Chapter 140 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Who is the grandson?

Seeing Lin Xian looking at her from top to bottom incredulously, Zhang Mengyao held her pleated skirt with both hands.

Then she cursed somewhat softly: “What are you looking at? Pervert!”

”Haha!” Lin Xian smiled meaningfully.

He felt that he seemed to have uncovered Zhang Mengyao’s secret.

That smile made Zhang Mengyao even more uncomfortable.

She hurriedly tried to change the subject and said, “Lin Xian, where are we going for dinner tonight?”

”Wherever. Do you want Sichuan food?” Lin Xian asked.

After leaving home, he never gets to eat Sichuan food again, so he suddenly mentioned eating the same tonight to relieve his craving.

Zhang Mengyao waved her hand and said, “Forget it. Let us just eat at the Jinda Canteen!”

Lin Xian: “???”‘

‘You have already decided on it, so why even ask my opinion?’

Zhang Mengyao put away the pen and paper and waved and said: “Let’s go!”

Walking all the way to the school cafeteria, Lin Xian asked: “How’s the food in Jinda Canteen?”

”Why? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to eat anything?” Zhang Mengyao asked

Lin Xian did not think much and just glanced at her pleated skirt.

Don’t be deceived by her carefree words. But she’s just trying to hide her feelings, as a matter of fact, she’s really in a panic.

But she really has good acting skill and her expression is just like usual.

Xiao Xue did not notice it and she just took the initiative to say: “The food in our canteen is delicious, especially the chicken and rice noodles. I eat it almost every day.”

The three of them finally arrived at the canteen. Based on Xiao Xue’s strong recommendation, Lin Xian ordered chicken noodles.

Under the countless envious gazes, Lin Xian found a secluded place where they sat down.

Zhang Mengyao suddenly smiled and remarked: “Hehe, I don’t need to take out and eat my meals at the dorm anymore.”

Lin Xian recalled the gazes just now and asked, “Are there many people hitting on you before?”

Zhang Mengyao sighed and said: “It’s okay. It’s just the way they strike up a conversation is too awkward and easily destroys my appetite.”

Xiao Xue on the side interrupted and said: “Jinda is not Jincai. It is difficult to find a beautiful girl here and a freshman at that. The seniors are just too active.”

Lin Xian couldn’t comment as he was afraid that Zhang Mengyao would vilify him.

So Lin Xian did not give her a chance and just bowed his head to taste the noodles.

The taste is okay, mainly because the soup base is good, and the flavor is strong.

Halfway through the meal, Xiao Xue said suddenly, “You two seem to be very famous!”


Lin Xian could not help but be taken aback.

Seeing this, Xiao Xue handed over her mobile phone.

After receiving the phone, the two looked at it together.

The Jinda Forum section was displayed on the mobile phone screen and the pinned post immediately attracted their attention.

【Shocking! The freshman school flower of Jinda did something like this in public…】

What the…

Damn, buddy, whoever you are that posted it, you can work as a part-time editor of the UC shock department.

Lin Xian resisted the urge to complain and continued to click on the post first.

After clicking, a series of photos suddenly appeared.

It was from when the two of them were at the school gate earlier.

There were more than a dozen pictures, and most were photos of the Ferrari 812.

There is also a line of caption below that says: “Although the relationship between the two of them is not clear, but the meaning between the lines is the same as nurturing a lover or a mistress.”

The post was only published an hour ago, yet the number of views is already over a thousand and there were over two hundred comments.

The post is selling like pancakes!

In fact, it is normal for a luxury car to be parked in front of the university but as long as the word ‘school flower’ is added, it will attract a lot of attention.

There are also several comments at the bottom of the post.

”Sigh, has the freshman school flower fallen already?”

”It’s really nice to have money!”

”The goddess of the poor, the goddess of the rich…”

”I don’t know how many male students would be heartbroken by this…”

”Say, do I alone think that this little brother is handsome?”

”Sorry, you can really do whatever you want if you have the money.”

”Why do you people say that they are not a couple? His appearance and temperament are not bad. I think they’re a perfect match. I do not know what you’re too bitter about?!”

”The poster must come to the UC editorial department tomorrow for work!”


Jinda students are still very smart, except for a few people who are caught in rhythm, most students still have their own stance.

“Mengyao, do you want a post to clarify things?” Xiao Xue on the side asked worriedly.

Zhang Mengyao replied calmly: “No. Just let it be. Now no one will bother me moving forward!”

At this moment, Lin Xian smiled and said: “Somebody already clarified things for us.”

Then Lin Xian handed her the phone.

Zhang Mengyao scrolled through the comments and saw someone at the bottom defending them.

“I have seen this male student before. They are high school classmates. I received Zhang Mengyao when school started. This male student sent her here. They’re actually a couple!”

”This post shall be taken down, the poster is just another idiot!”

”The one who posted this must be very jealous!”

”You can smell the sourness across the screen.”

”I seem to know who posted this. And it’s someone who chased Zhang Mengyao before!”

”The truth has been revealed!”

”What are you talking about? What is the truth?”


It seems that for fear of being exposed, the person who created the post also deleted the same.

Zhang Mengyao returned the mobile phone to Xiao Xue and said, “There are really those who don’t know what to do with their time in school. But anyway this is also a good thing. After this, it will be completely quiet!”

The incident was just a minor episode and neither Lin Xian nor Zhang Mangyao cared.

After eating, Xiao Xue said: “I still have a pile of dirty clothes. I will go back first!”

Looking at the back of leaving Xiao Xue, Lin Xian smiled and asked, “Care for a stroll?”

Hearing this, Zhang Mengyao blushed, bit her lower lip lightly, and then said weakly: “I…I am not ready yet!”

Lin Xian was immediately overjoyed.

He really wanted to just go out for a stroll, yet Zhang Mengyao already thought of such things.

Moreover, her reaction further validated his guess earlier.

Lin Xian looked at her from top to bottom a few times and then raised his eyebrow and asked, “Zhang Mengyao, don’t you have any problems?”

Hearing this, Zhang Mengyao frowned and said: “Who… who said I have a problem? This old lady is in very good condition!”

”Don’t force yourself. I can understand!” Lin Xian said seriously while suppressing his laugh.

“You know shit, this old lady is really fine, why do I have to force myself?”

Zhang Mengyao grabbed Lin Xian out of the school saying: “Let us go now! Whoever backs out is the grandson!”

Damn, is this alright too?

Lin Xian almost couldn’t hold back his laugh.


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