Chapter 23 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

What kind of perfect boyfriend is this?

But after hearing the last words of the shopping guide, Yan Xiaoman suddenly came to her senses


‘The price is very close to the people?’

‘Miss, I think you have been misusing the words, ‘close to the people!’

Yan Xiaoman resisted her strong desire to curse. And with difficulty, she moved her gaze away from the bracelet.

“Lin Xian, let’s go!” Yan Xiaoman urged.

She was not worried that Lin Xian couldn’t afford it.

She is worried that Lin Xian would buy it.

Although Yan Xiaoman really liked the couple’s bracelet, but she felt that the price is too expensive and feels it is inappropriate to accept such an expensive gift.

Lin Xian said, “Do you like it? It’s not expensive anyway.”

Upon hearing Lin Xian’s words, the shopping guide’s eyes lit up and immediately looked at Yan Xiaoman with envy.

What Yan Xiaoman was most worried about happened.

Yan Xiaoman shook her head decisively and said: “I don’t like it! Lin Xian, let’s leave and go to the other stores.”


‘Dear, you obviously like it! Why refuse?’

‘Moreover, is there even a woman who can refuse such a request?’

The lady shopping guide is in a very complicated mood and can’t wait to answer for Yan Xiaoman.

In addition, if it were the lady shopping guide’s boyfriend who wanted to buy the couple bracelet for her, she would definitely agree without even the slightest hesitation.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian smiled and said, “Since you don’t like it, then forget it. Let us take a look at the lighter. I heard that Cartier’s lighter is also good.”

Hearing this, Yan Xiaoman let out a sigh of relief.

She didn’t want others to think that she chose Lin Xian because of money.

Although the lady shopping guide was disappointed, the smile on her face remained as she spoke enthusiastically: “The lighters are here. Please, both of you, come with me.”

There are not many lighters in the showcase, only nine.

Yan Xiaoman was secretly stunned as she looked at the prices. The cheapest one costs 5900 yuan while the most expensive one costs 8400 yuan.“

“Xiaoman, take a look for me first. I’ll just go to the comfort room.” Lin Xian said.


Yan Xiaoman nodded indicating that there is no problem.

Seeing this, Lin Xian winked at the shopping guide and then walked quickly towards the corner.

Soon the lady shopping guide followed him.

“Sir, do you need instructions as to where the comfort room is?”

Lin Xian took out his bank card and handed it over, and said, “Wrap the couple bracelet just now. By the way, don’t let my girlfriend know.”

After receiving the bank card, the lady shopping guide’s envy towards Yan Xiaoman suddenly reached its peak.

‘It’s too romantic!’

‘What kind of perfect boyfriend is this?’

‘Why wasn’t I given a boyfriend just like this? ‘

She wailed in her heart and then nodded and said, “Sir, of course. I will take care of everything.”

After staying in the corner for another minute, Lin Xian returned to the showcase.

He held Yan Xiaoman by the shoulders and smiled and asked, “What did you pick?’

“You haven’t told me what uncle does?” Yan Xiaoman gave Lin Xian a blank look.

“Well, he is a chef!” Lin Xian replied.

Yan Xiaoman pondered for a moment and then pointed to one of the lighters and said, “How about this one? It has a more stable shape, very suitable for middle-aged people, and has a black palladium finish. The kitchen oil will not be visible if it is stuck on it. Cleaning it up is also very convenient!”

Women are really attentive to details.

Lin Xian couldn’t help but stretch out his thumb and praised Yan Xiaoman: “You are very attentive to details. My dad will definitely like it!”

Having said that, he smiled at the shopping guide and said: “I will take this. Please wrap it up.”

“Yes, sir!”

After packing the lighter, the two went to the cashier.

After paying, the shopping guide handed out another package and said with a smile, “Sir, this is a gift from our shop. I hope you like it!”

After saying that, the lady shopping guide blinked her eyes in secret.

Lin Xian immediately understood and nodded. “Thank you!”

After walking out of the Cartier store, Lin Xian brought Yan Xiaoman to the Chanel clothing store.

“The clothes here are so beautiful!”

Accompanied by the shopping guide, Yan Xiaoman fell in love with a dress.

So the shopping guide immediately asked her to try it on.

Although the two were dressed in ordinary clothes, they can’t leave out the Cartier box in Lin Xian’s hand.

Soon, Yan Xiaoman tried the dress on.

Lin Xian’s heart raced as soon as Yan Xiaoman went out of the fitting room.

It is said that people’s image depends on their clothing. It looks like it is true.

Yan Xiaoman’s face value in itself is already high, and her temperament really outstanding, with a fairy aura. The dress looks tailored exactly for her. It sets off perfectly her temperament and figure.

“Does it look good?”

Yan Xiaoman turned around and asked nervously.

Lin Xian did not reply to Yan Xiaoman. Instead, he said to the shopping guide, “Please wrap it up!”

Yan Xiaoman peeked at the price tag.

Lin Xian didn’t wait for her to speak and interrupted, “This is my first gift to you. You cannot refuse.”

“Okay!” Yan Xiaoman nodded aggrievedly.

The dress is worth 18,000 yuan which Yan Xiaoman still thinks is very expensive. But since she had already refused to Lin Xian earlier, she nodded her head this time and agreed.

After paying, Lin Xian took advantage of Yan Xiaoman not paying attention. He took out the ladies’ bracelet and hid it together with the dress.

Walking out of the Chanel store, Yan Xiaoman said sternly: “You are not allowed to buy me expensive gifts again in the future!”

“Well then, okay.

Yan Xiaoman who is so used to being bullied by Lin Xian seemed to have guessed what he wanted to say and so she interrupted directly: “Don’t buy expensive gifts for other women as well!”

“Yes, Yan Xiaoman had gotten smarter!” Lin Xian joked.

“Well, this lady has always been smart!” Yan Xiaoman snorted proudly and said: “Lin Xian, you are so good to me. But I really don’t like you to buy me expensive gifts again in the future.”

Lin Xian thought for a while and said in a serious tone: “Okay, I will listen to you!”


After Yan Xiaoman said it, she took the initiative to step forward and pecked him on the face.


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