Chapter 32 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Please continue your performance!

Seeing Wang Hong rushing to the cash register to pay, Miao Shanshan and the others couldn’t help but reveal a depressed look.

After paying, Wang Hong seemed to be the host of the birthday party and greeted everyone.

Today, Yan Xiaoman’s appearance completely surprised Wang Hong.

He thinks tonight is a good opportunity which he shouldn’t miss.

Seeing this scene, Lin Xian smiled at Yan Xiaoman and said, “My dear, you are so charming.”

“You’re still smiling? I’m so annoyed with Wang Hong.” Yan Xiaoman gave him an angry look.

Walking into the KTV box, Wang Hong helped the waiter carry and serve the drinks.

Miao Shanshan said dumbfoundedly, “Wang Hong, no need. We can’t take that drink.”

“It’s okay. Even if you can’t drink it, a case of beer is not worth a lot of money!”

Wang Hong waved his hands and continued showing off.

‘Is this a question of money in particular?’

‘We don’t even want to drink, okay?’

Miao Shanshan wanted to say something but finally sat on the sofa sighing and letting Wang Hong do as he pleases.

Lin Xian didn’t care much about it.

After entering the KTV box, he and Yan Xiaoman huddled in the corner and ate fruit while chatting.

After Wang Hong’s busyness, he turned to look for Yan Xiaoman and show his hospitality, but he was dumbfounded and his whole body was frozen.

He saw Yan Xiaoman and Lin Xian snuggling and feeding each other fruits, and they looked extremely close.

At this time, even a fool can figure out the relationship between the two.

Sitting on the sofa, Wang Hong was speechless.

His expression was ugly.

The last time at the bus station, although he was very angry, he didn’t take it so much in his heart.

He felt that it is impossible for Yan Xiaoman to look at Lin Xian at all. Lin Xian is not as rich as him and is also not as handsome as Lin Junkai. Lin Xian was more like an ordinary person in school. (T/N: Lin Junkai is another suitor of Xiaoman)

But reality struck him severely.

The atmosphere in the box made Wang Hong feel embarrassed.

It was originally a gathering of a group of sisters.

Even if there were boys like Lin Xian, it didn’t matter.

One reason is that Lin Xian is Yan Xiaoman’s boyfriend. Secondly, Lin Xian was very good at talking and his words were very decent which makes the other girls feel unrestrained.

But suddenly there was Wang Hong, and the situation seemed different.

The girls seem uncomfortable.

They just sat on the sofa in groups of twos or threes and talked softly.

No one sang at all.

Miao Shanshan is also very depressed that a good birthday party has become very uncomfortable for everyone.

Wang Hong sat for a while.

He then picked up his wine glass, stood up, and walked towards the direction of Lin Xian.

Seeing this, the women turned their heads to look.

“Dude! I toast for you!”

Looking at the wine glass stretched out in front of him, Lin Xian was taken aback for a moment.

Whatever the case may be, people spend money to treat guests and propose a toast.

After looking at Wang Hong, Lin Xian picked up the wine glass and drank it.

“Lin Xian, a toast for you again!”

Wang Hong picks up a bottle of beer this time and poured two glasses.

However, this time, Lin Xian didn’t raise his glass, but leaned back on the sofa and said calmly, “Dude, we don’t seem very close to drink together.”

Lin Xian only drank the wine to give him face, but he wants another one?

Lin Xian knows that Wang Hong is in a bad mood. But it’s a matter that needed to be set straight. He is not Wang Hong’s father to please him.

Wang Hong actually wants Lin Xian drunk and makes him look foolish in front of everybody, especially Yan Xiaoman, but what he didn’t expect was that Lin Xian would not give him face at all.

There were so many girls looking so Wang Hong felt embarrassed, so he said with a gloomy expression: “Dude are you still a man? You can’t even drink a few glasses of wine?”

‘Do a few drinks prove that one is a man?’

Lin Xian was almost amused by such stupid logic.

“I still have to ride a bike at night so it’s not very wise to drink more.”


Hearing this, Wang Hong slapped the BMW car keys on the table and said, “It’s okay. I can take you home when you are drunk!”

Lin Xian was about to speak, but Yan Xiaoman on the side couldn’t stand it anymore so she said with a cold face: “Wang Hong, you are too much, enough of this!”

After sipping beer from his glass, Wang Hong in a complicated expression and drunken spirit asked, “Didn’t you say you will not fall in love before you graduate college?”

As soon as this question was asked, everyone in the box was speechless.

Brother, how low is your EQ?

This clearly means rejecting you so as not to hurt your face, but you actually took the reason seriously?

Even Zhang Mengyao couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “Wang Hong enough is enough!”

Seeing Zhang Mengyao helped Yan Xiaoman speak, Lin Xian was a little surprised.

Unexpectedly, Wang Hong replies: “Zhang Mengyao, who are you to meddle with others business?”

Zhang Mengyao laughed angrily at him, waved her hand, and said, “Okay. I’ll let you take care of your own business. Please continue your performance!”

She stood up and spoke because she wanted to give Wang Hong a chance to redeem himself. They are classmates anyway so there is no need to make a fuss and embarrass himself more.

Since he wants to be slapped in the face, then so be it.

Originally, the women felt very uncomfortable with Wang Hong’s hospitality and enthusiasm. Although their impression of him is not good, it is not bad either.

But at this moment, it seemed that they are enemies that stared at him.

Yan Xiaoman also wanted to give him face but after seeing how Wang Hong attacked Zhang Mengyao, Yan Xiaoman said angrily: “Wang Hong, what is my relationship with you for you to care about my personal life? We were classmates but that doesn’t give you the right to meddle with my life. Now I tell you, I have a boyfriend. Please don’t bother me again in the future!”

Those words made Wang Hong’s face red and white at the same time.

However, no one sympathized with him at all.

You were given an opportunity to save your face, but you didn’t cherish it.

This embarrassment is just right for you.

“Why did you choose Lin Xian over me? How can I not compare to him?”

Wang Hong broke the jar completely and now wants to save face by exposing Lin Xian’s flaws.

Upon hearing this, Lin Xian thought it was his turn to perform!

Yan Xiaoman, however, didn’t give him a chance to speak and said coldly: “You can’t compare to him at all! Do you want to talk about money? Lin Xian bought a 220,000 worth watch for himself casually and gave me a 380,000 worth bracelet. Can you now say that he has no money?”

Everyone already knew that the bracelet Lin Xian gave to Yan Xiaoman is worth more than 380,000, but the watch he wore is worth more than 200,000?

Wang Hong was also stunned. He always thought that Lin Xian’s family background was very ordinary. But he didn’t expect him to hide his identity so deeply.

But he still quibbled: “Who knows whether it is true or not?!”


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