Chapter 138 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

 Funny fruit on the funny tree!

His hard work in practicing sketching has already paid off.

Lin Xian nodded and said, “Yes, I have been studying painting for a while now. what did you draw?”

After saying that, he turned his head to look at Zhang Mengyao’s drawing.

Zhang Mengyao flushed and hurriedly covered her drawing with her hands.

Compared with Lin Xian’s drawing, hers looked more like an elementary school kids’ doodle, so she was a little shy.

After all, the girls who are in love only want to show their best side and try to hide their flaws.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian smiled slightly and did not try to tease her.

This psychological test is composed of five representative elements.

And basically, a person’s drawing represents his subconscious mind.

A human’s body language may hide the truth, but the subconscious mind cannot.

And so, the accuracy of judging a person’s character through the subconscious mind is pretty high.

That is unless someone can control their subconscious.

But that is basically impossible.

It is as difficult as like when you fall into a deep sleep, can you control your dreams?

After a short while, all of the students in the classroom finally finished drawing.

Teacher Qin said lightly: “Everyone should be finished drawing already. So then next, I will teach you how to interpret a person’s character through a drawing.”

In her high heels, Teacher Qin walked to the front seat with elegance and picked up a drawing of a male student.

She showed the drawing to the class and smiled and said: “The five things I gave you just now correspond to the five emotions of humans.

”The drawing of this young man is very simple. There is a sun directly above a small tree and a river next to the tree.”

“This drawing is very simple, using only three elements, indicating that he is a plain and pure-minded person. He chose to draw the sun directly above instead of in other directions, indicating that he is confident deep inside. The little tree, however, represents impatience…”

Through a simple drawing, Teacher Qin was able to analyze the character of the young man.

After her analysis, Teacher Qin smiled and asked: “Student, did I interpret it correctly?”

”You are amazing, Teacher Qin!” the young man said with surprise in his eyes and a trace of admiration on his face.

Judging from how he reacted, it doesn’t seem fake, forced, or rehearsed.

Simply awesome!

Lin Xian looked at Teacher Qin and decided that his next hobby would be studying psychology!

Teacher Qin returned the young man’s drawing and went to the second row again to pick up another student’s drawing.

There are more than one hundred students in the classroom. Naturally, it is impossible for her to analyze all of their drawings, so she only chooses some.

A faint fragrance spread across Lin Xian’s nose.

Looking up, he found Teacher Qin had come to the last row and was standing beside him at some point.

Teacher Qin then picked up the drawing and glanced at the same.

But when she saw it, she couldn’t help but freeze for a while.

After a while, she lowered her head to look directly into Lin Xian’s eyes. She smiled and asked: “What’s your name?”

”Lin Xian!”

Teacher Qin smiled and said, “Student Lin Xian, I am currently working on a research project. I want to invite you to come and participate!”

Her smile is so beautiful.

It started at the corner of her mouth and spreads slowly, like a small pebble being dropped into a calm lake waving around a circle of ripples

A vigilant expression flashed in Zhang Mengyao’s eyes as she looked nervously at Lin Xian and Teacher Qin.

She didn’t know why Teacher Qin invited Lin Xian suddenly.

For a moment, Zhang Mengyao regretted a little having brought Lin Xian to this class.


Not only Zhang Mengyao was surprised.

There was a sudden uproar in the classroom.

Many of the male students looked at Lin Xian with envy and jealousy.

They think that Lin Xian is so lucky to have been invited by Teacher Qin and to be able to see her often.

At the same time, they got curious about Lin Xian’s drawing.

Teacher Qin obviously saw something great in his drawing for her to invite him suddenly to research that she is working on.


Lin Xian was stunned and then asked, “May I ask? Do I get to participate in research or be the subject of the research itself?”

He is well aware that he knew nothing about psychology.

Now, he is suddenly invited to participate in a research project?

He feels that there is a high probability that he will be the one to be studied.


Lin Xian’s question made everyone burst into laughter for a while.

Even Zhang Mengyao on the side found his question a little funny that the tension and vigilance in her heart kind of dissipated.

This bastard…

So annoying!

Teacher Qin obviously did not expect Lin Xian to ask such a question.

A little dazed, she pursed her lips and replied: “Student Lin Xian, according to what you said just now, I would say you would be the subject of the research!”

”Forget it. I am not interested!”

Hearing his response, Lin Xian waved his hand unenthusiastically.

He is a little interested in studying others but to be the subject of other’s study… is totally unacceptable!

This is a person’s subconscious way of defending oneself, a very normal reaction.

Teacher Qin was, therefore, not surprised to learn he refuses.

The invitation just now was just a brief interlude.

Teacher Qin held up Lin Xian’s drawing and said: “Everyone, look at Lin Xian’s drawing and let us know your thoughts about it.”

”Good drawing!”

”It is very creative to draw the sun as the fruit of the big tree.”

”What do you think about it?”

”I can’t understand it at all.”

”That is…a funny-looking fruit on a funny tree and a salted fish snake underneath the funny tree?”

All of a sudden, the students in the classroom shared their thoughts.

‘The salted fish snake underneath a funny-looking tree…such a clever little brat!’

Lin Xian’s forehead was full of black lines. He was a little speechless.

After it got quieter, Teacher Qin said: “First of all, let us look at this tree here. It is obviously a towering tree. We all know that trees take a long time to grow. Such a big tree often takes centuries to grow, which meant that Lin Xian is an extremely patient person. His patience is revealed by his subconscious mind, and this towering tree is the reflection of it.”


Listening to her analysis of others’ drawings, Lin Xian did not think about them deeply.

Now that it is about him, he felt more intimate.

Indeed, just as Teacher Qin said, when Lin Xian drew a towering tree, he didn’t put much thought into it.

It was completely from his subconscious mind.


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