Chapter 19 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Love is in the air!

Early in the morning, at seven, Lin Xian walked out of the bathroom.

Because he went to bed early last night and he still has a habit of waking up a little after six when he was in high school, he got up early as usual.

He sent a message to Yan Xiaoman.

Seeing that the other party did not reply, he knew that she should still be asleep.

Having nothing to do, he went to the gym on the top floor.

The Four Seasons Hotel’s gym is open 24 hours a day and guests can come in for free at any time.

Lin Xian thought he must be very early, but when he walked into the gym there are already about seven or eight people working out.

He finds an idle treadmill, puts on his earphones, and started jogging.

After running for half an hour, Lin Xian stopped.

He sat on the lounge chair and was breathing heavily.

At this time, a bottle of mineral water appeared in his vision.

Lin Xian was taken aback for a moment. He looked up and found out that there was a young lady handing him the water bottle. The young lady seemed to be jogging on the treadmill next to him just now.

The lady doesn’t look very old, about twenty years old. She had very good looks. She was wearing a fitness yoga pants and a sports vest. Her hair is tied with a ponytail and her wheat-colored skin reveals a breath of health and youth.

Lin Xian took the water and thanked her, “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome!”

The young lady waved her hand and stared at the watch on Lin Xian’wrist and said, “The watch is very beautiful.”

Just as Lin Xian was about to speak, he discovered that the young lady was also wearing the same Vacheron Constantin series on her wrist.

Both of their watches had royal blue dials.

Their watches turned out to be the same, except that the strap of the young lady’s watch was replaced with a rubber one.

It wasn’t until this time that Lin Xian understood why this lady would give him water.

Shaking his watch, Lin Xian smiled and said, “It’s a coincidence. I thought only men would choose this kind of watch.”

“The pursuit of adventure and excitement is not only a man’s right.”

The young lady smiled beautifully, revealing a very white teeth shining like the sun.

After taking a sip of the bottled water, the young lady continued: “Also, let me give you a suggestion. It is best to change the strap of the watch to the rubber strap. Metal straps are not very suitable for sports.”

“I bought a watch for the first time so I don’t know much. Thank you for your suggestion.” Lin Xian smiled.

The young lady then asked: “By the way, do you want to continue?”

Lin Xian glanced at the time and shook his head and said, “No. I’ll get going now. I still have something to do.”

“Okay. See you around!” said the young lady and then left.

After returning to his room, he took a shower and once more felt refreshed.

“This feeling is very good. It seems that I have to continue with this morning exercises every day.”

After getting dressed, Lin Xian brought his breakfast coupons and went all the way to the restaurant on the second floor.

Although the food is just average, the dimsums are very good.

A cup of milk, a crab bun, a steamed dumpling, and a small dish of pickles made up his breakfast.

A half an hour of exercise had really boosted his appetite. Finally, he filled his stomach with two cups of tea.

After breakfast, Yan Xiaoman sent a message: “Wow, you got up so early!”

She just began a romantic relationship with Lin Xian last night, so she felt a bit unstable. She was unable to calm down and so tossed herself a little bit before she finally fell asleep.

“What are we doing today?” Lin Xian sent a vice message.

Yan Xiaoman: “Oh can’t speak right now. I am having breakfast with my aunt and uncle. It is not very convenient to speak.”

Looking at Yan Xiaoman’s message, Lin Xian could imagine the guilt expression on her face while she had a smile on the corners of her mouth.

Soon, Yan Xiaoman sent another WeChat message: “Accompany me to the FD university today. Don’t’ you refuse! You have to familiarize yourself with the school in advance so that it will be easier for you to come to me later!”

‘Go to FD University?’

Lin Xian thought for a while and then typed his reply: “Let’s go!”

Yan Xiaoman: “Wait for me in the hotel for about an hour. I will come to you.”

‘One hour?’

‘Okay, that’s just enough for one or two rank matches.’

Thinking of this, Lin Xian returned to the room again.

The only advantage of the deluxe room is that it is complete and the reception area has a large-screen computer.

When he turned on the computer, Lin Xian felt happy. There is actually a LOL icon on the desktop!

He doesn’t know if it was the hotel staff or the previous guest who downloaded it which saved him the download time.

He clicked the icon to open the game and entered the rank interface. He selected Yasuo in seconds.

‘Face the wind.’

In the 50 minutes of fierce battle, Lin Xian controlled Yasuo with a perfect EQ, flashing big moves.

In the end, seeing their own base exploding and the defeat interface popping up, Lin Xian couldn’t help but sigh.

“It’s a pity!”

Looking at the time, Lin Xian turned off the computer and went all the way down the hotel lobby.

Not long after, he saw Yan Xiaoman stepping inside the hotel.

Seeing that she was not accompanied by anyone, Lin Xian couldn’t help but ask: “You are alone today? Didn’t Sister Lan follow you?”

“My cousin originally wanted to come with me, but her professor suddenly called and so she went back to school!” Yan Xiaoman explained.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

Lin Xian smiled slightly and took Yan Xiaoman’s hand and walked out of the hotel.

Yan Xiaoman symbolically broke free twice and let Lin Xian lead her. Her eyes are full of happiness.

Calling a taxi, Lin Xian asked, “Which campus are you on?”

“I applied for Language and Literature, which is on the HD campus.” (T/N: HD Campus = Handan Campus)


Lin Xian nodded and said to the driver: “Mister, FD University, HD campus.”

Their destination is less than 10 kilometers away but took them about an hour in traffic.

However, the two just started their relationship so they don’t feel impatient, and enjoy their time together. Even if they don’t speak, and just snuggle together quietly, it is enough to make Yan Xiaoman’s heart fascinated.


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