

Wu Xuan smiled and said, “I wish you a smooth journey!”

“Thanks!” Lin Xian smiled slightly and pulled the door to sit in the driver’s seat.

However, as soon as he sat down on the driver’s seat, he realized that something felt wrong.

Ferrari Superfast cars have two doors and two seats, and there can only be two people at most, and there are three people.

Zhang Mengyao’s eyes flashed with a dangerous light as if she was telling them: ‘If you dare to drop me, this old lady will hit you to death!’

For a while, Lin Xian didn’t know what to say.

Seeing him look helpless, Yan Xiaoman smiled: “Okay, don’t get stressed out. Zhang Mengyao and I are going to ride the Bentley of the hotel.”

“Where to go next?” Zhang Mengyao asked.

“Back to the hotel!” Yan Xiaoman suggested.

She only completed the transition of a girl to a full woman last night and with Lin Xian’s strong combat capacity, she has already reached her limitation to be able to accompany Lin Xian to buy a car today.

As for shopping further, she really can’t.

Lin Xian noticed her tiredness and so he said intimately: “Okay. Then let us go back to the hotel. Anyway, there is nowhere else I wanted to go.”


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