Chapter 20 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Young girls’ feelings are always poetic!

Standing in front of the gate of FD University, you can be able to see a towering bronze statue in the school at a glance.

During the summer vacation, FD University can be visited at any time during the day.

The security guard in the guardhouse in the school gate glanced at Lin Xian and Yan Xiaoman and waved at them letting them in.

Walking into the campus, Yan Xiaoman had curiosity in her eyes and smiled: “My next years will be spent here.”

Lin Xian asked: “Where are we going now?”

“I have actually made a guide in advance. Let’s go to the Zibin Courtyard first, then go to the Guanghua Tower to experience the glorious wind of Shanghai. Then we shall go visit Yanyuan…”

Yan Xiaoman looked serious with all the details she was blurting out of her mouth and her fingers busy pointing on today’s itinerary, not to mention how cute she is.

Lin Xian couldn’t hold back for a while and leaned forward to peck on her smooth face.


With the sudden attack, Yan Xiaoman whispered and her pretty face flushed and she acted like a frightened deer.

Yan Xiaoman quickly looked around and found a few people scattered and sitting on the lawn and chairs nearby. Her face turned red.

“It’s over. They must have seen it!” Yan Xiaoman said shyly, covering her face.

Lin Xian grabbed her shoulders and smiled: “So what if they saw it. Are you not allowed to express your feelings?”

“Humph! You are bullying me again!”

Yan Xiaoman snorted proudly. Then she stretched out her small hand and pinched him gently around his waist.

The two of them got closer.

FD University deserves to be a prestigious school. The quality of education is very good. Even if it is summer vacation, you can still see students in the school. The students are either seated on the lawn quietly reading books, or in a hurry while carrying a bunch of materials. All of them seemed to have something they are extremely busy with.

The temperature in the morning is relatively cool and Lin Xian and Yan Xiaoman walked around the campus holding hands.

Zibin Courtyard is not open to tourists, so the two of them just strolled outside and went to their next destination.

Guanghua Tower is considered to be the most distinctive building of FD University.

The building is 142 meters high and has a unique architectural design that causes s great movement of air. The strong winds can be felt in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. It is therefore commonly referred to by FD students as “Shanghai’s Guanghua Wind”.

When Lin Xian and Yan Xiaoman went to the Guanghua Tower, they suddenly felt a strong wind coming at them.

“The wing is really strong. It is amazing!” Yan Xiaoman said in surprise.

“It really is amazing!”

Lin Xian couldn’t help but sigh as he admired the design of the Guanghua Tower.

With the passage of time, the temperature began to rise gradually.

There is a central lawn in front of the Guanghua Tower. Lin Xian smiled and said: “Let’s go and sit down for a while.”

Yan Xiaoman nodded as she was a little tired from all the walking around for some time.

There are also a lot of students seated on the central lawn because there is a lot of shade as the lawn is right in front of the tall building of Guanghua. They are able to enjoy the coolness of Shanghai’s Guanghua Wind.

Looking for a shady spot, Lin Xian lay on the grass comfortably, with his hands behind his head.

He turned his head slightly and admired the side of Yan Xiaoman’s face.

Yan Xiaoman was a little embarrassed and said in a fierce tone. “Why are you staring at me all the time?”

Lin Xian responded lazily: “Am I not allowed to appreciate the beauty of my girlfriend?”


Yan Xiaoman seemed to have suddenly thought of something as her pretty face flushed.

Not far away, a boy sat alone in the shade of a tree, holding a guitar and a music sheet.

This buddy seemed to be a beginner as Lin Xian heard several problems with his guitar playing.

Yan Xiaoman with an envious look then asked: “Lin Xian, do you know how to play the guitar?”

“Yes! But my skills are not that good.”

Lin Xian has studied playing the guitar for two years when he was still in junior high school. At that time, he was trying to learn it without any purpose. He just thought that it makes a person who knows how to play it very handsome.

It was only when after his early years in high school that he seldom played it due to a lot of school works and his fascination with LOL.

Occasionally, during his free time and when he feels like it, he takes his guitar out and plays it.

“I want to hear you play the guitar!” Yan Xiaoman said in a slightly coquettish tone.

“No problem, when we return to Jiangzhen City, I will play it for out.” Lin Xian promised.

“Wait for me!”

Yan Xiaoman gritted her teeth and stood up suddenly. She then walked quickly towards the boy in front of them.

Not long after, Lin Xian saw Yan Xiaoman walking back holding a guitar.

Seeing this, Lin Xian was a little surprised and couldn’t help but sigh slightly.

Young girls’ feelings are always poetic. (T/N: always brimming with romantic feelings)

Perhaps it is precisely because of this that Lin Xian would like her.

“Lin Xian, Lin Xian. I borrowed a guitar.” Yan Xiaoman said happily.

Lin Xian straightened his body, took the guitar and strummed the strings, and asked, “What song would you like to listen to?”

“It’s okay. You can play any song.”

Yan Xiaoman put her hands on her cheeks and blinked her big eyes. Rays of sunlight traveling through the gaps in the branches and the leaves, and the scene looked as beautiful as a painting.

After plucking the strings a few times, Lin Xian listened to the habitual tuning of the strings and soon found the feeling of playing the guitar.

The mystery tape purchased in the system shop is not only a good song, but the key is also very easy and comes to mind clearly.

With the melody in his head, Lin Xian played and sang.

“Woke up naturally at 7:30 every morning.”

“The wind chimes rang again and the clouds were light all day.”

“Good Clothes Feel good.”

“Everything is soft and peaceful.”

“Every intersection flowers bloom in the sun.”

“There is a nice love song in front of the shop.”

“It won’t take long to get to your destination.”

“It’s full of goodwill.”

“This is the most ordinary day.”

“Do you miss it too?”

“Do not chase or hurry and walk home slowly.”

“I wasted my time in this way, not concerned.”

“Only the evening breeze is blowing your cheeks…”


Hearing the song for the first time, won’t make people feel amazing. It is like a trickle, not in a rush or slowing down, and gradually immerses the soul.

It is like a cup of fragrant tea. The more you drink it, the better it tastes.

Lin Xian never learned to sing so there were so many flaws in his singing.

But he was so invested in his feelings and it is like the song is being injected into his soul. The flaws from his singing get buried in his emotions.


After he was done singing, there came a burst of applause around him.

Lin Xian discovered at some point that there were seven or eight people seated in the shade near him.

Those people, both male, and female applauded spontaneously.

A guy with short hair stretched out his thumb and praised: “You are awesome!”

“They guy is awesome indeed. Which major is he in?”

“Hey, classmate. Are you interested in joining our guitar club?” A long-haired girl stared at him and invited him to join their club.


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