Chapter 21 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Are you stupid?

Yan Xiaoman feels that the happiness in her heart is about to overflow.

The temperature is just right, and the breeze is not dry.

Seated on the green lawn, a boy sang and played the guitar while the girl listened quietly.

This should be the most romantic thing she can imagine, especially that Lin Xian’s performance drew spontaneous applause from the people around.

Yan Xiaoman’s eyes turned into crescent moons and her face wore a smile.

But when she saw the scorching eyes of the long-haired girl, her senses were suddenly activated, and a trace of vigilance flashed in her eyes.

Lin Xian shook his head and said, “I’m sorry. I am not a student of FD. I just accompanied my girlfriend who is a student here, for a stroll today.”

“It’s okay!” The long-haired girl shook her head and continued: “Little brother must be from another university here in Shanghai. You can come and we can hang out in the future.”

Yan Xiaoman couldn’t stand her anymore and so she said: “He is going to college in Jinling!”

“Oh, so that’s how it is!”

The long-haired girl was a little regretful.

After chatting a few more, everyone left, except for the short-haired boy.

Lin Xian returned the guitar to him and said with a smile: “Thank you, buddy!”

“You’re welcome.”

The short-haired boy waved his hand casually and asked curiously: “Dude, did you write the song you just sang?”


Lin Xian didn’t know who the composer of the song was, so he just replied like that.

“Can you tell me the title of the song?” The short-haired boy seemed to really like the song and so he asked.

Lin Xian pondered for a moment. Thinking through the lyrics of the song, he then replied: “An ordinary day!”

After sending the short-haired boy away, Lin Xian patted his butt as he stood up, smiled, and then said, “Let’s go. It is almost time for lunch.”

“Lin Xian!”

“What’s the matter?” Lin Xian looked at Yan Xiaoman curiously.

Yan Xiaoman pouted her lips and said coquettishly: “Promise me that you will never bully anyone else except for me in the future!”

The long-haired girl just now gave her a sense of crisis.

Lin Xian is very fine. There must be a lot of girls who would be after him as soon as he enters college.

Thinking about this, The expectation in Yan Xiaoman’s eyes grew stronger.

“It depends on your sincerity.” Lin Xian joked.


Yan Xiaoman snorted proudly, changed into a serious tone, and then asked: “What do you want?”

Lin Xian chuckled and did not speak. Instead, he pointed on to his cheek.


Yan Xiaoman gave him an angry look.

After hesitating for a moment, Yan Xiaoman finally stepped forward at her own will.

But at the same moment, Lin Xian suddenly turned his head to face Yan Xiaoman.


It was too late for Yan Xiaoman to realize that something was wrong, so she could only open her innocent eyes.

Thinking that there are a lot of people nearby, Yan Xiaoman struggled to push Lin Xian away, but Lin Xian was quick and hugged her with his arms tightly.

After a full minute, the two got separated.

“Bastard! You bullied me again!” Yan Xiaoman gasped slightly and was a little annoyed.

Lin Xian stretched out his hand to wipe the corners of his mouth slightly and then said, “But you said you only want me to bully you.”

Yan Xiaoman’s heart was shaken, and she said softly: “One day, I would be bullied to death by you!”

Soon, the two walked hand in hand on the campus with a smile on Yan Xiaoman’s face.

“Where do you want to eat lunch?” Lin Xian asked.


”Yan Xiaoman pondered for a moment and then suggested: “Should we eat in FD cafeteria?”

“Okay! It is up to you.” Lin Xian nodded.


The FD cafeteria is still open during the summer vacation.

But because there are fewer students during the summer, only the first floor of the cafeteria is open.

After arriving at the cafeteria, the two of them were dumbfounded as the cafeteria only accepts meal cards and does not accept cash and online transfers.

“Strange. The information on the internet clearly stated that the FD cafeteria is open even to outsiders.” Yan Xiaoman was bitter and a little depressed.

“Only the FD cafeteria in the South District and Chunhui restaurant is open to the public. But it’s summer vacation today, so both are closed.” Said the short-haired boy from earlier.

“Here. Use mine.” The short-haired boy took out his meal card and smiled.

“Thank you. Let me transfer the money to you through WeChat.” Lin Xian said his thanks and took out his phone to transfer the money.

The short-haired boy refused but Lin Xian insisted and finally transferred the 50 yuan.

The cost of meals in the FD University cafeteria is relatively cheap.

Two people’s meals only cost 50 yuan.

The two found a secluded corner and ate their lunch while talking and laughing.

After the meal, Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help but sigh slightly.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian asked: “What’s the matter? Did you not like the food?”

Yan Xiaoman pouted her lips and said: “Lin Xian, it would have been better if you are also going to study at FD University.”

The two were too tender and affectionate and didn’t want to separate for a moment.

But when Yan Xiaoman thought that they would be in two different places as soon as school started, Yan Xiaoman felt very reluctant.

“I will come to see you.” Lin Xian comforted.

“Then you must come. Or else… I will come to you and kill you with one bite!” Yan Xiaoman threatened.

The hot weather in the afternoon makes it impossible to continue strolling around the campus.

So after eating, the two took a taxi back to Jing’an Weihai Road.

Standing in front of the hotel, Lin Xian asked: “Are there any plans for the afternoon?”

“I don’t know!” Yan Xiaoman shook his head in a cute expression.

Lin Xian smiled and said, “Then accompany me to stroll around the mall. I will go back tomorrow and so I need to buy two gifts for my parents!”

“You will leave tomorrow? Why so fast?!”

Yan Xiaoman was dumbfounded and her eyes were full of frustration.

“I planned to go back after buying the watch. But I stayed for one more day to be with you.”

Hearing these words, Yan Xiaoman felt very happy, but quickly said in a depressed tone: “If you are gone, If I go back alone, what should I do with those suitcases?”

Lin Xian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he replied: “Are you stupid? You can have your suitcases delivered to your home directly from Shanghai, so you can go home empty-handed, so easy!”

“Oh, That’s right! I didn’t think of that.” Yan Xiaoman’s eyes lit up.

The thought of going home empty-handed made her feel a lot more at ease.

“Moreover, the clothes and daily necessities you brought you don’t have to bring back home. You can store them at your cousin’s house. When school starts, you can use them.

“Yeah! That’s right!”

Yan Xiaoman nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.


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