Chapter 68 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Hoodlum in Suit!

After instructing the hotel driver to take them back to the hotel, Lin Xian also started to Ferrari.

This is the first time he has driven since he passed the driver’s license test, and it is the first time he has driven a sports car.

The moment the car started; the engine suddenly roared.

Listening to the sound of the exhaust pipe, Lin Xian only felt his blood boil.

No wonder they say that a sports car is a man’s romance. Just a blast of noise is extremely fascinating.

It can be said that although a Ferrari’s interiors and keys aren’t that compelling, the sound is definitely the best among sports cars.

The moment Lin Xian held the steering wheel, the skill [Driving a Ferrari with one hand] was activated.

Lin Xian’s car skills suddenly improved from rookie to master level.

At the same time, his charm increased by 20 points!

It’s a pity that the co-pilot doesn’t have any young lady. Otherwise, Lin Xian would have tried the skill and see how it works.

With the blessing of the skills, Lin Xian became proficient in his driving skills like a racer, manipulating the sports car through the crowded road.

Since it was summer, he switched into the convertible state and faced the wind.

While waiting for the traffic lights at the intersection, a blue Maserati on his left slowly rolled down the window.

The driver is a young lady with good looks, at least 93 points.

“Brother, if it’s not inconvenient, can I add your contact information?!” The young lady took out her phone and shook it and asked with a smile.

Lin Xian smiled slightly and said: “It’s inconvenient!”

The young lady was taken aback as she never thought that she would be rejected.

At this time, the green light was on, and Lin Xian quickly disappeared from her sight as he already stepped on the gas pedal.

The young lady just now looked pretty good but Lin Xian had a bad impression of Maserati.

Almost 80% of the beauties who drive Maseratis are mistresses being taken off by rich men. In order to avoid trouble, Lin Xian directly rejected her.

With so much wealth, he can still meet more beautiful women. There is no need for so much trouble.

Shangri-La Hotel has free parking spaces for clients.

Lin Xian parked the car and went back to the room, only to find out that their room was empty.

He knocked on Zhang Mengyao’s door but no one answered.

After making a phone call, Lin Xian learned that Yan Xiaoman and Zhang Mengyao felt bored after they arrived. They accidentally discovered that there are free medicated baths and steam rooms in the hotel, so they decided to experience them.

“Since they are away, let me open a bottle of champagne and open the two packages!”

Lin Xian then went to the small bar and opened a bottle of champagne, and poured himself a glass.

After taking a sip of champagne, he found a comfortable position and laid down on the sofa which was the only way he could open the gift packages while being comfortable.

“Open the gift pack!”

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for opening the LV5 Privilege Package and gaining skills.】


“It’s a skill again!”


Lin Xian sipped the champagne once more and looked at the skill introduction with delight.

【Hoodlum in Suit】

【Trigger Condition: The dress must be a custom-made suit. 】

(In non-suit state, all bonuses are reduced by 80% )

【Effect: Obtain a Jeet Kune Do master fighting skills 】

【Charm: +5】

【Surrounding attributes: Physique, Strength, Endurance, Speed: +50% ; Reaction Speed: +50% 】

【Fighting ability: +50% 】

【PS: Violence is also a form of elegance! 】


Holy Shit!

This reward is too cool!

Jeet Kune Do master-level fighting skills, plus a 50% increase across four attributes and fighting ability. Even though it is not comparable to the UFC’s top fighters, but it shouldn’t be weaker than the average MMA fighter. Fighting a few punks should be manageable.

It would have been great if this skill came early. Otherwise, it would have been easier to deal with that cheating shop.

Also, fighting in a suit would be so handsome!

Very handsome!

Elegance from violent aesthetics, calmness of a gentleman, and movements like that of a tiger!

But the trigger condition is too troublesome. One must wear a custom-made suit!

Fighting in a suit, I’m afraid when the fight is over, the suit will be almost wrecked.

“I think I get it!”

A thought flashed in Lin Xian’s mind and he immediately understood why it was necessary to wear a custom-made suit as detailed in the trigger condition.

This is probably to prevent the suit from getting damaged during the fight.

Only high-quality custom-made suits can remain intact during intense close combat while not affecting the performance.

The price of this type of high-quality custom-made suit is not cheap, often reaching tens of millions.

To give a very simple illustration, the personal bodyguards of politicians in various countries currently wear these kinds of custom-made suits.

Not only can you maintain your image on important occasions, but also in sudden situations, the clothes you wear will also not affect your close-range combat skills.

Exchanging hundreds of thousands for such an awesome skill is all worth it!

Lin Xian decided to order a suit tomorrow.

Moreover, even if you don’t wear a custom-made suit, there will still be attribute bonuses, but the allocation will be too small.

Lin Xian did a simple calculation and found that it would only be 6%.

But it is better than having nothing. At least his physical fitness can be slightly strengthened, and at the same time, he will obtain the entry-level Jeet Kune Do Skills.

With the [Hoodlum in Suit Skill], he even looked forward to the LV6 package.

It is reasonable to think that the higher the level of the gift package, the greater the chance of being offered good things.

So, what will the LV6 gift package be?

“Open the gift pack!”

【Congratulations to the host for opening the LV6 Privilege Package and getting the props.】

【HD glasses】 (upgradeable): After using this item, the host will be able to see the opposite party’s true appearance and favorability.


“Good stuff!”

After using it, you can see the other person’s true appearance and favorability.

With this, the four major sorceries of Asia is completely useless to him. (T/N: If I’m not mistaken, they are: Thailand’s gender reassignment, SKorea’s plastic surgery, CHina’s photoshop(?), and Japan’s makeup(?))

I no longer have to worry anymore about being cheated!

The current makeup technology has evolved to a terrifying degree. A 70-point face value girl can be transformed into a 90-point face value goddess after careful makeup and dressing.

If it is in a dimly lit environment such as a nightclub, even a proficient driver with countless women can’t tell it at all! (T/N: proficient driver – used to describe someone who is sophisticated in sex)

As long as the technique is good, even a man can become a goddess!

In addition to seeing the real face value, you can also see the favorability.

If the visualization of face value is already amazing enough, then the visualization of favorability is really something to look forward to.


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