Chapter 17 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly


The pale golden wine constantly exudes bubbles in the tulip wine glass.

Lin Xian picked up the wine glass and smelled it, and a faint fruity fragrance immediately filled up the tip of his nose.

It is strange that the raw material for champagne is grapes, but this wine smells with several fruity aromas.

Yan Xiaoman also smelled the wine and couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised: “It really has a fruity fragrance to it. It smells very good.”

She originally thought that the wine would smell bad, but she didn’t expect it to smell very good.

Wang Lan raised the wine glass and said, “Thanks to you, this is the first time I will drink the Ace of Spades Lin Xian. Let’s toast a glass for you.”

Upon hearing this, An Ran and Yan Xiaoman also raised their wine glasses.

“As long as everyone is happy!”

Lin Xian smiled slightly and clinked glasses with the three women and took a sip.

Upon the entrance of the wine in the mouth, there is a sourness and astringent taste to it, followed by bitterness. The bitterness doesn’t last for long until the whole mouth is full of sweetness.

Coupled with the bubbles in the wine, it gives a very refreshing feeling.

The wine is expensive and there is actually a reason behind it. It is indeed better than sparkling wine.

Lin Xian feels very comfortable enjoying the evening breeze and the fine wine, watching the night view, and being accompanied by beautiful women.

What Lin Xian wants is this kind of carefree life.

After taking a sip of the wine, Yan Xiaoman’s face turned a little red. Under the influence of the alcohol, she took the initiative to hold Lin Xian’s hand under the table.

Lin Xian smiled slightly and held her soft white hand and played with it lightly.

The two little hands are having fun playing under the table. (T/N: Lewd)

Wang Lan put down the wine glass and raised her eyebrows: “Why do I feel like it doesn’t taste any different from other champagnes?”

“Champagne is like this. It is difficult to distinguish them for ordinary people. There are very subtle differences between the varieties. Top-quality champagnes pursue perfection, and although their excellence is close to perfection, there are still differences after all. Only those who appreciate and have a love for wine can understand the difference.”

Although An Ran was explaining to Wang Lan, her eyes were on Lin Xian and there seemed to be a different meaning hidden in her words.

Lin Xian’s heart was moved and he had the feeling that An Ran is teasing him. But An Ran’s expression was indifferent and her eyes were clear. Lin Xian could not see anything abnormal.

Looking at her, An Ran has already turned her head and is now chatting with Wang Lan about the university.

‘Damn it! This woman is too sultry!’

An Ran’s facial features are very delicate, with a simple and natural aura. At first glance, it seems she is very pure. But after a few more glances, she gives people a very charming feeling.

This beauty with a contradictory appearance and temperament reminded Lin Xian of a star from more than twenty years ago. (T/N: No name given, I don’t know who he is talking about)

She is the kind that does not rely on makeup and clothing to show a charming temperament from inside and out, just like that star.

In many cases, temperament is what catches the attention more than appearance.

“I have been to Shanghai many times. It is so beautiful to see the Bund from this angle for the first time.”

Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help but enjoy the evening breeze.

Lin Xian clasped her fingers tightly, held up the wine glass with his other hand, and said: “Sister Lan, thank you for bringing us here so that we can enjoy such a beautiful night view.”

“You’re welcome!”

Wang Lan clinked glasses with Lin Xian and drank the wine all in one go.

Picking up a piece of watermelon, Wang Lan asked: “Lin Xian, which university did you apply for?”

“Jinling University of Finance and Economics!” Lin Xian replied. (T/N: jīn líng = pre-Han name for Nanjing; This university is more popularly known as Nanjing University of Finance and Economics)

As for why he chose Jinling University of Finance and Economics, does he still need to say so?

The young ladies of Jinling are all good-looking. Lin Xian has also considered this.

Wang Lan nodded and said: “Jinling is not far from Shanghai, so I will come to check on you in the future.”

“Xiaoman goes to school in FD and will visit me often in the future. Sister Lan need not trouble herself at that time. “

Yan Xiaoman’s expression remained unchanged, but the little hand under the table mischievously scratched Lin Xian’s palm.

“How can it be troublesome? For me following a rich man is not troublesome at all.” Wang Lan said with a grin.

As time passes by, there are more and more guests in the open-air bar, and the atmosphere gradually becomes more lively.

After they finished the two bottles of Ace of Spades, Lin Xian asked, “Would you like to drink a little more?”

“No need!”

Wang Lan waved her hand and shook her head. “I have had a lot of fun tonight. Drinking some more will be boring. Let’s go. It is time to go home!”

Lin Xian nodded and the four of them got up and took the elevator leaving the bar.

For over two hours in the bar, the relationship between Yan Xiaoman and Lin Xian heated up sharply.

This is the case for girls of this age. Once you are able to pierce that layer of window paper, everything can go on its way.

Yan Xiaoman was very shy before, but now she dares to hold hands with Lin Xian in front of everyone.

This is also one of the reasons why Wang Lan decided to go home. She is afraid that if they stay for long, Yan Xiaoman will develop the urge to follow Lin Xian back to the hotel tonight…

“Sister Lan, how do you plan to go home tonight? Do you need to find a driver?” Lin Xian asked.

Although the alcohol content is not that high, just more than 20%, it is still better not to drive.

“You don’t need to find a driver for us. I will just call my dad to pick us up.” Wang Lan said while turning her eyes to An Ran and asked; “An Ran, come with us!”

“No trouble. I will make a call for a driver.”

An Ran flipped her hair and finally smiled at Lin Xian: “Brother Lin Xian, thank you for treating us tonight. See you next time! I’m leaving now!”

Seeing An Ran leave just like that, Wang Lan was a little surprised.

According to An Ran’s personality, Wang Lan thought that she would have at least added Lin Xian on WeChat, but she just left.

“Lin Xian, how about you?” Yan Xiaoman asked. Her face was a little red and she seems really drunk.

Lin Xian smiled and responded: “I can just walk back to the hotel. Anyway, it is not far, just across the night market.”

“When you arrive at the hotel, remember to send me a message!”

Yan Xiaoman reluctantly let go of Lin Xian’s hand as she instructed him to send her a message as soon as she gets back to the hotel.

“Okay, you guys also be safe. I will go first.”

Lin Xian waved his hand and left in the direction of the hotel.

In the taxi, An Ran looked at the phone, lost in her thoughts.

She looked at the screen of her phone, it was Lin Xian’s Vacheron Constantin Overseas series Royal blue watch. Below it was a price of 224,000!

After a while, An Ran put away her phone and a smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. “Lin Xian? What an interesting treasure boy!”


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