Chapter 24 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

You deserve to be single!

When they walked out of the TaiKoo Hui Shopping Mall, the sky had already begun to darken.

Lin Xian raised his hand, and looked at the time on his watch, and asked, “What do you want to eat tonight?”

Lin Xian thought that the watch was just a piece of decoration before. But it sure does serve its purpose since if he wants to know the time, he doesn’t have to take out his phone from his pocket anymore.

Just raising the hand to check on the time is more convenient and compelling.

“It’s okay. You can decide!” Yan Xiaoman pursed her mouth and her eyes full of happiness.

Lin Xian is going home tomorrow. Today is his last night in Shanghai, so Lin Xian plans to choose a better restaurant to draw a perfect ending to his trip in Shanghai.

After taking out his cellphone to check on some of the best restaurants nearby, he quickly selected one.

Radisson Blu revolving restaurant!

This restaurant has a very good reputation on the internet for considerate service, delicious dishes, and has the best chefs gathered from all over the world.

The most important thing is that it is located along Jing’an Wenhai Road, only a few hundred meters away from the Four Seasons Hotel, which can be traveled by foot.

As for why he didn’t choose the famous Oriental Pearl Revolving Restaurant…

Once a restaurant becomes a famous tourist attraction, the quality of the ingredients used and the taste of the dishes decline rapidly.

This seems to be not an isolated case but also happens anywhere in the world.

Those who opt to eat at the Oriental Pearl Revolving Restaurant are basically not after the food, but the night view of the Bund.

Another reason would be that they had already enjoyed the night view of the Bund when they went to an open-air bar last night, so there is no need to see it again.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Xiaoman put away her mobile phone and they began to walk towards the Radisson Blu Hotel.

They arrived at the Radisson Blu Hotel and took the elevator up to the 45th floor.

The height of the building is about 200 meters. It is not the tallest in the whole of Shanghai, but it is enough to enjoy the night view.

Walking out of the elevator, a waiter immediately greeted them. “Good evening to the both of you.”

“Is there still a place near the window?” Lin Xian asked.

“Yes, there is. Please follow me.”

The waiter led them to a table by the window and the two sat down.

Lin Xian opened the menu and asked, “What do you want to eat?”

For a foodie, choosing food is undoubtedly an extremely serious thing.

Yan Xiaoman hesitated for a moment and said, “For the appetizer, two slices of scallops, pan-seared foie gras, and porcini cappuccino soup. By the way, I want a chocolate mousse for dessert.”

After all that, Yan Xiaoman closed the menu and continued, “You can choose the main course.”

“For the main course, we’d like Tasmanian Angus Fillet Steak and Pan-fried Salmon!” Lin Xian decided.

The waiter nodded and asked, “Do you want some wine?”

“Is there an Ace of Spades?” Lin Xian asked for the wine they drank last night.

“Of course, which one would you want?” the waiter asked.

“The gold version!”

Lin Xian already drank the black version last night and wanted to try the other versions.

“Okay. Wait a minute!”


The restaurant is very distinctive. The kitchen walls are transparent floor-to-ceiling glasses where you can see through the chefs making the food.

Turning your head to the other side, one can enjoy the night view.

The restaurant actually rotates very slowly, that is every 90 minutes.

The speed is just right and allows the diners to enjoy the night view at 360 degrees without much discomfort.

Soon, the waiter served the wine. He opened it and poured in a glass for each of them.

Lin Xian picked up the wine glass and took a sip as he gently touched Yan Xiaoman.

After tasting it meticulously, he suddenly smiled and said, “It seems I am not the kind of person who can appreciate the taste of the wine.”

“What?” Yan Xiaoman was taken aback for a moment and thought of something, then replied, “Yeah, me too!”

An Ran said that only those who know how to appreciate champagnes can differentiate them.

But Lin Xian thinks that there is actually no difference between the tastes of the gold and black versions.

The prices of the two versions are actually significantly different.

The black version is 8800 a bottle while the gold is only 3200.

Lin Xian couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. It seemed that he still has a long way to becoming a true male god.

Not only because of wealth but because he couldn’t distinguish the taste of the wines.

After waiting for a few minutes, the appetizer was served.

The scallops are cut as thin as the cicada’s wings topped with clear salmon bits and a green sauce at the bottom which resembles luscious green water…

After tasting the appetizer, Lin Xian nodded in satisfaction. It has a crisp, and sweet and sour taste, with a unique fragrance of seafood which was very suitable for an appetizer.

“What do you think?” Lin Xian asked.

The foodie did not answer, but the satisfaction in her eyes says everything.

The waiter on the side is also very attentive and poured some more wine and changed the dish plates at the right time.

After eating, both of them were satisfied.

Especially the pan-seared salmon, Lin Xian liked it very much.

As for the steak, it tasted mediocre.

“Bill out please!”

After receiving the bill, Lin Xian glanced at it and ticked the highest possible percentage of the tip.

The tip for this western restaurant is proportionate to the meal cost. If you feel that the service was poor, you can choose the lowest percentage.

Lin Xian feels that the service tonight was good and so deserves such a tip.

Lin Xian’s bank card was swiped for a total of 6920.20 because the gold version of the Ace of Spades cost a lot.

The price is actually similar to the meal they had in the Four Seasons Hotel restaurant, but the taste is relatively different.

Overall, the restaurant is very commendable.

Yan Xiaoman’s face was a little red as she was a little drunk.

She was nestled into Lin Xian’s arms.

Walking out of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lin Xian whispered in her ear and said, “Xiaoman, let’s stay in the hotel together tonight!”

Hearing this, the blurredness in Yan Xiaoman’s eyes disappeared instantly and her whole person suddenly came to her senses, and like a frightened rabbit swished out of Lin Xian’s embrace.

“No! No way!”

Yan Xiaoman shook her head like a rattle and begged, “Lin Xian, it really wouldn’t work. If I don’t go home tonight, my aunt and uncle will definitely tell my parents.”

Lin Xian looked a little disappointed and sighed slightly.

Seeing Lin Xian’s pitiful appearance, Yan Xiaoman bit her lower lip and hesitated for a while, and said, “It is really not possible tonight. Or maybe…after the school starts!”

For a while, Lin Xian almost couldn’t help back himself from laughing.

He held back and said, “Little fool. Of course, I will respect your decision. Okay, I’ll take you home.”

Last night, Yan Xiaoman said she would never do that kind of thing before graduating from university. Now she says she can after school starts.

So, if a woman says something, you don’t have to take it seriously.

If you take it seriously, you deserve to be single.


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