Chapter 31 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

I will pay for the consumption tonight!

“Xiaoman, can I take a picture of it?”

The round-faced girl really likes Yan Xiaoman’s bracelet.

Hearing Yan Xiaoman said that Lin Xian bought the bracelet for her in Shanghai, she wanted to take a picture to check if it was being sold online.

“Of course!”

Yan Xiaoman immediately took off the bracelet and handed it over.

The round-faced girl took a few photos of the bracelet and returned the same to Xiaoman. “Thank you, Xiaoman.”

In fact, Zhang Mengyao also wanted to take a picture but in order to save face, she didn’t say a word.

She was able to see the bracelet up close and so the round-faced girl naturally was able to see that the workmanship and the material of the bracelet looked very fine and so it must be expensive.

The round-faced girl came from a fairly well-off family so she can buy a bracelet worth several thousand.

Thinking of this, she opened the search engine and uploaded the picture to search.

But when she saw the search results, she couldn’t help but exclaim.

Miao Shanshan was taken aback and said with concern: “Wang Qian, what is wrong? Did you burn yourself?”

Wang Qian didn’t speak but looked at her phone in a daze.

The two girls seated beside her got curious and couldn’t help but look over.

On the screen of the phone was the bracelet worn by Yan Xiaoman.

Cartier LOVE Series 2015 summer collection official price: 388,000!

Wang Qian thought the bracelet would be a few thousand yuan at most but she didn’t expect the real price to be as high as hundreds of thousands!


“So expensive!”

For a moment, the eyes of the women looking at Lin Xian became different from before.

They are all students and tens of thousands are already considered a huge sum of money. One can imagine how rich Lin Xian must be to be able to afford such an expensive bracelet for Xiaoman.

Zhang Mengyao looked at Lin Xian with a complicated expression for a moment.

She and Yan Xiaoman have competed with each other since their first year in high school.

They competed on who is better in studies, handwriting, beauty, temperament, and even in sports.

But today, she lost.

But Zhang Mengyao was not happy because she felt that she did not lose to Xiaoman but to Lin Xian.

After returning to her senses, Miao Shanshan said: “I didn’t see it Lin Xian, you really hide it well. It turned that you are a super-rich second generation!”

Wang Hong is also a rich second generation and he is more showy, often driving his father’s BMW 520 to show off everywhere he went.

But compared with Lin Xian, Wang Hong seems inferior.

Not only is Lin Xian rich but he is also very low-key. He didn’t even brag about giving Xiaoman a bracelet that is worth more than 300,000.

“No, my family only owns a restaurant. I am not a rich second generation. “ Lin Xian smiled.

Miao Shanshan obviously didn’t believe it and said, “A restaurant? I’m afraid it’s a hotel?”

Seeing Zhang Mengyao’s complicated expression, Yan Xiaoman felt so happy in her heart. She smiled triumphantly and said, “Lin Xian made money out of stocks.”

‘Earned the money himself?’

‘We all had the same nine-year compulsory education, why is he so advanced?’

This idea came across the hearts of the girls present.

Although the rich second generation is a halo bonus, it is not comparable to being able to make the money yourself.

“Brother, you are awesome.”

Miao Shanshan joked: “Coach, I also want to learn how to trade stocks. Please take me in!”

“I can, but stocks are too risky. You should be prepared to lose money. I have lost more than 100,000 in these last two days.” Lin Xian swallowed the meat in his mouth and said indifferently.

Hearing that Lin Xian had lost 100,000 just in the last two days, Miao Shanshan was stunned. “Forget it. I’d better go to school honestly.”

Seeing her dismiss her thoughts, Lin Xian couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

But a lie is still a lie so Lin Xian felt that he really should master stock trading so that he will not be caught off-guard when he uses that same reason in the future.

Everyone ate and chatted and it took two hours for the hot pot meal to end.

After Miao Shanshan paid the bill, she waved her hand and invited everyone to go to the KTV.

Then a group of people rushed into the KTV while talking and laughing.

The group of twelve girls and one boy is too conspicuous. It’s hard not to notice the same.

Walking into the KTV, Lin Xian suddenly felt countless envious eyes looking at him.


A slightly surprised voice sounded.

Everyone turned their heads and saw Wang Hong walking out of a private room and is now looking at Xiaoman with a surprised look.

“Xiaoman, why are you here?”

After Wang Hong finished speaking, he suddenly realized that Lin Xian was also there.

And Yan Xiaoman and Lin Xian were too close to each other.

“Why can’t I be here?” Yan Xiaoman frowned and asked sarcastically.

This guy really didn’t listen to what she said. He may not be malicious but he is very unpleasant.

Hearing this, Wang Hong didn’t care about Lin Xian for now and quickly explained: “I didn’t mean bad. I was just surprised to see you here.”

“Today’s Sister Miao Miao’s birthday and we came here to sing.”

They are classmates, after all, and Yan Xiaoman is not so good at being indifferent.

‘Miao Shanshan’s birthday?’

Wang Hong’s eyes lit up. He smiled at Miao Shanshan and said, “Squad leader, you are too much. You celebrate your birthday without even notifying me?”

Miao Shanshan secretly smiled bitterly and said helplessly: “I didn’t invite a lot of classmates, just a few sisters to gather and celebrate my birthday with me.”

“I didn’t prepare any gift for the squad leader’s birthday, so let me pay for the KTV consumption tonight!” Wang Hong waved his hand and said proudly.

Lin Xian was also amused by this guy.

It is very obvious that the girls didn’t want you around, why pretend you didn’t know? Are you a fool?

Sure enough, Zhang Mengyao and the others frowned showing how disgusted they were.

Don’t they have a few hundred yuan to sing in the KTV?

In fact, Wang Hong didn’t think too much.

He just thought that since Lin Xian can join them, he could also join too.

What he didn’t know was that Lin Xian was Yan Xiaoman’s boyfriend which was the reason why Lin Xian was able to join them in the first place.

What about Wang Hong? Except being a classmate? What else is there?

Miao Shanshan refused, “No need Wang Hong, we have already booked a room.”

“Squad leader, you don’t understand. The deal is that I will pay for the bill tonight.”

Seeing that he still insisted, Miao Shanshan really wanted to say: ‘Classmate, are we even close?’

But it would be too hurtful and would embarrass Wang Hong in front of everybody.


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