Chapter 22 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

The price is very close to the people!

Opposite to the Four Seasons Hotel, just across the road, is the TaiKoo Hui Shopping Mall.

The sun in the sky has already become hotter and hotter.

Lin Xian asked for a parasol at the front desk of the hotel.

Lin Xian and Yan Xiaoman walked leisurely towards the TaiKoo Hui Shopping Mall.

For women, shopping is like an innate talent.

After entering the square, Yan Xiaoman immediately occupied the dominant role and hurriedly dragged Lin Xian around the shops with interest.

Walking out of a clothing store, Yan Xiaoman asked, “By the way, what gift do you want to buy for uncle and aunt?”

Lin Xian thought for a moment and said, “My mother prefers jade, so I plan to buy for her a jade bracelet. As for my dad, his only hobby is smoking, so I will buy him a lighter!”

Both of them don’t know much about jades. Fortunately, TaiKoo Hui is a high-end mall. The shops in the mall are all famous brands so they won’t have a problem choosing.

They chose a jewelry store named Yuyuan and walked in.

The brand Yuyuan is actually very famous in the local jade industry. Although the prices are more expensive than the other shops, at least all products are certainly authentic.

Accompanied by the shopping guide, the two looked around and after more than ten minutes of looking around, finally chose a Hetian jade bracelet worth 27,000!

In fact, it is difficult to define the price of jade. There is a saying that goes: ‘Gold has a price while jade is priceless.’

How much a piece of jade is sold is based on the quality and fineness of the jade and also depends on the engraving after making the finished product.

A good carving master can make the price of a piece of jade soar for more than ten times, or even a hundred.

It’s not that Lin Xian is reluctant to buy more expensive ones for his mother, but he really doesn’t know much about jades. Although he has the money, he doesn’t want to be taken advantage of.

When he has the chance in the future, he can just give his mother a more expensive one.

After swiping his bank card to pay, the two walked out of the Yuyuan jewelry store.

Yan Xiaoman was silent for a moment and couldn’t help but ask: “Lin Xian, how much pocket money do you have a month?”

Although she knew that Lin Xian was rich, she still felt shocked every time she saw him spend huge amounts of money.

Lin Yuan said casually, “One or two thousand!”

“Hmph, you’re bullying me again.” Yan Xiaoman obviously didn’t believe it.

“One or two thousand a month is enough for you?”

Unless it is about one to two thousand bitcoins.

Lin Xian said sternly: “I really didn’t lie to you!”

Yan Xiaoman opened her eyes wide and was puzzled: “Then where did you get so much money?”

Lin Xian then explained: “I made money from stocks. The stock market has been very good recently, so I earn hundreds of thousands every month.”

As for his source of money, Lin Xian had already thought of an excuse.

That is, stocks!

This excuse is reasonable and credible.

“The stocks are so profitable!” Yan Xiaoman said in surprise.

Lin Xian smiled and said, “I am actually nothing compared to the real financial predators in the stock market who earns or loses hundreds of thousands a minute. Although you make a lot of money in stocks very quickly, that also equates to bearing higher risks. If I lose money, you shall be responsible for me.”

“Who would want to support you?!”

Yan Xiaoman pretended to be annoyed to conceal her shyness.

After a few jokes, Yan Xiaoman said suddenly in a serious tone: “Lin Xian, you are so perfect. I feel a lot of pressure.”

She is not joking, the better Lin Xian gets, the more pressure she feels to make herself better as well.

In fact, when they drank at the Indigo Hotel open-air bar last night, Yan Xiaoman realized that An Ran seemed to be very interested in Lin Xian.

Although An ran behaved normally, women’s instincts are often terrifying.

Lin Xian said with a serious face: “Then you will have to work hard. Otherwise, you will only be my little wife in the future!”

“Lin Xian!”

Yan Xiaoman was triggered once more and rushed into Lin Xian’s arms and bit him by the neck in one bite.

Soon, there was a small red mark on his neck.

“Yan Xiaoman, I didn’t know that you are this domineering!”


Yan Xiaoman was taken aback for a moment.

Lin Xian pointed to the red mark on his neck and smiled: “Sealed me in advance so that you can declare sovereignty later, right?”


Hearing this, Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help but laugh. And the slight pressure that had risen on her heart suddenly disappeared.

This is why Yan Xiaoman likes Lin Xian very much. Although this bastard always bullies her, she is still always happy being with him.

After buying two cups of milk tea, the two continued shopping.

While passing by the Cartier Store, Yan Xiaoman’s footsteps stopped suddenly.

Following her gaze through the floor-to-ceiling glass, Lin Xian saw a pair of lovers’ bracelets on a showcase in the store. Hundreds of small diamonds were shining brightly under the light, like the stars in the sky.

Lin Xian smiled slightly and asked softly, “Do you like it?”


Yan Xiaoman nodded vigorously, and said bitterly, “But it’s so expensive!”

At a glance, the price is 388,000, which is not really expensive for the brand Cartier!

“Let’s go in and take a look!”

Lin Xian took her little hand and walked into the Cartier store.

“Hi sir and madam, good afternoon.”

As soon as they walked in, a shopping guide came and greeted them with a smile.

“It is an honor to serve you two. What are you looking for?”

Lin Xian pointed to the couple’s bracelet in the showcase and said, “Can you introduce to us the couple’s bracelet?”


The shopping guide glanced at the Vacheron Constantin watch on Lin Xian’s wrist, and greet them enthusiastically.

The eyes of the employees of top luxury stores are like magic mirrors.

They can tell at a glance whether you are wearing fake or original.

Before coming to the showcase, the shopping guide began to introduce: “The couple bracelet is the new Love Series launched by Cartier this summer. The material of the men’s bracelet is 18K rose gold with the sapphire theme, and it is supplemented by 99 quality diamonds. The ladies’ bracelet is also supplemented by the same quality and quantity of diamonds as embellishments. This time it is made of 18K white gold and the theme is pink gemstones.”

“The theme of this new Love Series is romance. The sapphire symbolizes the tolerance of a man. The pink gemstone symbolizes the love and sensibility of a woman. The 99 diamonds embellishment symbolizes the starry sky at night. Finally, the price is very close to the people, that is 388,000.”

Following the introduction of the shopping guide, Yan Xiaoman’s eyes gradually turned blurry.

It can be said that the design of the bracelet is really beautiful especially when illuminated by the light, it looks very dreamy.


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