Chapter 30 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Everyone, draw your sword!

Lin Xian bought a bottle of Dior perfume as a gift.

The price is not expensive, only more than 600 yuan.

After all, he and Miao Shanshan aren’t too close with each other, just casual acquaintances.

After buying the gift, the time has come for the party in the evening.

The venue for Miao Shanshan’s birthday is a famous hotpot restaurant which is quite famous in Jiangzhen City.

Pushing the door into the room, Lin Xian couldn’t help but freeze for some time.

Has he entered a ladies kingdom?

There are not many people in the room, about a dozen, but all are girls!

Their looks are pretty good.

Aside from Miao Shanshan and Zhang Mengyao, the worst girl has a face value of about 70 points.

Yan Xiaoman’s glow up today made everyone’s eyes bright.

Even they are women, they couldn’t help but be surprised.

Soon, their eyes focused on Lin Xian.

After all, a man has suddenly mixed in with the women in the room, it was hard not to attract attention.

Miao Shanshan walked forward quickly and took Yan Xiaoman’s hand and smiled: “Xiaoman, you are so beautiful today.”

“Not really.” Yan Xiaoman said softly and then asked: “Sister Miao Miao, I brought Lin Xian. Would you mind?”

“What is happening!”

Miao Shanshan’s eyes looked between the two of them and smiled narrowly and asked: “Explain frankly. What’s the relationship between you two?”

“Oh. Yan Xiaoman has opened her heart!”

“There’s definitely a situation!”

“I can smell gossip.”

Other girls in the room also reacted.

Yan Xiaoman’s face blushed.

She was speechless for a while.

Seeing this, Lin Xian took the initiative to speak out: “Hello ladies, I am Lin Xian and I am Xiaoman’s boyfriend.”


Hearing Lin Xian’s initiative to admit their relationship, the room was suddenly in an uproar.

They did not expect Yan Xiaoman who has always maintained the image of a high cold goddess would have a boyfriend.

Although many girls begin to let go of their feelings after graduating from high school, it is quite surprising in the case of Yan Xiaoman to do so.

All of a sudden, the girls suddenly became interested in Lin Xian.

Miao Shanshan also glanced at Lin Xian in surprise and joked: “Lin Xian, you are really good. You just chased Yan Xiaoman quietly. If this news comes out, a lot of boys will be sad.”

“Happy Birthday sister Miao Miao.”

Lin Xian smiled and passed the gift in his hand.

Miao Shanshan is a year older than them. Because of her average performance in the college entrance examination last year, she decided to repeat for one more year. This year, she finally got her wish and was admitted to a 985 college.

“You shouldn’t have but thank you.”

After receiving the gift, Miao Shanshan thanked him and said, “Don’t just stand here. Sit down!”

After Lin Xian and Yan Xiaoman sat down, everyone’s eyes still focused on Lin Xian.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian couldn’t help but said jokingly: “Looking at everyone’s eyes, you must be my rivals, right? Let’s not talk nonsense, please draw your sword!”

These words made everyone burst into laughter.

Originally, because of the sudden addition of a man in the room, they were somewhat restrained.

But due to Lin Xian’s joke, the atmosphere was suddenly uplifted.

Miao Shanshan hugged Yan Xiaoman by the shoulders and asked: “Lin Xian, is the school you applied for also in Shanghai?”

“It’s in Jinling!”

“Long distance relationship!” Zhang Mengyao who was silent suddenly spoke.

Although she didn’t say it clearly, everyone should know the meaning.

Long-distance relationship is unreliable and the possibility of breaking up is very high.

Zhang Mengyao also deliberately dressed up for today wearing a T-shirt on the upper body and a short pleated skirt for her bottom.

Especially a pair of big bears set off by the fitting T-shirts are particularly noticeable.

Upon hearing Zhang Mengyao’s comment, Yan Xiaoman and her looked at each other. The scene was like a compressed gunpowder keg that may explode at any time.

“It’s okay. It is better than some people who have no boyfriend.” Yan Xiaoman snorted softly.

Zhang Mengyao smiled slightly and did not answer. Instead, she looked at Lin Xian and said, “Lin Xian, last time you asked me for my Penguin account, why didn’t you contact me? I waited for you to ask me out.”

After this, she glanced at Yan Xiaoman triumphantly.

What she meant was very obvious. Xiaoman just said that she is better than some people who don’t have someone, and it turns out her boyfriend was interested in her first.


Lin Xian almost spit out the water he was drinking.


‘What is happening?’

‘Why was I suddenly involved in your business?’

Lin Xian was stunned as he didn’t expect this.

He cannot refute the fact that he really did ask for Zhang Mengyao’s Penguin account, but it was for his brother, Wang Zixuan!

Yan Xiaoman didn’t linger too much with the Penguin issue and sneered: “Why didn’t he asked you out on a date? Don’t you have even a bit of shame in your heart?”

Yan Xiaoman fought back sharply.

Zhang Mengyao didn’t like it and she was really angry.

She snorted coldly: “Princess Taiping!” (T/N: Flat-chested woman)

“Big bear with no brain!”

Yan Xiaoman did not back down.

Seeing this scene, Miao Shanshan isn’t surprised.

She stood up calmly and shouted: “Waiter, everyone is here. You can serve the food.”

What she said was almost equivalent to a time-out between the two women fighting.

After the waiter served the food on the table, the atmosphere in the room suddenly became active again.

“Happy birthday Sister Miaomiao!”

Everyone poured a drink and initiated a toast.

“Live as long as Mount Nan!” (T/N: We wish you a Happy Birthday and many more of them.)

“Give birth to a son soon!”

“Tie the nuptial knot!”

“Happy wedding!”

One girl teased, and the others followed.

Miao Shanshan said irritably, “I think you are itchy. I will clean you up later!”

Today’s protagonist is Miao Shanshan and Lin Xian is particularly low-key, except for helping Yan Xiaoman pick up some vegetables occasionally.

At this moment, a round-faced girl asked suddenly: “Xiaoman, where did you buy your bracelet? It’s so pretty. I want to buy one too.”

Upon hearing this, the women immediately turned to look at Yan Xiaoman’s bracelet.

“Oh yeah. It looks really pretty!”

“Is that pink gem real?”

Zhang Mengyao didn’t pay attention at first, but at some point glanced at Yan Xiaoman wearing a silver-white bracelet on her wrist.

The bracelet is inlaid with pink gemstones, which looked like hundreds of diamonds shining brightly under the light.

Although they disliked each other, Zhang Mengyao can’t deny that the bracelet really looked beautiful.

The design of the bracelet especially doesn’t make people feel tacky but instead exquisite and noble.

Miao Shanshan also asked heartily: “It’s so beautiful. Depending on this workmanship, it should be very expensive!”

“This was given by Lin Xian while we were in Shanghai. The price is good!”

Seeing the envious eyes of everyone, Yan Xiaoman’s vanity was greatly satisfied.

When Miao Shanshan asked about its price, she only mentioned it vaguely.


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