Chapter 33 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Young man, what a coincidence!

“I was with him when he bought the watch and the bracelet? How about that?”

Yan Xiaoman then continued: “Lin Xian is richer than you. But when did he show off? He earned his money through his own hard work and has nothing to do with his parents.”

“Money aside, even if Lin Xian isn’t rich, I will still like him. I think that character and talent are more important than money. Wang Hong, as a classmate, let me give you a piece of advice. Don’t be so proud of having a lot of money.”

Looking at Wang Hong alone, he isn’t that bad. But when there is Lin Xian as a reference for comparison, the gap suddenly appears.

He drove his father’s BMW every day, and he even slapped the car keys on the table for fear that others may not know he is rich.

And what about Lin Xian?

He bought a watch worth more than 200,000 yuan but when faced with other people’s inquiries, he humbly claimed that it was merely an imitation. As for talent and character, there’s not even a need to talk about it. Just his low-key personality can make him outshine Wang Hong.

In Yan Xiaoman’s point of view, comparing Wang Hong to Lin Xian would only insult Lin Xian.

“Sister Miao Miao, we still have something to do so we’ll go first.”

After speaking, Yan Xiaoman pulled Lin Xian and walked out of the KTV box quickly.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Mengyao stretched out and said: “It’s getting late. I have to go back home now.”

“I’m going home too.”

“Wait for me. Let’s go together!”

After Yan Xiaoman and Lin Xian left, the other girls also followed.

The good mood of the sister’s gathering has been ruined completely and it became meaningless to continue to stay.

After a while, the huge KTV box has become empty, leaving only Wang Hong with an ugly expression.

When everyone walked out of the KTV box, Yan Xiaoman said apologetically, “Sister Miao Miao, I’m so sorry. It was because of me that your celebration ended early.”

“Why are you to blame?”

Miao Shanshan comforted and then said, “I’m going back first. Pay attention to safety on your way home.”

“Goodbye, Miao Miao.”

“Goodbye Xiaoman.”

“I’m going back too.”

Yan Xiaoman smiled and said goodbye to the girls one by one. But when it was Zhang Mengyao’s turn, the two just glared at each other and snorted coldly.

Lin Xian found their relationship interesting.

Earlier in the KTV box, Zhang Mengyao took the initiative to help Yan Xiaoman speak.

Then Yan Xiaoman became very angry when Zhang Mengyao was being attacked by Wang Hong.

The two girls are quite interesting.

It was quite like the more you hate the more you love kind of relationship.

After everyone else left, Lin Xian patted Yan Xiaoman’s shoulder and said, “Dear, what you did just now is perfect!”

However, Yan Xiaoman glanced at him and said in a low voice: “Don’t rush into praising me. What was that time when you asked for Zhang Mengyao’s Penguin account?”

Damn it!

When they were eating at the hotpot restaurant, Yan Xiaoman seemed not to care about it. Lin Xian didn’t expect for her to remember it.

“Isn’t this like a preparation in advance in finding a little wife?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yan Xiaoman stretched out her little hand and pinched his waist, and said, “Explain clearly.”

“That was from a long time ago. Didn’t my Brother Wang Zixuan always liked Zhang Mengyao. But you know, that guy is too shy. So he begged me to help him have Zhang Mengyao’s Penguin account.”

After listening to Lin Xian’s explanation, Yan Xiaoman smiled and said, “Well, you answered perfectly.”

“Let’s go. I will take you home!”

Lin Xian started the e-bike and drove Yan Xaioman fast to the Green Stream Park.

On the way, Lin Xian asked suddenly, “By the way, what’s with you and Zhang Mengyao?”

“It’s just how you see it. Although we dislike each other, we are not actually enemies!” Yan Xaiaoman tossed her hair with the wind.

At the Green Stream Park…

Chen Lei sat in the living room, glanced at the time, and said with a worried expression, “It’s almost ten o’clock. Why isn’t Xiaoman home yet? She doesn’t even answer her phone calls.”

“It’s her classmate’s birthday. Maybe she will stay a little longer.”

It was not long after Yan Jianhua got off from work so he was so hungry at the moment that he answered her wife’s worries while eating.

If it was in the past, Chen Lei wouldn’t be like this.

But since she learned last night that her daughter had a boyfriend, she couldn’t help but be worried.

“Do you think Xiaoman and Lin Xian…”

Chen Lei didn’t continue what she was about to say. But as an adult, Yan Jianhua understood what his wife meant.

With his hand holding the chopsticks, Yan Jianhua paused slightly and said, “They shouldn’t have. Xiaoman should know her limits!”

Chen Lei retorted,” Yan Xiaoman is already old, if the guy is good at talking and he asks for it, maybe she will give in!”

Seeing that Yan Jianhua was still eating, Chen Lei said angrily:” How can you still eat? Our daughter could very well have been taken advantage of!”

“Okay. I’ll go out and look for them.”

Yan Jianhua sighed, picked up his phone, and went out.

As soon as he came to the gate of the community, it wasn’t long until he saw an e-bike approaching.

After Yan Xiaoman got off the e-bike, she didn’t give Lin Xian a chance to speak. She waved her hand and said, “I’ll go now. Be safe on your way home!”

After that, like a frightened little rabbit, she hurried into the community.

After Lin Xian encountered her father last night, Yan Xiaoman felt that the gate of the community isn’t safe.

Lin Xian was about to leave when a very familiar voice sounded from behind him. “Oh young man, what a coincidence!”

Lin Xian turned around and saw that it was Yan Jianhua.

Lin Xian said directly: “Uncle, it’s so late and you have not gotten off work yet?”

“It is my job to maintain peace and order in the area!”

Yan Jianhua smiled and said, “Lin Xian, right? Is this battery-operated bike licensed? Did you bring your ID and driver’s license this time?”

“Uncle, it doesn’t have to be like this.” Lin Xian said in a low tone.

“Then did you bring it?”

Yan Jianhua looked serious and said with a stern face: “Get out of the e-bike and do one hundred push-ups!”

“Are you still not going to?”

Lin Xian struggled and said, “Uncle, please let me go. I promise. I will have the battery-powered car licenses tomorrow!”

“Hurry up! One hundred. You can’t leave unless you finish one hundred push-ups today!”

Yan Jianhua said in his heart: ’You kid made my wife nervous all night and made me not eat my dinner well, so punishing you with one hundred push-ups isn’t too much, right?’

In desperation, Lin Xian got off the e-bike and did as he was told.

He ate a lot tonight, which is a lot of fruits at the KTV, so his stomach doesn’t feel very well.

After doing thirty in a row, he had to stop and rest.

Yan Jianhua was not in a hurry either.

He leisurely took out a pack of cigarettes, lit one, and said, “Don’t worry. Take your time. You still have 70 to go.”

Under Yan Jianhua’s supervision, Lin Xian finished all one hundred push-ups before he was released.


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