Chapter 16 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Treasure Boy!

At a price of 8,800 a bottle, Lin Xian felt that it was okay.

“Let’s try two bottles first and if it doesn’t taste good, anyway, we can change into other wines.”

Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help but be stunned: “It is so expensive. A bottle of wine is higher than my dad’s monthly salary.”

“Try it first, then if you don’t like it, change into other wines.” Lin Xian shook Yan Xiaoman’s little hand and said with a smile.

Yan Xiaoman felt sweet and nodded shyly.

But Wang Lan face-palmed her forehead and said in her heart: ‘This is bad.’

Turning her head, she saw An Ran narrowing her beautiful eyes and looking at Lin Xian with scrutiny.

As her best friend, Wang Lan is too familiar with this look.

Every time An Ran squinted her eyes, it means that she has a great interest in a certain thing or a person.

Thinking of it, Wang Lan leaned and whispered: “I warn you. This is my cousin’s boyfriend!”

“I know, ‘Boyfriend’!”

An Ran’s expression remained unchanged. Her tone seems normal but the corners of her mouth gradually evoked an arc.

Earlier, An Ran did not pay too much attention to Lin Xian since he was dressed in plain clothes and didn’t wear famous brands.

At this moment, after taking a good look, she found out that she couldn’t see through him even a bit.

A simple, low-key, and humble boy ordered two bottles of very expensive wine.

”It is interesting that I could meet such a treasure boy!”

An Ran’s squinted beautiful eyes were shining, and the whole person was like a fox that had just found its prey.

“You are making it hard for me.” Wang Lan sighed and didn’t know how to persuade her.

She has her cousin on one side and her best friend on the other which makes the dilemma.

In Wang Lan’s view, Lin Xian has met all of An Ran’s standards, which was why she was excited earlier.

She is really afraid that An Ran might steal her cousin’s boyfriend. Although her cousin is also very beautiful, but An Ran’s charm is far better than what a young high school student could match.

Hearing Wang Lan’s words, An Ran chuckled and said: “Don’t worry. I won’t bother doing things that involve being a third party. But for a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, who can guarantee the smooth sailing of the relationship, right?”

These words made Wang Lan a little comfortable.

As long as An Ran doesn’t intervene, she doesn’t have anything to worry about.

As for whom Lin Xian and Yan Xiaoman want to be with after they break up, Wang Lan couldn’t care any less.

In fact, when Wang Lan and An Ran first met, their relationship was not so good.

Before, Wang Lan thinks that An Ran is too practical and too materialistic.

However, as time went on, and after they had more contact, Wang Lan’s impression of An Ran also began to change gradually.

An Ran being very practical and materialistic has something to do with her family background, but she also has her own pride.

Unlike other materialistic women, An Ran acquires her material needs through her own efforts.

When she was in college, she made money while studying by working part-time. After graduating from her undergraduate studies, she realized that a Bachelor’s degree is not enough for her to live a comfortable life in Shanghai. And so, she decided to pursue her post-graduate studies.

There was an upstart rich who offered to give An Ran’s needs but she refused without even considering it.

There are also many wealthy second-generation who chased her in luxury cars but An Ran did not pay attention to them because she is not interested in money alone.

Women long for love, and An Ran is no exception.

Of course, if your boyfriend is handsome, young, and wealthy, then it is just a bonus.

This kind of thing is normal. Thinking about it in another way, which poor boy doesn’t want a girlfriend who is a BaiFuMei? (T/N: ‘Bai-fu-mei’ refers to women who are white, rich, and beautiful.)

The world is developing and the era of innocence is long gone.

In this new era of materialism, there seems to be nothing wrong with wanting to live a better life.

After confirming that Lin Xian was not joking, the waiter hurriedly bowed and said: “Sir, you ordered two bottles of Ace of Spades Black Edition totaling 17,600 yuan. Is it through credit card or cash?”

“Swipe the card!”

Lin Xian took out his bank card and handed it over. The light shone on Lin Xian’s watch and the royal blue dial suddenly reflected ripples like that of the water in the sea.

“Okay. Please wait for a moment.” The waiter took the bank card and then turned to leave.

An Ran glanced at Lin Xian’s watch and said: “The watch is very beautiful. The price should be very expensive?”

Lin Xian smiled and said in a low-key manner: “It is worthless, it’s just a replica, just a few yuan.”

An Ran smiled happily and stopped talking. But the look of interest in her eyes grew stronger.

Seeing this, Wang Lan could only sigh in secret.

At this moment, Wang Lan hopes that Lin Xian would be more showy. It is best if he acted like those other rich second generations and yell that he will pay for the consumption of everyone in the bar tonight.

At the very least, An Ran would be turned off.

The majority of people who come to the open-air bar are tourists. But very few order the Ace of Spades.

For high-profile customers like Lin Xian, the bar should naturally serve him with priority.

Only a few minutes later, three waiters pushed a trolley over.

In addition to the two bottles of Ace of Spades Black edition, there is also a huge fruit plate and seven to eight kinds of snacks on the cart.

“Sir, this is a special fruit plate and snack from our bar.”

After putting the bottle of Ace of Spades on the table and the fruit plate, the waiter opened the wine bottle and suggested: “ Sir, for the Ace of Spades, I suggest you drink it fresh because it will affect the taste and fruity aroma of the wine if opened for a long time.”

“If you want to open another bottle, just let me know any time.“


Lin Xian nodded and took out two banknotes and handed them over.

He was quite satisfied with the waiter, so he tipped 200 yuan.

“Thank you, sir. Then I won’t disturb you anymore.”

After receiving the tip, the waiter smiled even more and the other two waiters pushed the cart with envy on their faces.

They can hardly meet such a high-profile customer so the other two waiters can only lament that they aren’t lucky enough to meet Lin Xian.


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