Chapter 137 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Teacher Qin!

”Pfft!” Xiao Xue on the side covered her mouth and couldn’t help but laugh.

But Zhang Mengyao’s face was gloomy, a little speechless.

This bastard…

Seeing the smile on his mouth, Zhang Mengyao secretly stretched out her hand and suddenly pinched Lin Xian’s waist.


Lin Xian took a cold breath and turned to look only to find Zhang Mengyao’s expression like usual.

Seeing this, Lin Xian endured the pain and stretched out his hand to pat under her pleated skirt.


A clear sound suddenly sounded.

Hearing the sound, Xiao Xue looked at the two suspiciously.

Zhang Mengyao’s acting skills are indeed great as there is no flaw in her expression.

But Lin Xian’s sharp eyes noticed that the roots of her ears were slightly red.

She is still an innocent girl, after all, so this kind of intimacy is new to her.

Lin Xian smiled and asked to divert attention: “What would be taught in general psychology?”

Zhang Mengyao first glanced at him expressionlessly and then explained: “The main focus is to study the psychological activity of normal people. The goal for this course is to learn some very practical techniques.”

Xiao Xue on the side seconded: “Teacher Qin is very good. She is both intelligent and charming. Her lectures are humorous. A lot of boys have a crush on her.”

”So amazing?” Lin Xian raised his eyebrows, a little skeptical.

”True! Didn’t you notice that there are basically boys in the classroom?”

Seeing that Lin Xian didn’t believe it, Xiao Xue said with a serious face: “Teacher Qin’s elective courses are very difficult to even enroll in. That time, I took a lot of effort to even get a spot. You will know once the class begins.

Damn it!

Is she that beautiful?

After Xiao Xue explained it, Lin Xian suddenly became interested and full of expectations deep inside.

”What are you planning to do?”

Zhang Mengyao asked with her eyes slightly narrowed.

A slightly sinister glow flashed in her eyes.

Lin Xian was taken aback for a moment and said inexplicably, “I didn’t do anything!”

”Stop making excuses!”

Zhang Mengyao glanced at Lin Xian and said in a low voice: “You are not allowed to have any ideas about Teacher Qin!”

Lin Xian curled his lips and said helplessly: “I haven’t even seen her. How can I have any ideas about her? Besides, am I really such a bad man for you?”


Zhang Mengyao sneered and said: “You moved your feet and lowered your voice subconsciously, and your pupils are slightly dilated. These series of actions show that you are interested in Teacher Qin!”

’Damn it!’

‘So awesome!’

Although Lin Xian did not notice such small reactions himself, Zhang Mengyao caught what was going on in his mind just by observing.

It shows that this girl is indeed good at perceiving his thoughts just by a series of physical reactions.

Lin Xian looked at her and said in surprise: “Miss Zhang, are these what you learned in psychology?”

Zhang Mengyao said with a triumphant expression: “Hmph! Of course. So it would be better for you not to lie to me in the future. Telling the truth is your only choice!”

”Also, you better not have any ideas about Teacher Qin!”

She repeated the same for the second time around.

It can be seen that this so-called teacher Qin poses a lot of pressure on her.

Zhang Mengyao is a very proud and confident woman. Seeing how nervous and affected she is, Lin Xian can only imagine how attractive Teacher Qin must be.

At this moment, Lin Xian became even more expectant. At the same time, he also pondered whether he should also consider learning psychology.

Zhang Mengyao’s performance just now made him think that psychology is very interesting.

It can be seen also that psychology is very practical.

At this moment, the class bell suddenly rang.

At the same time, Teacher Qin walked into the classroom.

Teacher Qin should be in her 30s. she wore a pair of gold frame glasses.

She wore a black dress and stockings and a pair of high heels.

Her permed hair fell back on her shoulders.

To be honest, she did not look that beautiful at first glance.

Her facial features are fairly exquisite and her face value is at 80 points at best.

But after a few more glances, she looked more beautiful.

And the more you look at her, she becomes more attractive.

And teacher Qin has a very good temperament, both gentle and graceful.

Additionally, her figure is very good.

For high school or college students, the charm of such a woman is simply irresistible.

Zhang Mengyao stared at Lin Xian from the moment Teacher Qin walked into the classroom.

Although he was staring at Teacher Qin all this while, his eyes seemed normal from the beginning until now.

This made Zhang Mengyao breathe a sigh of relief.

Even though they are both women, Zhang Mengyao admits that Teacher Qin is indeed very attractive.

She has only experienced this kind of threat from two people.

One is Teacher Qin and the other is An Ran.

However, Zhang Mengyao feels that compared to An Ran, Teacher Qin felt more comfortable, gentle, and graceful, like a spring breeze.

As soon as Teacher Qin walked up to the stage, she started class directly without even making a roll call.

Without opening the textbook or PPT presentation, Teacher Qin said: “Last time, I taught you a few simple techniques to interpret a person’s mental activities. Today, I shall teach you how to judge a person’s personality…”

Her voice is very intellectual, very soft, and charming as well.

The classroom turned very quiet.

Everyone listened attentively to the class.

No one played with their mobile phones. No one seems distracted.

This is simply a miracle, considering that it was just for a university elective course.

”Please take out a paper and pen. Draw a picture using these five objects, sun, tree, river, snake, and box. There is no specific requirement. You can use them however you like.” Teacher Qin instructed while looking at the students with a smile, waiting for them to draw.

After some time, the rustle of pen tips sliding on the papers suddenly sounded in the classroom.

Zhang Mengyao took out a paper and pen and quickly finished her drawing.

Seeing Lin Xian sitting still, she could not help asking: “Are you not drawing?”

Lin Xian curled his lips and said, “Miss Zhang, are you stupid? Where can I get a pen and a piece of paper?”

”Why not ask for it?”

Zhang Mengyao gave him a blank look. Then she took out a piece of white paper and a ballpoint pen and handed the same to him.

Lin Xian picked up the pen and quickly drew a towering tree on the paper. The tree bore sun-shaped fruit and a snake lies underneath.

The appearance of snake looked very lazy, more like a salted fish.

He immediately drew another, a river with water pouring down to it from the clouds.

There is also a treasure chest floating on the river.

Zhang Mengyao looked at Lin Xian’s drawings and asked in surprise: “Have you learned painting?”


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