Chapter 121 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Strange question!

Lin Xian nodded and said, “I plan to buy a ready-made suit and wear the same first. After all, it will take more than half a month for a customized suit to be completed, right?”

【Hoodlum in suit】 skill would be put to waste if not used immediately.

Since the customized suit would take more than half a month to complete, Lin Xian plans to buy a ready-made suit and just make do with it for now.

Lao Zuo wanted to persuade him to wait for the customized one, but he thought that this kid does not seem to worry about money, so he nodded and said, “Okay. Do you want casual?”

”Okay!” Lin Xian nodded.

A formal suit is really not his style. It is too formal and dignified and he does not even attend any large-scale foreign parties, so he doesn’t need one at all.

Casual clothes can be worn on all occasions.

”Come with me!” Lao Zuo waved his hand and led Lin Xian to the second floor.

The second floor looked more like a clothing showroom than the first floor with suits hanging on the hangers on the walls.

Looking at the dazzling variety of choices for suits, Lin Xian was stunned for a while and didn’t know where to start.

Lao Zuo went directly to a row of hung suits and took out two and said: “You might like these two suits. The model on which this suit was based was about the same height and body shape as you. And this seems to suit you.”

Lao Zuo is professional after all, so Lin Xian didn’t give any comment. He received the two suits and began to try them.

The colors were one navy blue and one pure black. The navy blue seemed more formal, with a small vest inside.

After Lin Xian put it on, he tried to raise his hand and make various movements.

The suit is ready-made after all and he is not very familiar with it so it might restrain some of his movements.

After trying on the black suit, Lin Xian tried the navy blue one again.

Lin Xian found that he prefers the navy blue one more than the black one as it is more subtle and seems to complement his temperament more.

His skin is very white, and he can easily carry the navy blue color.

Lao Zuo looked at him carefully, touched his chin, and said, “It would be perfect with a tie!”

Lin Xian also felt that there was something missing but he couldn’t fathom what it was.

Hearing the old man, he realized he was right.

The neckline seems lacking without a necktie.

”Lao Zuo, do you have neckties?”

Lao Zuo glanced at him and said, “Nonsense. How could a suit shop not have a tie?”

Lao Zuo left and soon brought dozens of ties.

”Choose one yourself!”

Lin Xian chose for a while and finally picked a black and white checkered tie.

After putting on the tie he picked, Lin Xian looked at himself in the mirror and nodded in satisfaction.

Clothes make a man just as a saddle makes a horse.

Wearing this suit, Lin Xian felt that his appearance has improved by ten points at the very least!

But looking at it more, he suddenly felt a little awkward.

He frowned and could not help asking: “Lao Zuo, it looks good on me, but why do I feel a little awkward?”

”You are wearing sneakers to a suit, how can you not feel awkward?” Lao Zuo said while fixing his tie.

“Just go and buy a pair of leather shoes.”

Lin Xian looked at his feet and was a little dumbfounded.

He took off the suit and Lao Zuo had it wrapped. Then the two went downstairs.

Lin Xian then asked: “Lao Zuo, how much does this suit cost?”

”Don’t worry about it. I will give it to you for free. It is a gift that comes with your customized suit.” Lao man Zuo said indifferently.

Lao Zuo must be really loaded. No wonder he is so capricious.

”Thanks a lot Lao Zuo!”

Lao Zuo waved his hand and said: ”If you have something to do, you should go now!”

”Okay then. I’ll be leaving first! Thanks again!”


Lin Xian left and drove his Ferrari all the way to the gate of FD University. Lin Xian was stopped by the security guards at the gate.

He did not have a pass so he will have to only park the car outside and walk in.

He originally wanted to give Yan Xiaoman a surprise, but he could only dial the phone.

The call was quickly connected and Yan Xiaoman’s slightly tired voice came on the other end: ”Hey, Lin Xian. Do you miss me?”

Lin Xian smiled and said: ”My dear, I have come to Shanghai.”


Yan Xiaoman was overjoyed at first, but then after she said in distress: “But I don’t have the time to be with you.”

”It’s okay. I just wanted to take you to lunch!”

Hearing about food, Yan Xiaoman was suddenly swept away from her exhaustion and said happily: “Where are you now?”

For a foodie like Yan Xiaoman, it is difficult to resist the temptation of delicious food.

”I am right at the school gate!”

”Okay. Wait for me for a few minutes!”

After that, Yan Xiaoman hung up the phone.

Ten minutes later, Lin Xian saw Yan Xiaoman running while panting.

Seeing Lin Xian, Yan Xiaoman kept running and jumped directly into Lin Xian’s arms.

”Dear, I miss you so much!”

Yan Xiaoman put her small face on Lin Xian’s ear and snuggled like a spoiled cat.

Lin Xian sniffed the scent of her hair and chuckled lightly: “So I am here. Let me take you to a grand feast!”


Hearing the grand feast, Yan Xiaoman nodded like a chicken pecking rice. She looked very cute.

Fastening her seatbelt, Yan Xiaoman smiled and asked, “Did Zhang Mengyao ask you for dinner yesterday?”

Lin Xian smiled and replied: ”Yes! I happened to meet her at the mall yesterday morning and blackmailed me for some seafood.”

”Just the two of you?”

Lin Xian’s expression remained unchanged and replied: “There is also Zhang Mengyao’s roommate and my little lover!”

”Speak nicely!” Yan Xiaoman gave him an angry stare.

”Okay, it is actually my nanny who also plays games with me part-time!” Lin Xian pursed his lips and said helplessly.

Hearing this, Yan Xiaoman said with a bitter face: “My dear, it’s not that I don’t want to play with you. I’m just not interested in games.”

Yan Xiaoman’s words warmed Lin Xian’s heart.

Lin Xian smiled and said, “I don’t blame you!”


Yan Xiaoman was suddenly taken aback and then raised her eyebrows and said: “Nanny? Have you bought a house in Jinling?”

This girl’s focus seems a little strange…

Shouldn’t your focus be on the nanny?

Of course, Lin Xian is not stupid enough to remind her

”Yes, I bought a house a few days ago.”

Lin Xian drove with one hand and rubbed Yan Xiaoman’s head with the other and said intimately: “Wait for a while. I will also buy us a house in Shanghai as our love nest. How about that?”

Yan Xiaoman seemed to have thought of something and her pretty face flushed. “Pervert! You are always thinking about those things!”

After some talking and laughing, the Ferrari stopped in front of the Shangri-La Hotel.

After parking the car, the two went to the Jade French restaurant.

The reservation was made in advance and Lin Xian already ordered the food, so after a while, the waiter came with the dining cart.

The first was the appetizer, French-baked snails.

Yan Xiaoman picked up the fork, took a small bite, and then her eyes lit up.


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