Chapter 139 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Coach, I want to learn this!

“Take a look at the sun again.”

Teacher Qin pointed to the sun-shaped fruit on the tree and explained: “Lin Xian used the sun as the fruit, from which we can infer many interesting things. First of all, he has a very confident character, not just a simple kind of self-confidence, but that which is rooted from the depths of the soul.”

Teacher Qin has shown a total of eight people’s drawings.

And of all of those people, they chose to draw the sun in the sky, just in different positions.

But Lin Xian directly drew the sun as a fruit on the tree.

Thinking of controlling the sun like this, such kind of self-confidence is very evident.

Teacher Qin smiled and continued: “Secondly, it also shows that he is a person full of imagination and a very romantic person.”

Hearing this, Lin Xian even wanted to give her a thumbs up and praise her.

She really is amazing. And her interpretation isn’t bad at all.

Zhang Mengyao and Xiao Xue on the side could not help but turn their heads and glance at Lin Xian as if they met him for the first time.

Zhang Mengyao said quietly: “ You didn’t tell me Lin Xian ‘You want to fly up to the sky, shoulder to shoulder next with the sun’.” (T/N: A line from the song I believe by Yang Pei An)

”What are you saying?!”Lin Xian curled his lips.

The little movements of the two were seen by Teacher Qin and she just smiled and then continued: “Let us take a look at the river again. You can see that the source is from the clouds.”

“I did not even include the clouds from the five elements I gave, which only goes to show that Lin Xian is a very dynamic person who cares little about secular restraints and is free of all sorts of restrictions.”

”The source of the river water is hidden in the clouds which represent the unknown. The treasure chest floating on the river also represents adventure. All these details express Lin Xian’s aspiration for the unknown and adventure.”

”Finally, let us all take a look at the snake!”

“In all honesty, the appearance of the snake is funny. It looks very lazy and cozy, which makes people smile at first glance.”

“When people talk about snakes, they first see them as cold-blooded animals and then fear of them follows. However, Lin Xian’s portrayal of a snake makes people feel that the snake is cute. This only means that Lin Xian is not afraid of anything and that he only has a few dark parts in his personality, or maybe even nothing at all!”

Teacher Qin paused and then continued: “The snake also represents his attitude towards life. He lives a lazy, casual, cozy life. That is most popularly known on the internet as a ‘Buddha man’.”

After her interpretation, everyone looked at Lin Xian somewhat differently.

Self-confident, courageous, and romantic.

And his attitude toward life is even more appealing.

At this moment, a male student could not help but ask: “Teacher Qin, does that mean that he does not have any shortcomings?”

”Of course he does!”

Teacher Qin suppressed her smile and said with a serious face: “You must know that shortcomings are also part of personality. Everybody has shortcomings. Remember that no one is perfect in this world. If there is even one who does not have any flaws, then he must not be a human!”

”It is also obvious what Lin Xian’s shortcomings are. For example, his ambition is not so strong. His desire for struggle is not high and can even be said to be extremely low. His attitude towards life made him less contemplative when facing troubles and more willing to use money to solve problems!”

Hearing this, Lin Xian could not help but be surprised and said: “You can see that as well?”

He was extremely shocked.

Teacher Qin can understand his character through his drawing. But she knew even his preference for solving problems with money, which is a bit exaggerated!

And it is true indeed. He believes that those that can be solved with money are not problems at all!

Is this psychology? This is simply mind reading?!

’Stop talking coach. I want to learn how to do this!’

But other people in the classroom don’t think the same.

F*ck it! Using money to solve a problem is considered a shortcoming?

This kind of shortcoming, can you give us one, please?

Teacher Qin did not respond to Lin Xian’s surprise but turned to Zhuang Tong and asked, “Are you his girlfriend?”

Zhang Mengyao flushed, she couldn’t answer. She just remained silent.

That is because even she does not know what her relationship with Lin Xian is.

If she claims to be his girlfriend, then what about Yan Xiaoman?

If she is not his girlfriend, then what exactly is their relationship?

Seeing this, Teacher Qin smiled meaningfully at the two of them and then said, “There is no right or wrong if it is your choice. If I were a teenager, I would have taken the initiative to pursue him also.”


This statement completely detonated the classroom.

Many male students suddenly looked at Lin Xian. Their eyes turned from envy to jealousy.

Teacher Qin’s statement is just too misleading. It makes people feel that she must have a very good impression of Lin Xian.


Zhang Mengyao cursed deep inside and pinched Lin Xian’s waist, feeling a little distressed.

’What do I do if the man that I like is this good and popular?’

‘I’m waiting online, it’s urgent!’

Zhang Mengyao was very anxious.

Back at the platform, Teacher Qin reverted to her elegant appearance. She then began to focus on discussing the five elements she used and teach the students on how to interpret a person’s personality based on them.

Except for her appearance and temperament, Teacher Qin’s teaching method is also really good, full of humor, which makes the students happy and relaxed, making learning easier.

Compared to other teachers who teach by the book, she is many times better. It is no wonder that she is very popular among students.

Time flew so fast, and it was already five o’clock.

When the bell rang, Teacher Qin put away her teaching materials and walked out of the classroom.

Zhang Mengyao turned to Lin Xian and said, “Lin Xian, we need to discuss something!”

”What is it?” Lin Xian asked.

Zhang Mengyao said seriously: “I shall be the one to go to you in Jincai in the future. Don’t come to Jinda, okay?”

“Girl, you are too much!”

Lin Xian raised his eyebrows and continued, “You are obviously the one who dragged me to your class. Besides, if someone likes me here, it means that I am good enough. So just take pleasure in it!”

”So, I have to thank you for it?” Zhang Mengyao has an incredulous expression.

Lin Xian was amused and said jokingly: “If you want that, then I have no objection!”

”Lin Xian, I’ll fight it out with you!”

Zhang Mengyao was so angry that she threw herself on him and softly punched his arms several times.

Lin Xian smirked and patted her pleated skirt a few times.

She got scared and hurriedly jumped away from his arms like a frightened little rabbit.

Lin Xian was about to speak when he suddenly realized something…

Her reaction is a bit… too sensitive.

Before he and Yan Xiaoman had their first night together, Yan Xiaoman was shy.

But Zhang Mengyao’s reactions are a little too intense.

Could it be that…


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