Chapter 18 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

A system with a true conscience!

Just a few cups of Ace of Spades made Lin Xian a little drunk.

He walked all the way back to the Four Seasons Hotel, took a cold bath, and he felt energetic again.

As soon as he walked out of the bathroom, he heard a ring from his phone. Lin Xian picked up his phone and found out that it was Yan Xiaoman calling.

“Hello! What’s the matter?” Lin Xian asked.

“What are you doing? Why didn’t you reply immediately to my message?” Yan Xiaoman interrogated and said in a serious tone.

Lin Xian naturally responded: “I took a shower! What else will I be doing?!”

“Really? You didn’t fool around outside?” Yan Xiaoman continued to ask.

Lin Xian joked as he wiped his wet hair. “I didn’t expect you would see it. Okay! I will tell you the truth. Right now, I am in a super high-end nightclub surrounded by a dozen of young beautiful ladies.”

“Lin Xian!!!”

Feeling the vibration in his eardrum, Lin Xian hurriedly removed the phone from his ears.

After a few seconds, he went on: “What are you doing being so loud? My ears almost became deaf because of you.”


Yan Xiaoman hummed softly and asked: “Lin Xian, really, where are you now?”

In fact, she knew that Lin Xian was teasing her again, but she was a little worried. What if this bastard really went to a nightclub?

On the way home, Wang Lan said a lot of things that gave Yan Xiaoman a sense of anxiety.

“Then, where do you want me to be now?”

Lin Xian walked into the small bar, took a bottle of drink from the fridge, opened the same, and took a sip.

Yan Xiaoman said without hesitation: “Hotel!”


Lin Xian sighed and continued: “It is too lonely for me to stay alone in this big hotel room. It would be great if someone came to accompany me!”

“Pervert!” Yan Xioman’s voice slightly became shy.

“as long as you come with me here, I promise to stay in the hotel room and not go anywhere else.” Lin Xian laughed.

Yan Xiaoman said: “Don’t even think about it Lin Xian! Let me tell you now, don’t expect me to do that thing with you before I even graduate from university!”


Hearing this, Lin Xian laughed and said nothing more.

If you argue with women, you will just lose.

A month ago, Yan Xiaoman said she wouldn’t fall in love before she graduates from university?

But what about now?

“Let’s stop talking. My cousin urged me to take a shower. You have to be good and stay in the hotel. See you tomorrow.” Yan Xiaoman then hung up the phone.

After Yan Xiaoman hung up, Lin Xian also hung up the phone and took a picture of his room which he then shared with his circle of friends in WeChat.

In the bathroom, Yan Xiaoman looked at Lin Xian’s WeChat and felt sweet in her heart.

Sitting on the bed, Lin Xian began to sip a drink and began to study the system shop.

At present, this system shop will only refresh one product at a time. He wonders if the products will increase as the level is increased?

What makes Lin Xian most depressed is that if he doesn’t buy the items in the shop, the shop will not refresh.

In other words, no matter what product it is, he must buy it if he wants the system shop to refresh!

“I always feel that this system has some hidden agenda or something!” Lin Xian said.

Shaking his head, he looks at the only item in the shop.

[Mystery Tape]: This tape contains a song that you have never heard before. Price: 100,000 yuan!

Looking at the product description, Lin Xian had a lot of questions in mind.

So this mystery tape costs 100,000 yuan just for a single song?

This system is too weird, right?

After hesitating for a moment, Lin Xian finally decided to buy it.

He just spent one hundred thousand yuan to refresh the system shop, and it will also increase the experience points.

Keeping this in mind, he suddenly realized that the 100,00 yuan seemed to be worth the money.

“Buy the product!”

After the purchase, the column of the system shop suddenly changed.

Host: Lin Xian

Grade: LV3

LV3 Privilege Reward: “Every time you blink, you will get 0.4 yuan.”

Upgrade experience: 126,900/1,000,000 (Experience points can only be obtained through spending, not through loans or money earned!)

System Shop: 23:59:59 left before the next product refresh.

Props: [Mystery Tape]

Skill: [Driving a Ferrari with one hand]

Amount: 749,808.1 yuan

The experience points needed to achieve LV4 are more than 800,000 points.

Lin Xian currently has earnings of 740,000. Based on his current daily income of 7,680, he will be able to accumulate enough money to upgrade again in about fifteen days.

In fact, Lin Xian had many other methods to quickly upgrade the system level, but he didn’t implement them.

The main reason is that he does not want to disrupt his lifestyle and become a slave to money.

There are many ways in making money. But Lin Xian feels that enjoying life and doing what you like the most is the most important thing.

Looking at the black tape in the system interface, Lin Xian finally decided to listen to it.

Although he feels it is useless, he still spent 100,000 yuan on it, so he couldn’t just keep it there forever.

“But how should I use it? Do I have to buy a walkman?” Lin Xian frowned.

“Take out the props!”

What he didn’t expect was that after taking out the tape, it disappeared into thin air without a trace.

At the same time, a melody sounded in his mind.

“Woke up naturally at 7:30 every morning.”

“The wind chimes rang again and the clouds were light all day.”

“Good Clothes Feel good.”

“Everything is soft and peaceful.”

(T/N: From the song 平凡的一天/Ordinary Days)

Earlier, Lin Xian was lamenting on this trash prop, and the next second after the melody sounded, he immediately got immersed in the song.

The melody of the song isn’t that beautiful and the lyrics are unremarkable.

But such a simple song made Lin Xian extremely relaxed and comfortable.

“This is the most ordinary day.”

“Do you miss it too?”

“Do not chase or hurry and walk home slowly.”

“I wasted my time in this way, not concerned.”

“Only the evening breeze is blowing your cheeks.”

“This is the perfect day.”

“Do you want it too?”

“Life can be less complicated.”

“I wasted my time this way, not concerned.”

“Only the evening breeze flicked her cheeks.”

“Someday, I will find her.”


After listening to the song, Lin Xian felt that it was a perfect portrayal of himself.

Do not rush or slow down. Do not chase or catch up. Just enjoy life quietly and taste the sweetness of it.

Although he has not studied music professionally, he still appreciates it when a song is good.

It is no exaggeration to say that this song definitely has the potential to be popular or become a hit.

It has the potential to be a popular song yet it only costs 100,000 yuan!

Just now, he scolded the system for having a hidden agenda, now he realized that it was actually a bargain!

For a while, he had more expectations for the system shop.

Of course, Lin Xian doesn’t have any idea to make money out of this song.

He won’t tire himself to make money in this life.

He will only earn by blinking his eyes!

After yawning, he turned off the light in the room and continued to play the song in his mind.

Soon, Lin Xian fell asleep under the bursts of the melody…


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  1. This is the first time I have seen an MC not sell the song immediately . I am starting to like this series . Thanks for the update 🙂 . I’m a student so I can’t pay for the Patreon ;(

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